Remembering the Good Times

Remembering the Good Times How well do we know our best friends They were the best of friends Sixteen year old Buck Mendenhall first met Kate Lucas the summer before seventh grade In eighth grade they made friends with the bril

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  • Title: Remembering the Good Times
  • Author: Richard Peck
  • ISBN: 9780440973393
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • How well do we know our best friends They were the best of friends Sixteen year old Buck Mendenhall first met Kate Lucas the summer before seventh grade In eighth grade they made friends with the brilliant and wealthy newcomer, Trav Kirby They didn t seem to need anyone else Mostly they looked forward to the good times shared at Kate s house It didn t matter if theirHow well do we know our best friends They were the best of friends Sixteen year old Buck Mendenhall first met Kate Lucas the summer before seventh grade In eighth grade they made friends with the brilliant and wealthy newcomer, Trav Kirby They didn t seem to need anyone else Mostly they looked forward to the good times shared at Kate s house It didn t matter if their classmates wondered about them no one could unravel their binding ties At least that s what they thought When one of the trio finds the future too great a threat, the other two can only wonder How well did we know our best friend With humanity, wit, and a quiet intensity, Peck s novel depicts suicide as a turning point inward of the pressures in an alienated and violent society Booklist, starred review.A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year.

    One thought on “Remembering the Good Times”

    1. I ordered this from after coming across the title here (searching Richard Peck for work). Reading the very mixed reviews, I was uncertain as to how the book would hold up after all these years. It was one of my very favorites when I was younger, one I would search out in any new library as a test of their collection, and I must have read it dozens of times. So the package arrived, and I found an ex-library copy that looked exactly like the ones I'd loved. What to do but put aside everything I a [...]

    2. Each Richard Peck I start to read I think it might not be as good as the last one but I end up loving it just as much as all of his other books!

    3. This is obviously one of those “problem” YA novels from the 80’s, when characters were not as important as making sure there was an “issue”. This book would benefit from a rewrite/update, because the bones of it are good: three oddballs who don’t fit in anywhere become best friends until one succumbs to his problems and the other two are left to deal with the fallout. But that really doesn’t happen in this book, because nothing gets fleshed out enough to make a satisfying story. Th [...]

    4. This book became part of the standard Lincoln Public Schools (NE) curriculum the year surveys revealed that suicide was the number one killer of teens between the ages of 14 and 18. We all got forms sent home for parents to sign, and a special counselor came to our lit class to discuss everything from signs of potential suicide victims to dealing with the loss of a classmate. It was surreal.Now, I realize the gravity of discovering that America's teens were killing themselves. It is a strange ir [...]

    5. Buck's parents are divorced. At first, Buck just spends weekends and the summer with his father. That's when he first meets Kate. But when Buck's mother decides to get remarried and move to Cleveland, Buck decides to stay with his dad permanently. He's not sure if Kate will remember him, so he doesn't talk to her the first day of school. But, in English, with a. new teacher Sherrie Slater, they experience the tyranny of Skeeter Calhoun for the first time. But quite unexpectedly, a calm, thin stu [...]

    6. I would give this 3.5 stars. Remembering the Good Times is the story of three teenagers who don't fit neatly into any of the cliques at their school, and the unusual friendship they forge. There are some powerful characters in this book, particularly Kate and her great-grandmother Polly. Oddly, I never felt like I was in the skin of the narrator, Buck Mendenhall. A lot of intense stuff happens in this novel, and its just a tad over the top for me. For a YA novel, it also seems a little adult-foc [...]

    7. Based strictly on a comparison with Richard Peck's other books, this book deserves only two stars. It is the story of three friends -- Buck, Kate and Trav -- during their teenage years, told from Buck's viewpoint. It is at once a coming-of-age story and a cautionary tale about teenage depression. Certainly, Mr. Peck does a good job with character development. I especially liked some of the secondary characters he created in the book, including Rusty, who is a girl who has moved in from Californi [...]

    8. This book was recommended to me in a young adult literature course I took last fall and also in a children's literature course from the previous summer. While the book does deal with a suicide, it doesn't work through enough of this issue for me to warrant it as a book I would recommend to any of my students. Also, it is set in the mid-1980s, and I don't imagine my students would stick with it long enough to get there.

    9. Although this is certainly a bit dated in terms of popular culture referenced during the time, this book will remain relevant for how it forces the reader to analyze the warning signs leading up to the climax and what those closest to the individual could have done, if anything, to avoid the eventual unfortunate outcome.

    10. 2.5 stars. Having loved the characters, heart, and humor in some of Peck's books (_A Long Way from Chicago_, _On the Wings of Heroes_, etc), I thought this book would provide some of the same. It didn't quite deliver. It was a fair story, but the characters didn't have the depth I was hoping for.

    11. Buck, Katey and Trav have been friends since seventh grade. Now in high school each has family problems, but Trav is seriously distrubed and eventually kills himself leaving behind guilt and anger in his friends. Learning how to grieve and how to accepr help from parents is the focus of this novel.

    12. 3.5 stars. Another book illustrating that teenagers also deal with real life issues. This time, two friends are left with trying to come to grips with their third friend committing an unexpected suicide. Well written, as Peck's books always are, but rather sad.

    13. The story is based on three friends that lived in a quiet town.The three friends went to school together. They spent a most of their day together everyday. Then suddenly one of them suicided. It is a very touching story. I recommend everyone to read.

    14. This book was about a girl remembering the good times she useto have.A boy is talkinq to the qirl well becuz they r friends.They have a chance 2 talk 2 eachother.They know eachother.This book was an okay book.I didnt really like it.It wasn't that interesting.

    15. Stupid, boring book. As I was waiting for Good Reads to load, I read the back and realized one of the main characters ended up killing himself. Nothing happens through the whole thing, and then he takes pills. Lame.

    16. The first have of this book was REALLY slow but eventually it picked up. There were a lot of random digressions that were never really fleshed out and I wonder about their importance to the real story.

    17. I had to read this for a class. I adored many of the characters, especially tough old lady Polly and no-nonsense Kate. Even Skeeter the psycho, in a way. This story's a bit dated though, and the ending sucks. Hard. Because it wouldn't be a book for CHL if noone died. Gah.

    18. Coming-of-age is my favorite "genre" and this is one of my new favorite books. I loved the characters and relationships in this story so it made it really hard to put this book down.

    19. Another good book by Richard Peck. I needed a light heart book to read. This one fit the bill. The ending was heart-wrenching.

    20. I really enjoyed the way Peck used the changing landscape of the town to comment on the protagonists' emotional change/growth. Also, you gotta love that Polly. Meanest one in Slocum Township.

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