May B.

May B I ve known it since last night It s been too long to expect them to return Something s happened May is helping out on a neighbor s Kansas prairie homestead just until Christmas says Pa She wants to c

  • Title: May B.
  • Author: Caroline Starr Rose
  • ISBN: 9781582463933
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I ve known it since last night It s been too long to expect them to return.Something s happened.May is helping out on a neighbor s Kansas prairie homestead just until Christmas, says Pa She wants to contribute, but it s hard to be separated from her family by 15 long, unfamiliar miles Then the unthinkable happens May is abandoned Trapped in a tiny snow covered sod housI ve known it since last night It s been too long to expect them to return.Something s happened.May is helping out on a neighbor s Kansas prairie homestead just until Christmas, says Pa She wants to contribute, but it s hard to be separated from her family by 15 long, unfamiliar miles Then the unthinkable happens May is abandoned Trapped in a tiny snow covered sod house, isolated from family and neighbors, May must prepare for the oncoming winter While fighting to survive, May s memories of her struggles with reading at school come back to haunt her But she s determined to find her way home again.Caroline Starr Rose s fast paced novel, written in beautiful and riveting verse, gives readers a strong new heroine to love.

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    1. A quick read (it's lyrical!) about a young girl left on her own in very difficult circumstances. I liked the parallels between May's struggle to survive and her struggle to read.

    2. My niece, Malory, and my great-niece, Ivory (age 10) are in a mother-daughter book club. What a great way to instill at a young age a love of books as well as critical thinking about what you're reading. I check in occasionally to see what they're reading and May B. was their most recent pick. It's a story about a 12-year-old pioneer girl who is "farmed out" one August to help a neighboring newlywed couple. One less mouth to feed and a little income for May's family and her father promises it's [...]

    3. I love stories in verse therefore I wasn't much surprised when I ended up enjoying May B. a whole lot more than I had expected to. There's this cleanliness about the poetry that makes it easy to read. The thing with writing a story in verse is that you have to be very careful about the details you put and the ones you leave out. Because of the structure, you cannot, as you would in prose form novels, describe things to the minute detail. I felt that May B. very successfully portrayed Mavis and t [...]

    4. My daughter & I were mesmerized by this book. It is really meant to be read aloud. And, my daughter learned about dyslexia in a most subtle way. We loved the brave patience of May! If you like "mighty girl" books, this is for you!

    5. May B is an unlikely hero: a 12-year-old girl with a learning disability, fending for herself during a harsh prairie winter. In the wrong hands, the story could tend toward melodrama. Or it could just plain be boring. Fortunately, this story is neither.May's story unfolds in verse. The style works well in this book, emphasizing the stark prairie and the simplicity of of May's every day existence. Author Caroline Starr Rose manages to weave in plenty of historical details, adding another rich lay [...]

    6. Review for work:Oh boy, a verse historical fiction novel, always the most popular item in any library! Kidding aside, it’s hard for me to see this book going out too much, unless it’s for the reluctant reader who has to write a report on a historical fiction book over 200 pages long. Because the verse leaves so much white space, the text density here is more like a Frog and Toad book, yet it comes to a cool 225 pages in the ARC. This book had too many themes swirling in the mix: gender dispa [...]

    7. The author, Caroline Rose Starr, was named Publishers Weekly Flying Start Author for this book, May B. She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two sons. She spent her childhood in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and New Mexico. Caroline even wrote poetry as a child. The whole book is written in poetry. This story is about a girl named is Mavis Elizabeth Betterly, or May B. May is twelve years old. She lives with her Ma, Pa, and brother in a soddy in the Kansas Prairie. To help her family get mo [...]

    8. Historical fiction in verse is hard to carry off and ultimately I compare everything to Out of the Dust which is most unfair on my part. I think Rose's job was even more difficult because so much of her book deals with one character alone - but what a strong character May is. May's fight for survival alone on the prairie is fascinating enough, but the flashbacks into her learning difficulties when she was at school make the character even more relatable and intriguing. I think Rose definitely wi [...]

    9. I thought this was a good book despite what people have told me about it. May B. really went through a struggle and she made it out. In my opinion May is a storng willed character. Half the things she did I don't think I could ever do. Growing up on the prairie definitely made her a lot more knowledgeable about survival than if she lived in the city. This is a good book if you are looking for a quick read and like a little bit of adventure.

    10. I won't give a synopsis because others have done that already. What I will say is that this is one amazing book. Seriously. The language is so sparse, yet the visuals are so great. The emotion palatable. The character fully developed. I very much enjoyed MAY B. Will recommend highly to others—including reluctant readers.

    11. I'm always a bit skeptical of verse novels. You'd think that my appreciation for books by Sharon Creech would have me convinced by now, but I always pick them up with the same wary question in my mind: "Ooookay, is this actually any good or is this a gimmick?" I think a lot of us approach poetry with, if not fear, then a sense of drudgery. It is going to be too drippy? Will it be too dense? Lured by Christopher Silas Neal's beautiful cover illustration and type and interested to read a non-Laura [...]

    12. This is very well done and very compelling. It shows the strength of the human spirit and the will to survive even in the most desperate of circumstances. I personally still can't shake off the claustrophobia that I felt during those blizzard scenes when poor May B. was trapped. basically buried alive. (Shudder).

    13. May B. is the story of twelve-year-old May Betterly. May lives with her parents and older brother, Hiram, in a sparsely populated area of Kansas in the late nineteenth century. (Readers of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books will recognize the setting, as it is very similar to those described in those books of the prairies in Minnesota and Wisconsin.)The book is written in free verse, which makes it a much faster read than any of Wilder's books. In Part One May has discovered she is to liv [...]

    14. I picked this up from NetGalley because I love verse novels and historical fiction. I've done graduate work with nontraditional text structures in childrens' and YA literature, so I gravitated right to it.May B. is charming and a fast read. Rose's inspiration in the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder is clear. I couldn't help but feel that this was Wilder's The Long Winter with a more contemporary focus.May B. is a twelve-year-old girl (although I had a hard time seeing her that young in my mind) sen [...]

    15. Also posted on Dreamcatcher's LairVerse is the most beautiful form of writing EVER. Seriously. Prose can be made beautiful but anything that verse touches is instantly beautified. It's easy to go wrong with verse, but if you get it right, the result is nothing short of dazzling.Caroline Starr Rose's May B. is one such beautiful novel. The verse is stylistic, yet simplistic and makes for a read that is oh-so-compelling, it begs to be completed quickly. And that's easy, because it is fast paced an [...]

    16. May B. by Caroline Starr Rose is an absolutely lovely novel written in verse. I had never read a novel in verse before, but this was done so well, reading it was pure pleasure. The story flowed effortlessly, the scenes described in detail such that I felt the cold of the blizzard.May B. is a strong young girl to whom all young readers can relate. She is mad at her parents for sending her away to help another family, but she loves and misses them anyway. She has trouble reading, so she keeps work [...]

    17. This is the first novel in verse I've read. May B is a girl who's parents left her to work for Mrd Mrs. Oblinger for a few months. She is abandoned when Mrs. Oblinger runs away from her husband who goes right after her. She is left alone on the farm for five months and her food supplies eventually run out. In the beginning she questions everything. She is very insecure about herself because she has a learning disability and people think she is stupid and not worth the trouble. When she has no mo [...]

    18. This book is so beautiful. It’s the kind of book I would have loved when I was a tween (is that the term now? I’m so old, lol)—it’s got an intensity and seriousness to it, but it’s still so accessible. I’ve never read a novel in verse before and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. I wondered if it would slow down my reading. Instead though, I think it made it swifter, while at the same time, some of the line breaks would add punch to thoughts, descriptions, or emotions. This story [...]

    19. May B. is sent by her father to work for her neighbors house to get it situated for the newlyweds and would return for her by Christmas. When the wife runs away from the Kansas prairie for home and the husband follows, May is abandoned to fend for herself in the lonely woods and harsh winter. Can she survive until Christmas? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good read. If you like historical stories with Laura Ingalls Wilder influence, definitely check this book out for yoursel [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this quick historical novel-in-verse. It was reminiscent of the Little House books as well as Hattie Big Sky, though a quicker read. In the classroom, pitch it not only as historical fiction but also a great survival story.

    21. This was written weird, I guess like a poem, or prose? It was actually kinda interesting.I read this in like 2 hours. I mean it was just kind of a different sort of book.

    22. Can I just say wow? Wow! This book was the perfect read for me tonight. Short enough to read in one night, gripping enough to keep me turning pages. If any of you have read it, did you imagine a further ending? I totally have a sequel in my head.I'm sitting in my warm house, chilled. This book took me away to a sparse, stark prairie landscape, covered with icy snow. I'm glad I read this at night, when my children and family were asleep, unable to distracte me. This is a book meant to be read in [...]

    23. Rather than participate in the Reading Challenge this year, I decided to set my own reading goals. One of them is to read a book written in verse. I have never read this kind of book before and wanted to try something out of the ordinary. So I spotted May B. and decided on that one as I enjoy the historical time period in which the story is set. While reading May B I drew a comparison between books written in verse and wordless books. Both are simple and yet profound. Sometimes few words or no [...]

    24. Genre: Poetry/Novel in Verse, Historical Fiction, Realistic FictionMay B. is a young girl living on the open plains in the mid-west with her mother, father, and brother. Her family needs money so they decide to send her to work for another family 15 miles away. After a series of events, May B. finds herself alone and having to take care of herself in the middle of nowhere. Eventually after months alone, she sets off in the middle of winter to go home to her family. This book is a novel in verse [...]

    25. Read in one sitting, I immediately passed this off to my 9-year-old. May is an amazing girl, and the ending made me gasp and weep.

    26. This is a beautiful book written in verse that is raw, gripping, and sparse. If you, or your child (probably ten or older), think that poetry "isn't your thing" give this book a try. It shows the power this form of literature can have. For such a short book, there are a lot of themes and emotions weaved throughout it. The main character has to sort through her place in her family as a pioneer girl, the survival mode her family is in, her feelings of abandonment when she is farmed out to some nei [...]

    27. This somewhat intriguing book is one that invites more discussion and thought than it might first appear. It's a verse novel, which hardly anyone likes, but I don't think this one will get quite as much of the now-cliche complaints that "there's no reason for this to be in verse" and "just a regular story chopped up funny". The verse novel effect results here in a story that takes place entirely in the narrator's head, which turns out to be pretty effective.I found the first third pretty cliched [...]

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