Megan's Island

Megan s Island Pack up and leave Tonight when Megan has just one week of school to go until vacation Megan is used to moving After all she s moved a dozen times in her twelve years But this time is different They

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  • Title: Megan's Island
  • Author: Willo Davis Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780689713873
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pack up and leave Tonight, when Megan has just one week of school to go until vacation Megan is used to moving After all, she s moved a dozen times in her twelve years But this time is different They are leaving in the middle of the night, and Megan won t even have a chance to say good bye to her best friend What s worse, Megan senses that her mother is frightened.Pack up and leave Tonight, when Megan has just one week of school to go until vacation Megan is used to moving After all, she s moved a dozen times in her twelve years But this time is different They are leaving in the middle of the night, and Megan won t even have a chance to say good bye to her best friend What s worse, Megan senses that her mother is frightened It s almost as if they are running away but from what

    One thought on “Megan's Island”

    1. Read this mystery story aloud to my fourth grade class. It is perhaps not as literary as some of the other books we read, but it's a great example of mystery and super suspenseful. Ever chapter ends on a cliff-hanger, and it's always great to hear "Aw!" from the class when read-aloud time is over for the day.

    2. I loved this book! It was probably more on a high school level, but it got me addicted to mystery novels. If you're younger, you'll love this book and this author, Willow Davis Roberts! I read all of these books in Middle and High School.

    3. It has been years since I have read this book. I simply remember it as one of my favorites from my childhood. For it to stand out in my mind twenty years later, it had to have something great!

    4. One of my favorites as a third-fifth grader. I read it at least five times and loved it more each time. Would love to find a copy one day to own.

    5. i think that this book is kind of strange how its the life of a single mother and her daughter and son have to travel to different places so that she is not found by this detective that is looking for her. i also thought that this book lacked "pazzazz" and was sorta plain and boring to read except for a few climaxes of the story where it got a little more interesting. the main character is seems to be sort of a tomboy to me but i dont understand why girls wound want to act and dress like a boy. [...]

    6. This book is really good is about this little girl called Megan that loves adventure. One day, her mom wants them to move house, and live with her grandpa, even though school break hasn't started yet. But Megan and her little brother thinks that she is running away from something, they are not allowed to use the phone, because their mom, said THEY can track them if they use the phone. Megan is trying to find out who THEY is. When megan, her mom, and her little brother arrive at her grandpa's hou [...]

    7. Megan Collier is used to moving around all the time with her single mother, Karen, and her little brother, Sandy. But this time is different. They are leaving in the middle of the night, and they have been forbidden to tell anyone where they are going. Megan had been planning on spending the summer break with her grandfather out on a lake, but when they show up there two weeks early, she is not the only one confused. Soon after arrival, her mother leaves, and people start showing up---people who [...]

    8. Eleven-year-old Megan and her younger brother Sandy have had to move frequently when their mom starts new jobs. They're still surprised, however, when they have to pack up and move in the middle of the night, one week before summer break. While at a lake cabin her grandfather is renting, Megan learns some surprising things about her family's history. The story has some fun, exciting parts that involve strangers who are apparently looking for her and her brother.

    9. My bestest buddy loved this book as a kid. But I guess she didn't love it THAT much, because it turns out she got rid of it a good while back to make more room on her bookshelf. Turns out, I didn't totally love this book either. The reveals were obvious and there was little actual revelation. Maybe it should get points for realism, but who wants boring old realism? Certainly not me.Anybody want it? I accidentally bought it.

    10. didn't hate it, didn't love it. it's a fun mystery if you are one of those people that can let a book take you where it wants to without thinking. but if your mind goes to solve the mystery it's a pretty predictable book. I think maybe this book is for people who fall in between. I liked Ben. he was a good companion to the kids and a great example of how one year cab make a difference in thinking, cognition, and maturity.

    11. I read this book on a recommendation from someone who loved it as a kid. It was fairly compelling; the protagonist was reasonably smart and likable and the mystery of the plot held my interest. It was also interesting to read as a historical artifact--even though it was only written in the 1980s, it already feels very dated in certain ways, so that was another interesting aspect.

    12. Willo Davis Roberts consistently delivers carefully crafted mysteries that have a good level of suspense without any bloodshed. Creating a plot that keeps the reader turning the pages while staying squeaky-clean is quite a feat, and that ability is what gives me the confidence to recommend her books to every student in grades 3 through 8.

    13. I read this book like a million times when I found it on my second grade classroom bookshelves. At the end of the school year, my teacher gave it to me. awesome. I still love re-reading it every once in awhile, along with "The Girl with the Silver Eyes" by the same author.

    14. I loved this book as a pre-teen! One of the most memorable I ever read and it stays with you a long time. Definitely a must read for pre-teen and YA audiences.

    15. An older book for young adults (I am going to be a teacher, so I read a lot of young adult novels) but so good.

    16. This book's cover art really amuses me for some reason. Another good YA from WDR. Probably only good for MS-HS.

    17. I read this book when I was in 4th or 5th grade, in elementary school. This book, along with the Nancy Drew series, sparked my love for mystery/thriller stories.

    18. I liked this book. It had a mystery theme to it, but it was about kids, so it wasn't extremely intense. I recommend this to, as I said above, mystery lovers. Go get her!

    19. This was one of my favorite books, I wish I could have lived this situation, well maybe just the good parts. I really liked how megan had the island to escape to whenever she wanted.

    20. Great mystery-adventure for middle-grade readers. Believable characters, good writing, and a suspenseful plot that keeps the reader eagerly turning pages. Which is why I finished it in one day.

    21. If you are into mysteries--this is a good one. It's a childrens book, and I read it like 5 times as a kid just because I loved the cliffhangers at the end of every chapter.

    22. This book was scary, creepy, ect.But what attracted me most to this book was the descriptive language, and the mystery of the book.

    23. Young. I was in love with this book when i was in third grade, I dont like it now, but it is good for that age group.

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