Inteligência Artificial

Intelig ncia Artificial Intelig ncia Artificial a hist ria envolvente de um rapazinho a quem perturba e entristece o facto de n o ser capaz de agradar sua m e Uma rapazinho que ignora que n o verdadeiramente humano e que a s

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  • Title: Inteligência Artificial
  • Author: Brian W. Aldiss Alexandra Santos Tavares
  • ISBN: 9723818604
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Intelig ncia Artificial a hist ria envolvente de um rapazinho a quem perturba e entristece o facto de n o ser capaz de agradar sua m e Uma rapazinho que ignora que n o verdadeiramente humano e que a sua intelig ncia artificial.Esta hist ria, que tanto fascinou o realizador Stanley Kubrick e que Steven Spielberg adaptou ao cinema, o tema b sico dos tr s primeirosIntelig ncia Artificial a hist ria envolvente de um rapazinho a quem perturba e entristece o facto de n o ser capaz de agradar sua m e Uma rapazinho que ignora que n o verdadeiramente humano e que a sua intelig ncia artificial.Esta hist ria, que tanto fascinou o realizador Stanley Kubrick e que Steven Spielberg adaptou ao cinema, o tema b sico dos tr s primeiros contos da presente selec o de f bulas futur sticas de Brian Aldiss Aqui encontrar o leitor v rios exemplos da capacidade prof tica de Aldiss, bem como da sua vis o do modo como a intelig ncia e a tecnologia poder o vir no futuro a colaborar Desde o pessimismo de III, onde a gan ncia empresarial acaba por tomar o controlo dos recursos naturais, at ao optimismo de O Bot o de Pausa, onde os progressos da medicina conduzem a uma sociedade mais razo vel, as interroga es do autor concentram se numa quest o no fundo essencial ser que a humanidade capaz de evoluir ao mesmo ritmo do que a ci ncia e a tecnologia Brian Aldiss, que unanimemente reconhecido como um dos mais importantes escritores ingleses de fic o cient fica, recebeu o pr mio Grande Mestre da Fic o Cient fica, da Associa o de Escritores de Fic o Cient fica dos EUA.

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    1. Brian Aldiss, who passed away last summer, was, with Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey), and maybe Anthony Burgess (A Clockwork Orange), one of the few contemporary writers who have closely worked with Stanley Kubrick on the development of one of his films. Supertoys Last All Summer Long, a short story written by Aldiss around 1969, caught Kubrick’s interest in the early 1980s. He consequently invited the writer to develop his concept into a full-fledged screenplay. Aldiss and Kubrick wo [...]

    2. Like many other people, I picked this book for the first 3 stories, the ones that were the basis for AI. I think I hardly ever read anything this bleak. The story of the little robot boy who wants to be human so his "mother" loves him is particularly disturbing. What made it particularly efficient was the attention given to details: the absent "father", the boredom of the mother, and the picture of society at large (just one example: it is a society in which the developing countries are as starv [...]

    3. Brian Aldiss has always been one of the more un-bounded authors. By that I mean he strays outside particular definitions of genre or sub-genre. You could say "creative", but all authors are creative.This collection contains a fair sampling of the range of work that he has written over the years. Here there are science fiction "futures" with the near or far extrapolation of science, technology and culture, as one might expect. But many of the stories have an almost surreal, subtle flavoring of vi [...]

    4. Where do I begin?!Most of the concepts were interesting, especially that of the first three storiesd the vocabulary was rich. Those points are all I can give this horrid collection!I found the anti-religious message out of place and offensive. One or two mentions of evolution? Fine. But the author beats readers over the head with his atheism! Ugh!And don’t get me started on the sex and nudity, so graphic as to be nearly-erotic. I would not have read the book if I had known about these scenes t [...]

    5. Pinocchio in spaceIn the world where most people lead a life of leisure robots are doing most of the work. The last step in this evolution is to create robots which have consciousness and are able to love and can be adopted by childless parents. David is one of the prototypes, but not quite to the satisfaction of his parents. When they get permission to have a child of their own they do away with David. Which leads to the boys / robot’s existential crises. The writer of the three stories about [...]

    6. To be honest—I didn't read the whole thing. I just read the 3 stories about David well, because those were the only ones that seemed interesting to me. So I'm only really rating the first 3 stories, not all of them. Maybe someday I'll go back and read the whole book.But about the first 3—well, I saw Steven Speilberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence and loved it, so I had to read the story that was the inspiration! First of all—the two were pretty similar. However, in the movie, David never h [...]

    7. This collection of short stories includes the famous Supertoys Last All Summer Long as well as the two sequels that Aldiss wrote and which form the basis of the film A.I. I've never managed to read Supertoys until now and I found it a moving story of a boy whose mother doesn't love him. The sequels were interesting, but they felt much more bitter than the original story and, to my mind, jarred slightly.I didn't find most of the other stories in the collection hugely memorable, really. Most of th [...]

    8. I appreciated several tales from this collection, especially the trilogy of supertoys. Supertoys story is quiet different from Spielberg's movie (A. I.), there the focus is on Pinocchio's transposition to the future. Here the problem is not that A.I. wants to become human (like in the movie), here humans had lost their proper humanity. Feelings are not real, supertoy mother really doesen't want a child, her love is a sort of game. So the situation is quiet overturned: the A.I. toy seems much mor [...]

    9. Brian Aldiss creates a vision of the future that seems so eerily similar to our current reality by preserving the fundamental drives and charms of human nature in his characters. The result is that while reading one feels both compassionate and cynical about humanity at the same time. I have become a superfan of this octogenarian writer, and I find myself trolling his website like a teenager with a crush on a rock star.

    10. The first three Supertoys stories are brilliant and were the basis for Steven Spielberg's 2001 film A.I.; other stories are very uneven in quality.

    11. 2.5 Apart from the 3 short stories that inspired A.I. this is a somewhat hit and miss collection, more a set of ideas and constructs than proper stories with a narrative arc.

    12. Way back in the mid-1970s director Stanley Kubrick was looking for a new project and ran across Brian Aldiss' short story, 'Supertoys Last All Summer Long', in which a childless couple create their own android son, who tries to understand if he is real or not. Kubrick was moved by the story and started trying to mould it into a film with Aldiss' help. Their work on the project went on for more than a decade (including the full gestation periods for Kubrick's movies The Shining and Full Metal Jac [...]

    13. Unsurprisingly, I was interested in reading this collection of short stories because of the first three that were the influence for the 2001 movie - A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I agree with some other reviews saying the rest of the stories after that weren't as interesting or on the same level as the first three but there were a few I enjoyed more than the rest. I loved David and Teddy in these three stories because of their bond as machines with a very soft look of a child and a toy bear. I s [...]

    14. Diese Kurzgeschichtensammlung ist wirklich sehr durchwachsen. Das Vorwort ist auf jeden Fall sehr interessant (kennt man die Superspielzeuggeschichten nicht, sollte man es erst anschließend lesen) und die folgenden, Sci-Fi-orientierten Geschichten haben mir größtenteils auch gut gefallen, aber zum Ende hin nahm der Lesespaß rapide ab und Vieles habe ich dann auch einfach nicht mehr verstanden.

    15. Many years ago I saw AI. And I enjoyed it. Though I have a hit and miss relationship with Kubrick and find Spielberg to be a capable (and at times fun) director, AI was something that was fantastic and mesmerizing or at least, that is how I remember it. Sometime after watching it for what probably turned out to be the last time (as of today, in any case), I found the short story that the movie was based off of. I read the introduction way back then and "couldn't wait" to read the rest of these [...]

    16. Supertoys Last All Summer Long: And Other Stories of Future Time, a collection of science fiction short stories by SF Grand Master Brian Aldiss that includes the titular triptych that inspired Steven Spielberg's film A.I.: Artificial Intelligence—like Isaac Asimov's I, Robot—is one of the best books I have ever read, and certainly far surpasses the movie based upon it.But where Asimov is straightforward and prosaic, Aldiss' writing is fluid, beautiful, and poetic, and the title story is hear [...]

    17. Hitting a story in which the tragic ending was that some college-age dude didn't get to stay with the girl he'd been dating - who just turned *thirteen* - has cooled my interest in Aldiss's books considerably. Trying to stick this one out, just so I can mark it "read", but am in the middle of another story in which some guy with a wife who is blind starts cheating on her with another woman, and thinks it is great fun to get this new lady to walk around the house naked in front of his wife? And t [...]

    18. After not being too fond of the first book I read by Brian Aldiss, this was a pleasant surprise. The trilogy of Supertoys stories were probably my favorites, but there were a lot of very interesting titles in here, and the variety in his style was great. Some stories were narratives, while others were written in the style of conversations or essays; some were scientific and embraced the ideas of research and exploration while others were more mystical or straight-up strange. Sex was also a facto [...]

    19. Generally, I think I can say that I do like Science Fiction but I was always more on the fictional side and less on the scientific. And Aldiss' stories dive deeply into the science in his fiction. I wanted more dark speculative future, less science babble in that dark speculative future.There was another problem I had, many of these stories are not really stories in traditional understanding as having a narration, an arch, characters to connect to; mostly they present an idea or a construct in a [...]

    20. Brian Aldiss is a masterful and literate storyteller. Supertoys Last All Summer Long and Other Stories of Future Time contains short stories that how human creation, both through myth, love and technology, and the implications of these acts of creation. I wanted to rate this collection of short stories higher, but I found the collection to be uneven in quality. Some of Aldiss stories were poetic and tragic, but others seemed to meander and were hard to follow.The story Supertoys Last All Summer [...]

    21. Recuerdo que me hice de este ejemplar en los libros usados que vendía un tipo en la Facultad, cuando estudiaba Letras.Era Aldiss, un nombre que había visto algunas veces en la biblioteca de papá. Una biblioteca donde impera un buen número de libros de Martínez Roca, de Minotauro y de otras editoriales enfocadas en publicar ciencia ficción.Papá respondía siempre algo similar ante mi pregunta de por qué le interesaba la ciencia ficción. ¿Por qué la lees? ¿Qué ves en ella?Años despu [...]

    22. Another short story collection, this time the work of a single author. "Supertoys Last All Summer Long" was the inspiration for Kubrick's/Spielberg's film "Artificial Intelligence: AI". The author worked with Kubrick on the screenplay, but was eventually fired, more or less. During that time, he wrote two sequels to "Supertoys" that were not really incorporated into the film, but they are included here. Aldiss also uses several stories to explore an optimistic transhumanism that pleased me - if [...]

    23. Like many here, I found this book because of the connection to the film A.I. However, even though the film itself had it's own flaws, the story it was based on was lacking itself: no obstacles, albeit potentially interesting characters, and not a very satisfying conclusionhaving me asking "And?""Supertoys Last All Summer Long," the lead story, was followed by two other sequels in the same book, but they also don't really have anything to say, no characters to latch onto, and no satisfying conclu [...]

    24. A.I.? Intelligenza artificiale? Cosa centra l'intelligenza (naturale o artificiale) con questo libro? Al massimo si parla di sentimenti, non di intelligenza. Di sicuro è ben lontano dall'essere il "vero e proprio romanzo sull'intelligenza artificiale" vantato in quarta di copertina.Titolo a parte, che sembra fatto apposta per prendere in giro il lettore, i racconti non dicono niente. Non succede nulla. Sono più che altro delle cartoline che dipingono luoghi e situazioni. Per carità se questo [...]

    25. Finally got a chance to read this short story which the movie A.I. was based on.This was a super short story. I'm not sure how I would have felt had I not already seen the movie, but it was interesting to see how David, Teddy, Henry and Monica were originally imagined. Other than that there's not much of the outside world described here, except for a few interesting details such as robotic tapeworms.Overall I guess I liked it. It's really not long enough to develop much of an opinion either way [...]

    26. Some of the stories get into territory a little abstract for my taste, but the first three, if nothing else, are worth it for the simple, emotional, tight focus, which compares starkly to the grandeur Kubrick and Spielberg brought to it.Plus, in his introduction, Aldiss discusses the process of trying to write a screenplay with Kubrick, and other aspects of the film's creation, with frank but not rancorous disapproval, a hint of pride, and some interesting insights into the working habits of a l [...]

    27. The story behind the movie Artificial Intelligence, SUPERTOYS LAST ALL SUMMER LONG is a fantastic short story glance into what is a truly advanced yet frightening world. I recommend this for anyone who's ever read any Phillip K. Dick books, or even seen the movie Artificial Intelligence. Bravo, Brian Aldiss.

    28. I unfortunately did not read the entire book. I had to read the three first stories for my final work in literature. The story is really interesting and although it was a very quick read (it was only 36 pages), it made an impression on me. I never really read any robot story, so going into this one and realizing that this kind of story is really interesting is super cool. I have to watch the movie adaptation for my final work, so I might do a comparative review on my channel. To be announced:)

    29. I began reading this book to try and further understand the undertones present in Spielberg/Kubrick's film "A.I." What I found was the first three short stories rich with excellent writing and unexpected nuances. Yet, I was surprised to find the rest of the novel being comprised of seemingly unrelated short stories when it came to plot but tied together through three strong metaphors present throughout. Overall an interesting read.

    30. A very mixed bag. The stories that everyone seems to buy this book for are the first 3, which are the best of the bunch. After that some of the stories are just down right preachy about vegetarianism. Also I didn't realize that descriptions of settings could be classified as "short story." There was one very good and haunting story about life after death, and I enjoyed the forward and the insights into the writing attempts on the AI script.

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