Rosie Sprout's Time to Shine

Rosie Sprout s Time to Shine Violet runs the fastest sings the highest looks the fanciest and talks the loudest Everyone agrees that she s the best Except Rosie Rosie isn t fast or loud or fancy but she s tired of hearing t

  • Title: Rosie Sprout's Time to Shine
  • Author: Allison Wortche Patrice Barton
  • ISBN: 9780375867217
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Violet runs the fastest, sings the highest, looks the fanciest, and talks the loudest Everyone agrees that she s the best.Except Rosie Rosie isn t fast, or loud, or fancy, but she s tired of hearing that Violet is the best When their class grows pea plants, Rosie s and Violet s are the first to sprout But Violet s is a little taller So Rosie pushes some soil over ViolViolet runs the fastest, sings the highest, looks the fanciest, and talks the loudest Everyone agrees that she s the best.Except Rosie Rosie isn t fast, or loud, or fancy, but she s tired of hearing that Violet is the best When their class grows pea plants, Rosie s and Violet s are the first to sprout But Violet s is a little taller So Rosie pushes some soil over Violet s sprout to slow it down And for a moment, Rosie s plant is the best but she feels terrible And she feels even worse when she learns that Violet has the chicken pox.So for the next two weeks, Rosie waters her plant and Violet s too She turns them in the sun, and sings them quiet growing songs And her teacher says that Rosie is the best gardener she s ever had Definitely the best.This empathetic story captures every child s desire to be noticed and praised, and the subtle competitions that go on in a classroom It s a book to swell every shy child s heart.

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    1. If you could hand a little girl just one book, which would it be? Ok - that's an unfair question, I know. But just for today, I have an answer and it is Rosie Sprout. The two main characters in this book are Violet and Rosie. Violet is perfect, the best at everything, and maybe just a wee bit overconfident. We all have known a Violet or two in our lives, and perhaps have even been her at times. Then there is Rosie. Rosie is not sparkly or nearly as gregarious as Violet, and as a result, is not a [...]

    2. Grades K-4. Violet is the girl who is the best at everything-- flaunting her wonderfulness and superior qualities to all of her classmates. Rosie is just your average girl. Not really special at anything. Over time, Violet's bragging gets to be too much to take, and when they begin their gardening unit, Rosie squashes Violet's plant. The next day Violet is absent. Oh no! Rosie can't even begin to feel proud that she has the tallest plant-- so she works hard to repair the damage she has done.Grea [...]

    3. Another selection in consideration of "encouragement" for upcoming 6th graders.This one didn't resonate with me quite as much as Amazing Grace, but a good story on what is really considered the best.

    4. Violet is the best. At everything. You know the type. She has the bounciest ponytail. She's always first. She's the smartest. The best artist. She coats everything with glitter, and you sort of expect to see a rainbow of unicorns happily bouncing along in her wake. She's Miss Superlative, and everybody knows it. Rosie knows it. She's not too happy about it, but she knows it. Nobody can beat Violet at anything.When the class is presented seeds and pots and soil to grow their own pea plants, Rosie [...]

    5. Rosie Sprout is sick of hearing her classmate Violet tell everyone how wonderful she is. Violet is the best story teller. Violet has the fanciest clothes on picture day. And Violet has the sparkliest flowerpot for the class's new gardening unit. Violet's plant is even the first one to start growing. But when Violet comes down with the chicken pox, Rosie decides not only to care for her own plant, but to look after Violet's as well. She does so quietly, without a lot of fanfare, and soon both pla [...]

    6. In Rosie Sprout's class there is one person who is the best at EVERYTHING. And it isn't Rosie. It is Violet. Rosie gets sick of how Violet is always the best, and worst of all she is always telling everyone how she is the best. So when they plant pea plants and put their pots in the back of the classroom by the window, Rosie decides she will do something. When Violet doesn't show up for school one day Rosie covers Violet's plant with extra soil. Then the guilt sets in. Later she uncovers the pla [...]

    7. My review for Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review:Violet seems to outshine Rosie and just about everyone else in class. Violet is the fastest runner, sings the highest notes, is the loudest storyteller, and looks fanciest on picture day. Everyone agrees Violet is the best. Except Rosie. Maybe Rosie is the teensiest bit jealous or maybe she is just tired of hearing so much about Violet being the best. When Ms. Willis gives each of the students a pot and seeds to grow pea plants, Violet is sure h [...]

    8. Everyone in school agrees that Violet—the fastest, the loudest and the fanciest—is the best at everything. Except Rosie—who isn’t fast, or loud, or fancy. When they have to grow their own peas for class and Violet’s pea is looking to be the biggest, Rosie pushes soil on top of Violet’s pea. Afterwards, Rosie feels guilty and takes care of plants, as Violet is sick at home, and they end up being the tallest in the class. Rosie finally gets recognition for being the best gardener in th [...]

    9. Everyone thought that Violet was the best at everything. She could run the fastest, sing the highest, and dress the fanciest. But Rosie did not think that Violet was the best and was tired of hearing about Violet all the time. When their teacher gave them an assignment to plant pea plants and care for them, Violet was sure that hers would be the best. She decorated her pot with lots of sparkles. Rosie’s plant was the first the pop up above the dirt, but Violet announced hers first. So when Ros [...]

    10. I loved this book! This is a great book about not comparing ourselves to others. The story is about Rosie Sprout who is always comparing herself to the "best" girl in the class. Because of the comparison Rosie doesn't see what is so special about her. During a class project, Rosie is able to let her talent shine.This is a great book that has so many inspirational messages: everyone has a talent, we can't assess our value by comparing others, being the best doesn't always guarantee happiness. Ros [...]

    11. In Rosie Sprout's Time to Shine, Ms. Willis' class grows pea plants. They learn what plants need to grow. They have the experience of planting and caring for a seed. They also document their observations of the plant's growth. I used this story in a science literature kit. The students read this book, and there is an activity that goes along with it. Students in my class get to grow pea plants just like the class in the story! Rosie is the main character in the book she is tired of hearing how V [...]

    12. Even though we don't like someone doesn't mean we can't show kindness toward them. Rosie is a quiet but bright girl who sometimes gets bothered by Violet, and overly braggy good at everything kid. Rosie sees an opportunity to finally get a bit of the spot light for her efforts but chooses to showcase her quality of character instead. I LOVE books that remind us all that we do not have to be the center of the universe and our actions speak volumes about who we are more than a flashy outfit, cell [...]

    13. Violet is the best at everythingeveryone agrees, except for Rosie. We've probably all experienced that one kiddo in class who talked the loudest, dressed the fanciest, and always thought they were the best. In this story, we find out what one student does when they've had enough. Rosie soon discovers that how she felt wasn't worth being better than Violet.How will I incorporate this into stem, you may ask? The are a few really great pages about planting and these will be very useful when I plant [...]

    14. Sometimes there are kids who need to sparkle… and who make great efforts to let the world know just how much they do! Sometimes they're subtle; others, well… you get the picture. And then there are kiddos who simply shine… who may not know the magnitude of their brilliance until they're put in a spot where they have to make a choice or decision (without any adult prompting!) and they make the right one… the one that'll affect others for the better. Miss Rosie *shines* and her story, one [...]

    15. This is a 2014-2015 YHBA picture book nominee. The story focuses on Violet, who likes to be the center of attention, and Rosie, who has a quieter personality. Rosie gets tired of hearing about how Violet is the best at everything, and she sees a chance to claim the spotlight when the class grows their own pea plants. Will Rosie make the right choices, and will she be the best?The reading level for this book is 3.0, so it is for older picture book readers. The ending is very subtle and will proba [...]

    16. Don't you just hate those kids at school that were perfect in everything. Fastest in sport, best in spelling, teachers pet, best everythingThat is Violet! She is a super star queend Rosiewell Rosie is tired of being out shined.So when the class grows peas for their project, of course Violet's pot is the prettiest!I like Rosie! she tries to be kind even though she is being out shined!! I like that she chooses the high road I don't like that at the end Violetill steals the show GRR!

    17. Would have liked this book better if it ended with Violet and Rosie both proud to have the tallest plants after Rosie cared for Violet's plant. Didn't need Violet's "one up-manship" with her saying louder for everyone to hear, "mine's still the sparkliest!" Rosie and her teacher smiled indicating acceptance and it is more important to be happy with yourself. Wish Violet would have been a little more grateful.

    18. There's a girl in Rosie's class who is always the best at everything. Rosie always feels overshadowed and outdone by Violet, so when Violet comes down with the chicken pox, Rosie finally sees her chance to do something better than Rosie. Specifically, grow the best pea plant in the class. But Rosie learns that being kind and helping others is actually a better reward than being "the best" at something.Lovely illustrations.

    19. Sweet story about a little girl who feels overshadowed by a classmate who gets all the accolades. Jealousy makes a small, painful appearance, but in the end Rosie learns a job well done is its own reward. Those of us who didn't stand out in class but enjoyed learning and doing a good job will appreciate this. Those who like to stand out might learn a little. The drawings are adorable. I couldn't take my eyes off the little girls' clothes and started some sewing projects in my head.

    20. There's Violet in almost every class or group.or family. The one that has to be the best at everything, even if it's only a tiny bit better. Sometimes this kid's a bully, oftentimes they're not. This book takes a good look at that kid and at the quiet kid that's just as good and never in the forefront.

    21. A sweet story about a young girl who shines by doing good for others, even when the "other" in question is basically a brat. My only complaint about this story is that Rosie ends up with very little recognition for her good deed, while Violet learns nothing and just keeps on bragging about how perfect she is.

    22. Beautifully illustrations combine with a text that contains more than one lesson for young readers. Also has good factual information about the age-old science project of growing seeds into plants. Rosie and her "nemesis" Violet are a good reminder about the danger of competition, if entered into for the wrong reasons.

    23. Violet is the best at everything! Everyone thinks so, except Rosie and she is sick of hearing about Violet! Will she do the right thing or will she make sure Violet isn't the best?Check it out at our library!

    24. I love this book. I love how the author weave a plant lesson with Rosie's emotions.I could use this for a science lesson, social studies lesson, and language arts.Moreover, this book will help children to surface their negative emotions and create a greatground for class discussion.

    25. Beautiful illustrations. The big question for me is; In which way does Rosie shine the most? She is a fantastic gardener. But she also shows that she has integrity and compassion. My four year old loved it.

    26. For anyone who has ever had to live in the shadow of someone who was 'the best' at everything, this book is for you! Affirming story about being yourself is 'the best' :). Loved the style of illustrations too.

    27. The art is lush and the story is relatable to children who don't feel like they're the top of the class. Rosie is an adorable number two who learns that everyone can shine even in their own humble way.

    28. I thought this book would be a little old for my 3 year old, and she certainly didn't understand all of the concepts in it about feeling overshadowed by someone else, but she really liked it and I thought the illustrations were darling.

    29. grade school class plants peas in individual pots. great story re jealousy and making amends, learning to be comfortable in your own skin, learning to be happy despite the behavior of others. great illustrations.

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