Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2

Bad Dirt Wyoming Stories Pulitzer Prize winning author Annie Proulx follows the success of Close Range with another remarkable collection of short stories set in Wyoming Bad Dirt is filled with the vivid and willful character

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  • Title: Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2
  • Author: Annie Proulx
  • ISBN: 9780743257992
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pulitzer Prize winning author Annie Proulx follows the success of Close Range with another remarkable collection of short stories set in Wyoming Bad Dirt is filled with the vivid and willful characters for which Proulx has become known Each occupies a community or landscape described in rich and robust language, with an eye for detail unparalleled in American fiction InPulitzer Prize winning author Annie Proulx follows the success of Close Range with another remarkable collection of short stories set in Wyoming Bad Dirt is filled with the vivid and willful characters for which Proulx has become known Each occupies a community or landscape described in rich and robust language, with an eye for detail unparalleled in American fiction In The Contest , the men of Elk Tooth, Wyoming, vow to put aside their razors for two seasons and wait to see who has the longest beard come the 4th of July Deb Sipple, the moving protagonist of That Trickle Down Effect , finds that his opportunism and his smoking habit lead to a massive destruction And What Kind of Furniture Would Jesus Pick is the story of Gilbert Wolfscale, whose rabid devotion to his ranch drives off his wife and sons Proulx displays her wit in every story of this stunning collection, as well as her knowledge of the West, of history, of ranching and farming Her profound sympathy for characters who must use sheer will and courage to make it in tough territory makes this collection extraordinarily compelling.

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    1. The cover blurb on my paperback copy proclaims Proulx's work to be in the spirit of Mark Twain, and while I doubt I'd've come up with that myself, it is spot on, especially here. Proulx has a dark sense of humor which blends perfectly with the landscape she paints of the New West. Her characters are incredibly alive, flaws and all. Personal favorite in this collection: "The Trickle Down Effect" wherein the main character is hired to haul hay from Wisconsin to Wyoming, only just past the state li [...]

    2. Annie Proulx has once again proven herself to be a literary treasure, one of very few writers who can affect a literary style without the pithy navel-gazing dreck found in nearly every lit mag in America. She actually tells stories, and they are interesting! Imagine that. The language is there: each sentence finely tuned to the story's sentiment at the moment. The characters were strong-willed and quirky. Although I liked the names, I had trouble believing so many character could have such names [...]

    3. Short stories set in Wyoming. They mostly center around the fictional town of Elk Tooth, with three bars and no Wal-Mart.The best one of the bunch is called "The Wamsutter Wolf". It is about a guy who drifts around from job to job. He finds himself living in a trailer across from a family of true trailer trash. Eventually the husband, drunk, beats one of the kids and breaks his arm. The wife seeks the main character's trailer for refuge, but ends up going back to her useless, violent husband.One [...]

    4. Is there a style called Wyoming Gothic? If not, Proulx invented it. If so, Proulx is the master of it. The dark humor makes this an easier read than Proulx's first collection of Wyoming stories. I look forward to the next collection.

    5. Hoewel ik niet zo van de verhalen bundels ben, is dit toch wel een erg leuke. Alle verhalen, nou ja, de meeste in ieder geval, hangen samen. Zo spelen ze zich af in Wyoming, en de meeste verhalen gaan over de bewoners van het dorpje Elk Tooth en de drie kroegen die het dorp rijk is. Genieten!

    6. Proulx writes sharp and the stories were a nice way to step in other people's lives. Only I didn't like the story about badgers, the little surrealism didn't fit in this collection of stories.

    7. A delightful collection of short stories as good as the first one, Close Range.Welcome to Wyoming, where the water is bad or missing and farm life is under threat, where lunch is dinner and newcomers don’t quite fit in, and where lambs are castrated with a pair of sharp teeth; where the characters are eccentric and the highest educated may be badgers (one has a university education, believe it or not!) Mercifully, one does not have to pay income taxes to live in this joint called the Emptiest [...]

    8. tinyurl/5pzfqeI made the mistake of reading the first Wyoming Stories collection (Close Range) before seeing Brokeback Mountain, which somewhat ruined the movie for me. Here's hoping none of her other stories get made into film, because I did it again.And I'm doubting these will-- the first collection was sweeping, lonely, grandiose, heartbreaking. Pretty much everything you think of when you think of Wyoming. The second collection has stories are spiteful (Man Crawling Out of Trees), ridiculous [...]

    9. One star for being somewhat readable, but there's nothing in this collection worthy of being read. The style is full of basic grammar, occasional and meaningless references and sometimes even a big word. It's boring. The stories read like a half-edited series of character notes. This is a book that I can bet was published to fill a contract. It's like Proulx did some therapeutic writing in her back garden where consideration isn't given to the reader or to the narrative or the plot or the struct [...]

    10. It's a mistake to think that Ms. Proulx just writes depressing stories about tragic people in remote places: it's just those are the only stories of hers that get made into movies. Sure she's got a firm hand with sob stories, but she's also whip-smart with a tall tale and pinpoint accurate with details like characters who are such yuppies that they get married in a cow barn which the farmer rents to them for five grand.

    11. Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories IIby Annie Proulx (Scribner 2005) (813.54). This is the second of Annie Proulx's fine collections of short stories. These are set in the West; three of these stories in this volume are set in the tiny town of Elk Tooth, Wyoming. Annie Proulx only writes the good stuff! My rating: 8/10, finished 1/1/2007.

    12. This is the second book of Proulx's Wyoming stories. It isn't nearly as compelling as her first volume, Close Range.

    13. Some of these are fantastic stories--funny, inventive, moving, all the best that Proulx offers. But there are a few duds. It's not quite as strong a collection as CLOSE RANGE.

    14. rockymountainnews/drmnRocky Mountain NewsTo print this page, select File then Print from your browserURL: rockymountainnews/drmnProulx digs into eccentric WestBy Jenny Shank, Special To The NewsDecember 3, 2004Annie Proulx writes of a West that is a touch more colorful than the one you and I inhabit. The first signs of this are the names of the characters who roam her second book of stories set in Wyoming, Bad Dirt, the follow-up to 2000's Close Range.The men who ranch the land, haunt the bars a [...]

    15. I read the first collection of “Wyoming Stories” a few years back and it’s pretty good. It contains “Brokeback Mountain” which if you haven’t read, you should find a way to do right now, because it’s just so so so good. And it lacks the issues/flaw I think the movie has. But without that story, the collection is just ok. It’s mostly about the originating mythos of a place like Wyoming and beginning to explore its weirdness.This collection is much stronger and while it doesn’t h [...]

    16. I've read almost all of Annie Proulx's novels and stories and frequently recommend her work to creative writing students and beginning novelists. "Bad Dirt" is somewhat uneven, unlike other fiction of hers, but there are some wonderful stories within the collection, including the very wry "The Contest" and "Summer of the Hot Tubs." Proulx writes dark, gritty, beautifully tragic characters, plots, and settings. Her descriptions rise up from the page and seem to infiltrate the room. Similarly to s [...]

    17. Enjoyable short stories that blend "reality" and "magic" freely, with the same characters and places showing up again and again, either centrally or tangentially. The stories have a strong sense of place (Wyoming!) and the portraits of its people are unflinching. Those of us who live in the American West can attest that these characters are genuine and familiar. On the con side of the equation, the stories seem unfinished, prematurely published, like rough sketches of more powerful, better craft [...]

    18. Uneven collection not on par with Close Range, the first volume of Wyoming Stories. However, Proulx sometimes strikes gold. - The Indian Wars Refought, The Wamsutter Wolf and Man Crawling Out of Trees, the last indicting the rich who settle in Wyoming and feel to honor its unwritten rules. As for Hellhole, it I think most of us would find that a fine fate for a poacher who kills a cow moose and leaves her doomed calf to roam.

    19. As a collection, this comes together much more than it falls apart, and one or two stories are simply astounding. The whole book nuances the idea for me what a collection is supposed to be--and especially what it's supposed to do: create astonishment with one piece, console with another, morally uphold some laws and play with a few, and showcase one or two center pieces that ribbon the package.

    20. Eh, this one just didn't do a whole lot for me. It isn't bad, but I've enjoyed other Proulx quite a bit more. This just couldn't seem to hit the notes for me and I was usually more ready to be done with a story getting to the end because I could start the next and not because of a response to the story. Just seemed off to me.

    21. I really liked "The Indian Wars Refought" and "What Kind of Furniture Would Jesus Pick?," the latter also being my favorite title. Both I found poignant, and to add layers of complexity to the West represented here. The others are all entertaining (except the badger one; wtf), and I like the streak of dark humor in them, especially "The Hellhole" (which features a literal hellhole), and "The Wamsutter Wolf," which isn't kind at all to its characters, but at least takes grim delight in not being [...]

    22. All of the short stories in this collection are set in Wyoming,but for the most part they do not celebrate the beauty of Wyoming or its people's love of the land but instead focus on hardscrabble lives on a sometimes harsh landscape. In some stories, especially the ones set in the small, isolated community of Elk Tooth Proulx's people risk becoming more caricature than character, which is not to say that there aren't good stories'The Hellhole" was one of my favorite "Elk tooth" stories. Creel is [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book. A dear Utah friend, Doug, sent it to me when I moved to Wyoming. It fulfilled two needs: Entertaining short, breezy stories and insights to Wyomingites. I enjoyed "Bad Dirt" so much, in fact, I'm contemplating starting an Annie Proulx book club at my public library.She has a hodge-podge of characters -- a couple from New York who purchased a retirement home outside Jackson, an heiress in Casper who plays polo in Sheridan, plenty of ranchers and even a story about badgers. On [...]

    24. Annie Proulx tickles me. I loved "Shipping News" for its mix of quirky characters, dark humor, sentiment, sheer scariness, and the impact of an isolated and starkly beautiful landscape. Much of this shows up again in her short stories set in Wyoming, where isolation and economic contingencies tend to get a strangle hold on the people who live there. The tough survive OK, but only by fierce determination and good luck, of which there is scarcely enough to go around.The stories range from brief co [...]

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