Can't Get There from Here

Can t Get There from Here Her street name is Maybe She lives with a tribe of homeless teens runaways and throwaways kids who have no place to go other than the cold city streets and no family except for one another Abused a

  • Title: Can't Get There from Here
  • Author: Todd Strasser
  • ISBN: 9780689841699
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Her street name is Maybe She lives with a tribe of homeless teens runaways and throwaways, kids who have no place to go other than the cold city streets, and no family except for one another Abused, abandoned, and forgotten, they struggle against the cold, hunger, and constant danger With the frigid winds of January comes a new girl Tears, a twelve year old whose mHer street name is Maybe She lives with a tribe of homeless teens runaways and throwaways, kids who have no place to go other than the cold city streets, and no family except for one another Abused, abandoned, and forgotten, they struggle against the cold, hunger, and constant danger With the frigid winds of January comes a new girl Tears, a twelve year old whose mother doesn t believe her stepfather abuses her As the other kids start to disappear victims of violence, addiction, and exposure Maybe tries to help Tears get off the streetsif it s not already too late Todd Strasser, author of the powerful and disturbing Give a Boy a Gun, again focuses on an important social issue as he tells a thought provoking, heart wrenching story of young lives lost to the streets, and of a society that has forgotten how to care.

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    1. "Maggot said we should go up to Times Square to watch the ball drop and pick some pockets, but we never got around to it."I have always been fascinated with homeless street kids, ever since I went to Portland in 1994 where there was an abundance of them. I became rather close to one named Dave, who used to wear safety pins in his eyebrows so that they hung over his eyes. They reminded me of tears. You see these "street punks" everywhere: Bourbon Street in New Orleans, The Haight in San Francisco [...]

    2. A group of homeless teens band together to help each other survive on the streets of New York. The narrator, Maybe, left her abusive mother and feels that the street--dirty , cold, and brutal as it is--is the only place for a girl like her, a girl no one loves. Maggot says that living on the streets is the only way to maintain your freedom. Country Club is the first of the group to leave. He dies of liver failure at 22. OG has a constant, hacking cough, but refuses to seek medical attention. He [...]

    3. I had to read this book for Literacy and basically, it sucked. One to many people die and since it is about homeless kids, it is a little disturbing.

    4. Der Autor wird den meisten wohl noch aus der Schule bekannt sein! Aus seiner Feder stammt das vielfach preisgekrönte und gerne als Lektüre verwendete Buch "Die Welle", in dem es um ein missglücktes soziales Experiment geht, mit dem ein Lehrer seinen Schülern eigentlich nur zeigen wollte, wie es zum Holocaust kommen konnte Mit fatalem Ergebnis. (Das ist in der Realität übrigens tatsächlich passiert, an einer amerikanischen Schule in den späten 60er Jahren!)Aber auch in seinen anderen Werk [...]

    5. I read this book in one night. It was so amazing that I couldn't put it down. I was scared to admit defeat. So when I finished this book at 12:30 in the morning, I knew it was going to haunt my dreams. Surprisingly, it didn't. This book portrayed the life of kids on the street and how life can change so quickly, you forget to breathe, think, or even blink. What frightened me the most was the amount of tragedy. This book gave a good look at what people do to survive. This is a must-read. It chang [...]

    6. Can't get anywhere from here was a great book! It was about this girl who lived on the streets of New York City because she has no one to go to. She has no family left. She found a couple of street kids and they kind of just stuck together. They all are not friends but just other street kids who stick together so they do not die or make a bad decision. A new kid would join their group every month or so and they got food together, and they survived together. Or tried to anyway. But towards the en [...]

    7. Living on the street with six other homeless teens it not a good way to grow up. The main character lives on very minimal resources and has had very little schooling or discipline. The main character has a rare skin condition where her skin is unevenly pigmented and has patches of darker and lighter skin all over her body. She was kicked out of her house by an abusive mother that only wanted her if she could provide drugs or alcohol. She lives on the street with 2Moro, Rainbow, Tears, OG, Jewels [...]

    8. This was ok. It was interesting because it was one of the first books about life on the streets as narrated by a girl. Not that it's really obvious, however, it was different. Much of the book was comprised of "I'm hungry and cold because I don't have food and it's cold". Strasser is very good at packing a punch with all of his books about difficult issues (school shootings, street life), and I think the most influential part was the reports about the death of several street kids that the main c [...]

    9. My husband gave me this book as a recommendation from one of his students. I can understand why she would have thought it was a good book. The topic of teen homelessness is very relevant, and from a young-peron's perspective, I can see how it might touch them. But the characters themselves were flat, and many were unlikeable, especially Maggot. Here is a young man who comes from a wealthy family who loves him, but because he chooses not to conform to society's rules, he chosses to live on the st [...]

    10. The book talks about how is life on the streets and you see this group of people that are on the streets for different reasons (Got kicked out, escaped or simply they were tired of doing the same thing everyday forever).The main character is Maybe, he got kicked out of his house because his mother had 3 other kids and Maybe was the oldest one so he had to leave. Maybe suffers and sees how the gang tears apart, since 2Moro, Rainbow and Country Club die, Maggot and Jewel go home, OG is about to di [...]

    11. In Can't Get There From Here, Strasser tells the tale of a homeless girl named Maybe who lives in New York City. Her life is full of abuse, mistrust, and sadness, but she finds a way to persevere through all the pain. Maybe considers herself a part of a "tribe" (others who are homeless with her). In this tribe, the members try to look out for one another and act as a makeshift family. Unfortunately almost all of the characters have a sad ending: "They were gone. Tears, Rainbow, Maggot, Jewel, 2M [...]

    12. this amazing book is about a group of homeless teenagers known as the asphalt tribe. and they have ran away from their personal and other situtations and came to liv on the streets of nyc. they survive by dealing drugs, washing windshields, and being prostitutes. most of the kids in the tribe have ran away b/c of they're mothers, and drugs. they do whatever it takes to survive the cold winter in nyc. i can connect this to the world b/c their are actually people in this world who are homeless eve [...]

    13. ABSOLOUTELY LOVED IT.After reading Give a Boy a Gun, I decided to see if Todd Strasser had any other books that may be just as good,I was not disappointed.In fact, Can't Get There from Here was even better.I remember I stayed up all night reading it and had to fake sick the next day because I was so tired haha.I couldn't sleep without knowing what happened next!I will definately buy this to add to my bookshelf (:

    14. this book is amazing!!!its about a girl named maybe who lives on the cold streets of NYC. she has a friend named Tears who is 12 years old. maybe figures out after a bunch of experiences that the streets are really not the place to be so she tries to help tears get home.i loved this book because it was a happy-unperfect ending. it gave you a shock to what life on the streets is like and what innocent people are dealing withi would recommend this book to everyone but more likely to readers who en [...]

    15. This is a book I will add to a literature circle because it is a subject I think will hook kids. The story was a little repetitive giving a play by play of events in the live of homeless kids and then the ending just all worked out for everyone but the main character and we really don't know what happens to her. Still, it's new and something that would get my kids talking and even parts they may relate to unfortunately.

    16. I really enjoyed reading this book. The book was about the life of homeless teens living on the streets of New York. It is a realistic fiction story that made me think about the people that are homeless in our country and the struggles they go threw just to get food and to stay warm. I would say everyone should read this book because of how much it opens your eyes to the life of some people in our country that we just forget about.

    17. This was an amazing book. No part of this book was boring. I liked how the main events were so developed and detailed it made you feel as if you were there with the characters. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read an eye opening story. I would rate this a 5 out of 5 because I could not put this book down.

    18. One of my alltime favorite books I've ever read. i loved how REAL the story was, i read it in 1 day it was so good.

    19. I enjoyed this book Todd Strasser has this mind that just seems to captivate my interests. I loved living the life of the streets in New York.

    20. 27 January 2004 CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE by Todd Strasser, Simon & Schuster, April 2004, ISBN 0-689-84169-8"Come says Jack let's knock him on the headNo says Guy let's buy him some bread"--Maurice Sendak, WE ARE ALL IN THE DUMPS WITH JACK AND GUY (1993)" 'I'm so gross! I'm disgusting! I can't stand it!' Rainbow laughed crazily as she pulled me down the sidewalk about a block from Canal Street." 'You look beautiful to me,' I said." 'Oh, Maybe, what would you know? You're even smellier and di [...]

    21. This was a really interesting book and also sad. The book is about a group of teenagers who are homeless, mostly because their parents abused them. It is told through the perspective of a girl named Maybe, she becomes one of the last person out of the group alive. She lives through all of her friends dying right before her eyes. Overall the book really keeps you at the edge of your seat and definitely recommended!

    22. A book I read and loved during grade school, so much so that I felt the need to revist it, now. An extremely lean young adult novel that's easy to finish in one sitting, but may leave you wanting more due to a lack of in-depth character development. A gritty and unromantisized look at life as a street kid, written in language that's appropriate for most ages. Great for young readers with short attention spans.

    23. I love this book! Read it the first time when i was in middle school, it was one of those books that I continued to remember years after. I found it in a book store last year, and I got so excited to read this book again. Of cause I had a slightly different experience this time since I am now so much older, but I still found the story line exciting and I ones again got sucked into it. Definitely a book that hits the feelings.

    24. I really liked reading this book. It taught me a lot about homeless teens. it's a very sad story, but it also has a sense of hope. It was a very realistic and informative book. This book had a great story, and Todd Strasser makes you really get to know the characters. If you like realistic fiction that can teach you about things in the real world this is the book for you

    25. When I first started to read this book, I did not think I would like it at all. I kept reading on and started to fall in love with it! I enjoyed how the author kept things true about the "street life". Events were not sugar coated to make it more appealing. This group of teenagers are fighting for life every day, and lots of them lose their battle. I could really feel the emotions that Maybe had for her "family" members throughout the book. This story shows that even if you do not have the best [...]

    26. It’s was a good book it was boring in the beginning but got in stressing to read as I went through it.And no it’s not one of those advertisement comments lol.

    27. Never read such a good book! Really interesting and so real! Reading is worthwhile, because you learn a lot of it!❤️

    28. a very inspiring book and full of emotions I was left reading until 12 pm finishing this bookI was so into this book the day that I bought it I read in class and at home and ended up finishing this book by the end of the day so it is very eye catching

    29. I read this book the first time when i was in fifth grade, and ever since this book have been one of my favorites. It is an easy read and i like to read it every now and then. I love the story and every time I fall in love with the characters

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