Life's a Beach

Life s a Beach By the bestselling author of Must Love Dogs the story of two grown up sisters who fight like cats and dogs but call each other at least twice a day Luckily for her legions of fans Claire Cook return

  • Title: Life's a Beach
  • Author: Claire Cook
  • ISBN: 9781401342760
  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook
  • By the bestselling author of Must Love Dogs, the story of two grown up sisters who fight like cats and dogs but call each other at least twice a day Luckily for her legions of fans, Claire Cook returns with another sparkling romantic comedy that s reminiscent of Must Love Dogs in all the right ways, but very much its own animal about a relationship challenged singleBy the bestselling author of Must Love Dogs, the story of two grown up sisters who fight like cats and dogs but call each other at least twice a day Luckily for her legions of fans, Claire Cook returns with another sparkling romantic comedy that s reminiscent of Must Love Dogs in all the right ways, but very much its own animal about a relationship challenged single woman, her quirky to put it mildly extended family, and the summer the shark movie came to town Life s a bit of a beach these days for Ginger Walsh, who s single at forty one and living back home in the family FROG Finished Room Over Garage She s hoping for a fulfilling life as a sea glass artist, but instead is babysitting her sister s kids and sharing overnights with Noah, her sexy artist boyfriend with commitment issues and a dog Ginger s cat isn t too crazy about Geri, her BlackBerry obsessed sister, is also nearly over the deep end about her pending fiftieth birthday and might just drag Ginger with her Toss in a dumpster picking father, a Kama Sutra T shirt wearing mother, a movie crew come to town with a very cute gaffer, an on again off again glassblower boyfriend, plus a couple of Red Hat realtors, and hilarity ensues The perfect summer read,

    One thought on “Life's a Beach”

    1. Certainly not the worst book I have ever read but far from the best. Very forgettable with characters that are just not believable. I thought it would be a great light read for the beach but it was hard to stay focused on the book. It did start to pick up and get more entertaining towards the end but not enough to suggest this book to anyone. I finished it last night and I already can't recall the specifics of how it ended.

    2. How do chick lit heroines have so much luck starting small businesses? They turn their kitchens into gourmet cake bakeries, they become personal shoppers for old people, they walk dogs, and, in this case, they make sea glass earrings. Out here in the real world, these jobs might net spare change in exchange for long, grueling hours. But chick lit ladies always end up financially independent and personally fulfilled. I'm not anti-happy ending. The problem is these protagonists also nab the unexpe [...]

    3. I can't even stress what a colossal waste of time this book was - between the main character's constant "poor me" attitude and her father's cheesy B-movie dialogue, I wanted to gouge my eyes out as I struggled to finish this. I didn't connect with the characters, didn't find the storyline interesting, didn't even find it entertaining as a light read. Definitely NOT recommended.

    4. This may come as a big surprise, but, Life's a Beach by Claire Cook makes great beach reading (if i still had the time and inclination to lie about on a beach insuring my future skin cancer). Ginger is single at forty-one (well not entirely single, she does have an artist boyfriend named Noah whose commitment issues are so extreme that he has a complete aversion to phoning her up and letting her know he might want to come over~opting instead to throw pebbles at her window); she lives at the end [...]

    5. Do you need a light read for the beach? Then this is the book for you.Ginger Walsh is a 41-year-old single woman who aspires to not much of anything. She lives in a tiny apartment above her parents' garage where she attempts to make sea-glass jewelry. She has an almost boyfriend, a cat who is a better artist than she is, an older sister with age and control issues, and two very strange parents who play tug of war with taking stuff to the dump (mother) and bringing it back (father). Childfree, Gi [...]

    6. Claire Cook has written another summer read, a snapshot of a bright, creative woman, living in an a town quite close to where I live. I liked the main female character who knows her life isn't what she wants for herself without knowing what it is that she wants. The family members were not funny to me nor were their relationships to one another especially enlightening. Most of the plot is evident from early in the book, and the ending is just too unrealistically simple. However, I am a forgiving [...]

    7. This was my first Claire Cook novel and I'm afraid it'll be my last. I really don't like her writing style - it felt like a first draft to me, with weird things like kids fighting in one paragraph and best friends in the next with no acknowledgement that the situation had changed - and I didn't buy the story at all. Ginger supports herself entirely by making sea glass earrings? I have my doubts.I kept reading because I wanted it to get better but for me it never did and the ending again felt lik [...]

    8. A 41 year old single woman lives above her parents garage and spends her time babysitting her sisters children.This was a fast and light read. I rated it an "okay" because at times it seemed to be just going through the motions. It is past the "chick-lit" phase and seemed geared towards the hen-lit/mommy-lit readers which is great but it often failed to hold my interest.

    9. Wa-a-a-ay too cutesy! Characters are neither particularly likable or believable and the dialogue is extremely contrived. So why did I finish it? Good question - I guess I just wanted to see where she would go with it and I also kinda liked her previous book (Must Love Dogs).

    10. I loved this book and it's main character. I think there's a little bit of Ginger in all of usrried or single. or kid-free. Lots of humerous moments and loveable characters make me want to read more by this authord soon!

    11. This is the story of Ginger, a woman in her early 40's who makes jewelry and lives in an apartment above her eccentric parents' garage. Her primary income seems to come from watching her older sister Geri's children. Geri is almost 50 and has the great house, diligent husband, super-important job, company-supplied BlackBerry and three precocious (read: annoying) children.Ginger pushes her cat (named Boyfriend) around in a stroller and is in turn pushed around by her wacky family and emotionally [...]

    12. Ginger Walsh is the forty-something single sister living in her parents' garage apartment, while Geri is the married one, almost fifty, with three children. Ginger babysits for her sister's kids while trying to figure out how to create intriguing things from sea glass. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend Noah seems to be a true commitment phobe, but she herself is not completely sure that she wants a long term relationship. Except, perhaps, with her cat named Boyfriend.Then suddenly something happ [...]

    13. From back cover:"Life's a bit of a beach these days for Ginger Walsh, who finds herself single at forty-one and back home living in the family FROG (Finished Room Over Garage) in the fictional town of Marshbury, Massachusetts. She's hoping for a more fulfilling life as a sea glass artist, but mostly she's babysitting for her sister's kids and sharing overnights with Noah, her sexy glassblower boyfriend with commitment issues and a dog that Ginger's cat isn't too crazy about.As if things aren't c [...]

    14. Ginger lives over her parent's garage and has spent her life drifting from job to job and boyfriend to boyfriend while her sister seems to have the perfect life: happily married, 3 kids, and a stable job. Ginger is looking for her passion in life at 41 and feels adrift in her current state making sea glass jewelry, living with her cat Boyfriend, and her human boyfriend Noah, who doesn't seem to know how to use a phone and isn't always quite there for her. He has his passion in his art of glassbl [...]

    15. I'm new to and I've never really reviewed a book. That said, this book inspired me to review it not because it was wonderful but because I truly disliked it. The storyline had potential but the characters are quite unlikable. The main character, is a bratty, lazy, 40-something year old, quasi drifter with a bad attitude. And she charges her sister for babysitting! Seriously? I was strung along with the hope that the characters might mature, morph, discover a better version of themselves. I stuc [...]

    16. Oh, what a lovely and entertaining book! This will make a perfect lighthearted summer read. From the author of Must Love Dogs, this new book introduces us to 41 year old Ginger Walsh who hasn't quite figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. She's currently living in her parents FROG (finished room over garage) and free lancing as something of a jewelry designer, though there is some doubt to whether or not it's she or her cat Boyfriend who has the better design eye. Add a sister obses [...]

    17. Yeah. Don't read this book. Airport purchase, but not quite worth it. It's about sisters in MA, and said it was funny/touching, so I was like "ok I like sisters and I miss MA, so I will read it," and was hoping at least for something going on with her "mysterious boyfriend" or something like that, but nope.

    18. I was really looking forward to reading this book because I loved her other book (Must Love Dogs). This book started out fine with lots of Cook's usual humor. However, I soon became bored. The author spent too much time discussing glass blowing and jewelry making. It was almost as if she needed filler to complete a novel-length manuscript. This book was a real disappointment.

    19. As a gay man, I have never felt a greater affinity for any female character, except maybe the deliciously evil Dowager Queen Eleanor in Shakespeare's "King John", than Claire Cook's Ginger. Somewhat predictable, definitely corny, it was still well written predictable corn. Would work well as a movie, as it is tightly written without superfluous side and sub plots. I can say it seems genuine, too.

    20. It really is about 3 and a half stars, but I rounded up, because it is an easy read. It is a sweet, fun, and silly book about family, life choices and growing older, even if we haven't grown up. I like Claire Cook and this is a good pool, beach book.

    21. Perfect choice for just a fun read. Love that it has a focus on being an aunt and a sister, as I'm both as well. Sometimes you need to take off the critical thinking cap and enjoy a "beach" read that's humorous and relaxing!

    22. It was very fitting that I started this book while I was at the beach even if there was very little beach in the book. This book was about two sisters, one of whom was single and in her 40s dealing with her successful older sister and growing. I enjoyed this one.

    23. Well, a very light read, compare it to a Lifetime movie. Not much plot and has an all around feel good moment at the end of the book. If you just want to read something light and fun, then this book is for you.

    24. 40ish woman lives in her parents garage apartment trying to figure out her life. Her nephew gets a job acting in a movie and she becomes his guardian for the shooting.

    25. Never underestimate your mother, she is trying as best she can. This book was funny at times and emotional at others, you see the world from a mothers point of view and man is it hectic.

    26. Claire Cook is now one of my favorite authors. I love the voices that she gives to her characters--and she's so funny too! I want to read her others like Ready to Fall and Multiple Choice.

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