The Boy Project: Notes and Observations of Kara McAllister

The Boy Project Notes and Observations of Kara McAllister For anyone who s ever felt that boys were a different species Wildly creative seventh grader Kara McAllister just had her best idea yet She s going to take notes on all of the boys in her grade and a

  • Title: The Boy Project: Notes and Observations of Kara McAllister
  • Author: Kami Kinard
  • ISBN: 9780545345156
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For anyone who s ever felt that boys were a different species.Wildly creative seventh grader Kara McAllister just had her best idea yet She s going to take notes on all of the boys in her grade and a few elsewhere in order to answer a seemingly simple question How can she get a boyfriend But Kara s project turns out to be a lot complicated than she imagined SoFor anyone who s ever felt that boys were a different species.Wildly creative seventh grader Kara McAllister just had her best idea yet She s going to take notes on all of the boys in her grade and a few elsewhere in order to answer a seemingly simple question How can she get a boyfriend But Kara s project turns out to be a lot complicated than she imagined Soon there are secrets, lies, and an embarrassing incident in the boy s bathroom Plus, Kara has to deal with mean girls, her slightly spacey BFF, and some surprising uses for duct tape Still, if Kara s research leads her to the right boy, everything may just be worth it Full of charts and graphs, heart and humor, this hilarious debut will resonate with tweens everywhere.

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    1. This is a cute book for younger teens. By the time you reach 7th grade, everyone has had a boyfriend! Or so Kara McAllister thinks. She is so upset because she is the only person who hasn't had a boyfriend, or even her first kiss! Even her best friend got her first kiss during spin the bottle! All Kara got was a lousy handshake. This is what gives Kara a great idea. She has to turn in her science fair project in a few weeks, and what would be better than to do a project on what makes a good soul [...]

    2. This was a book that both and I my daughters enjoyed. The girls liked it for the humor and how easily they connected with Kara. I liked it because it was refreshing to see a female character who was not only smart, but also not embarrassed by her brains and willing to use her intelligence to get what she wants. Bravo, Kara!

    3. Kara is the only one of the girls in her grade who has never had a boyfriend, so she decides to take steps to change that. Kara starts taking notes on the boys in her class and sometimes even the cute guy at the mall. She also starts taking notes on the girls in her class, including "Maybelline" and "The Vine," who always seem to have guys interested in them. Kara's project doesn't quite go as she anticipated, and she ends up getting herself into some embarrassing situations because of it. But a [...]

    4. I really liked it. Kami Kinard really got my attention. I probably wouldn't have gone to the boys bathroom though. That is were I would have stopped and said " Is this really worth it?". Apparently Kara McAllister would.

    5. So yesterday I finished my book HOURS before I would get home and didn't have anything else with me to read. Luckily, I was at work, where the lounge has a book exchange-swap-type shelf. On said shelf was The Boy Project, along with several (okay, well, load of) other books that I passed up because I got all excited about the use of science (or at least the scientific method) to influence one's social situation. Being a nerd with social difficulties, I thought The Boy Project would be kind of fu [...]

    6.                         The Boy Project                     by: Karissa Title: The Boy ProjectAuthor: Kami Kinard                     "Unfortunately, when you're twelve, being small is a consolation for being the ONLY girl in your class who has NEVER had a boyfriend."                    The Boy Project is about this girl named Kara who has NEVER had a boyfriend and all the girls in her class have had one.  So Kara starts this survey on all the guys in [...]

    7. I loved reading the ARC of THE BOY PROJECT. Kami captured the voice of a middle schooler and whisked me back in time to the awkwardness and joys of those years. I laughed and cringed as Kara used the scientific method to try to figure out boys. My 9-year-old loved DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, and this was the same sort of fun with a smart, artsy girl as a main character. You can read her review at laurarenegar/2011 .

    8. I read an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of this book - it will not be released from the publisher until January 2012.Every middle school girl will love this book. Funny and clever.Kara will be a positive role model - a smart girl who learns to be self confident and love herself despite not being in the "in crowd."

    9. Kara McAllister is the only girl in her grade that’s never had a boyfriend. She’s smart and creative but has no idea in the matters of the heart. Since her parents tell her if she can get all A’s they will give her unlimited texting, she decides to enter the science fair with a project that will help her get a boyfriend. She decides that she’ll observe guys and take notes in her notebook and flash cards.She likes on guy in her grade, Evan. She gets her friend to sit with him at lunch wit [...]

    10. Kara McAllister:awkward, boy-crazy, and hilarious. Just my type of girl. Kara on her quest of boy "observations" (stalkings)has sent her far away and back. As she goes through this "scientific project" on her journey to find love, she ends up in sticky situations and finds the most abnormal ways to get out of them. One of her adventures even leads her to the boys bathroom. As rumors spread and couples break up, Kara observes all of these characteristics and makes charts,surveys, and other ways t [...]

    11. Wow, this book is amazing!! Starts off with Kara ( the main character) She did this project about how she can get a boyfriend. Her first person that thinks that could be a her soul mate is Evan, but turns out Tabs liked Evan so they started going out. Then Coleen the mean girl, took Evan away from Tabs, which really made Kara upset. Tabs quickly gets a new boyfriend. I think that Tabs wasn't really being a really good friend, because she keeps rubbing to Kara's face that she has a boyfriend. One [...]

    12. It was enjoyable at first, It made me really mad when her best friend liked the guy that she liked and Kara DIDNT EVEN TELL HER! I mean how can you not tell your friend to back off. Then her friend would've probobly HELPED them get together and her friend wouldn't of gotten hurt and also Kara woulld've gotten the guy she wanted. And then maybe Maybelline wouldn't bother her as much if she DID get a boyfriend. And I'm sorry but if a guy found me in the restroom and KISSED me. I would've dated him [...]

    13. This story is told from the point of view of a 7th grader where relationships last 1-7 days, and navigating middle school is difficult. Kara decides to embark on a study of her classmates to find her soul mate and get into a relationship as soon as possible. Endevors that include a trip to the boys room, the principals office and finding surprising insight from her older sister are just a few of the mishaps that befall Kara as she tries to discreetly observe the boys and finds some facts along t [...]

    14. It's a cute book for early middle school girls but I will admit that it is very creepy how obsessed Kara is with boys. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being boy crazy in middle school but when one hands out quizzes to boys and girls in her grade to use the results to see what boy would be her best match, then one shouldn't be surprised if her methods are questioned and then called crazy.*I will admit that it has been a while since I read this book so some things in this review may not [...]

    15. The Boy Project is a cute, fun read that most middle school girls will devour. Kara is an eighth grader who uses the scientific method to pass science with an A in order to get unlimited texting from her parents, but more importantly, she uses it to find her perfect "soul mate." Told through journal entry style and 21st century lingo similar to The Princess Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Kara's story focuses on the experiences that every teenage girl will relate to. (I also really like how th [...]

    16. Cute novel--Kara is a really likeable character. I wanted to know what happened to her and I enjoyed spending time with her. The plot did feel just a little slight to me for the length of the book--I felt like there could have been *more* happening. But overall, Kara's research into and ruminations on finding her soulmate and dealing with all the challenges of middle school was entertaining.

    17. This book is for girls only if you are a guy and you will like to read it you can but it not the for a guy. It is about a girl that has never had a boyfriend and she is so sad about so she use something tat may or may not get her very first boyfriend. This book has a lot of drama and if you like drama then this book is for you.

    18. Thank you for this free giveaway copy of this book. I enjoyed it a lot. Written from the point of view of a middle school girl it gave an entertaining view of what goes on in a girls life and mind. It's well written and should be enjoyable for the 10-14 year old girl.

    19. I really liked it! I was hooked and genarally effected by the things happening in the book. It was funny, sad, and just right-out entertaining. THIS WAS WHY BOOKS WERE MADE!!!

    20. It was cute. Boy obsessed seventh grader but at least she utilizes the scientific method to obsess over why she doesn't have a boyfriend. Sure to please like-minded tweens.

    21. My daughter read this book and she is almost 12. She loved it because she said it is like reading a girls diary and said she would like to read future books by this same author!

    22. My 11-year-old daughter and I both thoroughly enjoyed this book. Real middle school issues are handled with humor and intelligence. We recommend it highly!

    23. This book was okay. Like the other readers, I was pretty annoyed by the whole "I must get a boyfriend cause everyone else has one" idea. Like, if everyone's smoking weed, are you going to do it too? Like, come on! Wait till high school!The story was a tad bit simple and unrealistic, but I remember loving it as a sixth-grader. If you're 10-12 years old and like light-hearted, unrealistic, rom-com-like books, then go ahead and try this book! If not I don't recommend itSO: Kara's dumb ideas and mis [...]

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