One thought on “Crack Volume 2”

  1. Crack Can Be Good for YouDetective Jensen returns with “Crack Volume 2.” Well he doesn’t quite return as he’s now Officer Jensen after doing his job just a little too well. When the captain asks him to go undercover in the Willie Lynch Prison Complex as an inmate, he doesn’t hesitate to step up despite the imminent danger.Also returning is Damu. He has launched a recoding label and studio in hopes of deterring the trend of violence in music, to restore hip-hop to its true essence and t [...]

  2. Damu is back everyone however, he's back on a different level. Due to loosing his soul mate,and realizing that life has more to offer than brothers taking brothers out due to the drug game in Detroit, he decides to venture off into the music business. Happy in the investment that he has made in his new rising recording artist Microphonics, drama takes place at Damu's music studio which results to him having to make some serious decisions. Just when Damu thought he was out of the game, it calls h [...]

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