Stinger In the remote Texas town of Inferno a creature of evil beyond anything the world has ever encountered descends He traps the town and ravages the land with grisly executions and horrible mutations unt

  • Title: Stinger
  • Author: Robert McCammon
  • ISBN: 9780671737764
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the remote Texas town of Inferno, a creature of evil beyond anything the world has ever encountered descends He traps the town and ravages the land with grisly executions and horrible mutations until the people rise up in a final, desperate battle From the author of Swan Song Original.

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    1. The town of Inferno has been slowly dying since the copper mine went bust. The school is closing for good in two days. Most people are leaving town and the two gangs, The Rattlesnakes and the Renegades, are like vultures on Inferno's corpse. Everything gets turned upside down the day an alien ship crashes and the alien takes over the body of a little girl. It's a picnic, however, compared to the second alien that shows upStinger is the story of a dying town turned upside down by two aliens. Just [...]

    2. Deep down, in the centre of the blackness, something might have shifted—a cautious, slow stirring; an ancient thing, contemplating the shine of light that touched it through the murk. Then it was still again, pondering and gathering strength.McCammon takes some time to set up his story and his characters. This is one of the aspects I enjoy about Horror novels like these; it’s quite the immersive experience. On the other hand, I didn’t care much for the whole Renegades vs Rattlesnakes gang [...]

    3. Holy Stinger, this was unbelievably good! I'm in shock. McCammon is cementing himself as one of my favourites. What can I say about this book?- It's one of the creepiest books ever Where's the guardian? - The atmosphere is vividly described and stays with you throughout- The characters are all great and you learn to care for them as a collective - I like what it says about humanity - Two alien races who aren't just dumb monsters laying waste to the land, they have purposes - The writing is conci [...]

    4. McCammon masterfully spins 80's horror/sc-fi tale for the ages. This one ranks right up there with the author's spectacular epic Swan Song as one of his best, most enduring works. I'm completely satisfied with this book. Read it!

    5. I'm pretty sure I read this as a teenager, but if I did, I sure don't remember it, so this book was entirely new to me. And what a great book it was! I'm a HUGE fan of Robert McCammon and have slowly been reading and re-reading all of his books. By doing so I've been treated to to the birth and growth of an incredible author, and a damn fine good time. Stinger has everything a horror fan could want, great characters, a great setting, humor, wit, and downright creepiness. Oh, and nasty monsters, [...]

    6. 4.5 actually. I have not read an unentertaining book by Robert McCammon. I've read the great: Swan Song and Boy's Life, and the good: Mine and The Five, but not yet the bad. Stinger is close to being great and I can't quite put in words what it's lacking. The 80s vibe was killer and it successfully straddled the line between horror and sci-fi, with a little bit of the whole teen/angst The Outsiders thread thrown in. Maximum fun-ness.

    7. I have to say that it appears besides "Boy's Life" I'm not destined to like any of Robert McCammon's books. "Stinger" dragged forever. I almost DNFed it, but I just decided to finish it so I could count it as a bingo read. I ended up not caring about any character we are introduced to, I wasn't scared, and I just went than goodness when I got to the end. The dying town of Inferno, Texas is on its last legs. In a few months when the local high school closed there won't be anything left of the tow [...]

    8. McCammon delivers for me a second time. Gruesome and riveting but with a lot of heart. My sample size is small yet as this is only my second McCammon, but I might prefer him to King.A small Texas town is rocked by the crash landing of an object of unknown origin. While something a little strange is going on with a local veterinarians young daughter who interacted with the busted up remnants first, the foreign object is not anything that the nearest air force base and personal can't contain and r [...]

    9. First published back in 1988, Robert McCammon’s sci-fi horror novel ‘Stinger’ followed on from the successful novels ‘They thirst!’ and ‘Swan Song’. Already with quite a well respected name for himself within the horror world, McCammon’s ‘Stinger’ was a widely anticipated release for this author.Set in the not too distant future within a dusty Texas town named Inferno, the books starts off setting the scene in this scorching hot dying town. Work is hard to come by and life is [...]

    10. For the most part, Stinger was a fun read. I love a good mixture of horror and sci-fi, and this tale of an extraterrestrial on the run was an okay one.I liked the concept of Daufin, and her pursuer, and I liked the relationship between Rick and Cody. Apart from that, though, I don't much else to say about it.I think the story could easily have survived with 200 less pages. By the time I was 400 pages in, it seemed action was just a little too drawn on, and I was getting to the point of, okay, ca [...]

    11. Robert McCammon is quite gifted at taking old ideas and infusing them with new life. He also tends to write like he is writing with the movies in mind. He wrote Stinger like he had a TV movie in mind. The idea of good alien being chased by bad alien while endangering the human race is somewhat of a standard idea. The author does manage to write some excellent action segments and the ending moves like a runaway train ablaze. Yet his characters are cardboard cutouts. McCammon uses every small town [...]

    12. Stinger is a very straightforward book that doesn’t leave you guessing in any way. McCammon even tends to go out of his way at points to explain things to you. The characters are given some back story but I found them to be mostly two dimensional. The rivalry between Cody and Rick as the big bad gang leaders felt ridiculous and poorly written. I attribute this to the fact that it was written in the 80′s and not that McCammon is a bad writer, the decade just called out for cheesy rivalries li [...]

    13. Yup, I'm giving this one the ol' "5 Star" rating! Basic premise: Alien shows up on earth, takes over the body of little girl, another alien shows to bring back the other alien who we find out is an escaped "prisoner". The power within this book is 100% the characters. McCammon gives us such string characters that we have no choice but to get wrapped up in the story. His whole book could have been about the stuggle between the two gangs, or the relationship between Cody and Curt (son and drunk da [...]

    14. Lets face it some people love a certain storyothers just cannot or do not enjoy. Now there are a lot of McCammon fans out there and I rate Wolf's Hour and Boy's Life as superb novels.but I could not enjoy Stinger and had great trouble finishing. I'ts basically the story of an alien invasion on a small community and the effect that this has on the day to day life of the residents. I did quite enjoy the first 200 pages (before the baddies arrived) and found some likeable characters and looked forw [...]

    15. 4 StarsWhat a blast, that was! It was like a B-Movie on acid. Much better than Invasion of the Killer Tomatoes. It had all the elements: Fat, loser sheriff; goody-two shoes family, crotchety old rich lady; town drunkard, racial tension, bullied-by-everyone-town-nerd, and gangs. Oh, and did I mention the gloriously, disgusting monster who also happens to be a "bounty hunter!??" It doesn't get any better than this. I really had no expectations of greatness, but this was a great horror story, and w [...]

    16. What can I say? McCammon's got it as usual. It wasn't on the same level as Swan Song, Boy's Life, or Usher's Passing, but it was still a solid five star read. Excellent B-Movie style sci-fi horror premise that went on to a fun story with some heart.

    17. An alien spaceship crashes near a small Texas border town, its occupant a bounty hunter on the trail of another alien of a different species who has recently escaped from a prison planet. That certainly sounds more like science fiction than horror but the way Robert McCammon unfolds this plot is pure horror. Trust me. The nature of the bounty-hunter alien (nicknamed “Stinger”) is a scorpion-like, mucus producing, monster with the ability to rapidly replicate allies using spare machine parts [...]

    18. While reader a paper book I prefer falling asleep while reading with my kindle (voyage had an inbuild light that switches off after a short while so I am reading 2 books.The Dark Son and this one. I have been thinking of picking another ebook to read because the town he sketches, the people that he describes are all so depressing and the story began so slow. Is still slow. However the pace did pick up just a little bit and I will give it another try tonight.I love this author's writing but perha [...]

    19. I’m generally a big fan of Robert McCammon but Stinger is my least favorite of his so far. Part of it may have been in my mood, and part due to what else I’d been reading previously. I was in the mood for an alien invasion story, and Stinger is that. However, despite a prologue that seemed to set the stage for the horrors to come, nothing really happened that had anything to do with aliens until about 80 pages in. We were introduced to the characters at some length, and they were interesting [...]

    20. Very entertaining, I liked pretty much everything about this book. McCammon did a great job with the two alien races, very original.

    21. I read Stinger about six years ago and liked it. After rereading it, I have a deeper appreciation for it. If you like your aliens mean, unmerciful, and horrifying, then you need to meet Stinger. Written in 1988, the story takes place in one 24-hour period and centers on the Texas town of Inferno where one alien (the bad guy) is in hot pursuit of another alien (the good guy). The inhabitants of Inferno have the unfortunate luck of being caught in the middle. Needless to say, Inferno will never be [...]

    22. This was a nice sci-fi \ horror adventure! It totally reminded me of a high-budget X Files episode. I also found it interesting that this alien drops a energy dome over an entire city. So the whole dome idea, I guess, was done before the Simpsons and King. Over all the story ran smoothly and fast and wasn't ever boring. 4 stars

    23. 3.5Very entertaining and fast paced SciFi-Horror. It's got all the elements of those 80's horror movies that I love. I just wish it would have been a bit shorter, it slowed down towards the middle, still really fun! :)

    24. Simply put's books like this which are the reason I read books. I'd give it six stars if I could as it's tops most of my favorite five star books.

    25. 2.5 stars.If you're writing genre fiction, it's a gamble to swing for the fences. In some ways it's easier (and maybe more satisfying to some readers) to forgo things like character development and thematic resonance in favor of plot momentum. Just strip it down and let it rip. If, on the other hand, you want to go for longevity, you've got to give the reader more than just cheap thrills, and that's where Robert R. McCammon's almost successful Stinger (1988) ultimately fails. Because if you're g [...]

    26. It took me forever to get into this book, kept putting it down for something else. Then I made myself finish. Once I hit the halfway point of the book I couldnt put it down. I read the second half in a day. It is a very good story if you give it some time to come together.

    27. I had read perhaps half of Robert R. McCammon's horror novels in paperback when I happened to begin this one. Now, don't get me wrong; his books are all good. Boy's Life and Gone South in particular stood out to me at the time, as well as the apocalyptic epic Swan Song, and I recall They Thirst being one of the few horror novels that made me jump a few times and actually scared me at others. And perhaps this shouldn't enter into it, but Mr. McCammon is apparently one hell of a nice human being; [...]

    28. Before reading Stinger I read three other McCammon titles and considered myself a fan. I wasn't a rabid, hardcore fan -- but a fan nonethless.Stinger changed that. I'm now a very dedicated fan of Robert McCammon. This book is about two opposing terrestrial forces that comes to a small, dying town in Texas. One -- Daufin -- is on the run and the other -- Stinger -- is a bounty hunter looking for the criminal alien force.I know what you're thinking -- that sounds like the plot of a cheaply-made B- [...]

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