The Story of a Nobody

The Story of a Nobody The Story of a Nobody is a profound and moving work of fiction combining the political tensions of the day with a tale of deep poignancy and sorrow With St Petersburg awash with extravagant dissolut

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  • Title: The Story of a Nobody
  • Author: Anton Chekhov Louis de Bernières Hugh Aplin
  • ISBN: 9781843910039
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Story of a Nobody is a profound and moving work of fiction, combining the political tensions of the day with a tale of deep poignancy and sorrow With St Petersburg awash with extravagant, dissolute bureaucrats concerned only with increasing their vast riches, a member of a secret movement is infiltrated into one such household Once there, the man sees for himself theThe Story of a Nobody is a profound and moving work of fiction, combining the political tensions of the day with a tale of deep poignancy and sorrow With St Petersburg awash with extravagant, dissolute bureaucrats concerned only with increasing their vast riches, a member of a secret movement is infiltrated into one such household Once there, the man sees for himself the profligacy he has sworn to oppose yet he also sees purposelessness throughout life Determining to follow his own values, he embarks upon a new path, little knowing that this too will lead him to tragedy and a tragedy that he will find impossible to bear.

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    1. يا الله كم أحببت تلك القصة !كم أحببتك يا ستيبان وأشفقت عليك !! كعادة تشيكوف .لن تكفيك قراءة واحدة لتفهم كل ما يرمي إليه ينبغي أن تعود لعدة عبارات مرة أخري لتجد لها معني اخر تشيكوف هو جملة حية بإختصار يمكنك أن تقرأها من اليمين لليسار فتعطيك معني وتقرأها من اليسار لليمين فتعطيك م [...]

    2. "قرأت هذه الرسالة بينما كانت سونيا تجلس على الطاولة تنظر الي بإنتباه, دون ان تطرف عيناها، وكأنما كانت تعرف أن مصيرها يتقرر".هكذا انها تشيخوف قصته بالحزن والالم على مصير هذه الطفلة التي جاءت بعلاقة غير شرعية بين امرأة متزوجة وعشيقهاوقام الرجل المجهول بتربيتها حتى الان.الطفلة [...]

    3. أثناء القراءة أخذت هذان الاقتباسان و فكرت فى أن تكون المراجعة عن اختلاف عقليتى الرجل و المرأة و خصوصا فى مسائل الحب و الزواج و الحرية0102و لكن بعدما رأيت مراجعةعبد الرحمن فتحىفمن ذا الذى يستطيع أن يضيف حرفا واحد على هذهالمراجعة الرائعة

    4. " الحياة تُعطى لنا مرة واحدة، وأريد أن أحياها بقوة، بوعي، بجمال . أريد أن ألعب دورا بارزا مستقلا نبيلا، أريد أن أصنع التاريخ، حتى لا يكون من حق هذه الأجيال القادمة أن تقول عن كل واحد منا : لقد كان تافها، أو شيئا أسوأ من ذلك " :))

    5. أحداثها متسارعة ومشوقة جدا. وصفه للشخصيات عظيم من حيث التصرفات والملامح

    6. الرواية دي فظيعة و عميقة بشكل بشع لدرجة اني خايف اتكلم عنها و هتفضل بتلف في دماغي كام يوم و هكتشف عبر منها كل مره هفتكرها فيهاالرواية بأسلوب المتكلم علي لسان بطل الرواية شخص عنده مشكلة مع حد مشهور و له مركز كبير في الدولة و كان عايز يجمع عنه معلومات فاشتغل عند ابنه علي أمل انه [...]

    7. I think this was my first Chekhov and I wasn't sure what to expect. Something vaguely de-Maupassantesque, maybe. (Whatever that means.) Or something vaguely Ibsenlike. Doleful, harsh and edgy. A tone and style midway between de Maupassant and Ibsen.Immediately, Chekhov's writing was exquisite. I can't say how much of this is due to the original and how much to the translation, but here's a long excerpt from a couple paragraphs in that struck me as insightful and beautiful. The first person narra [...]

    8. ليس افضل ما كتب انطون تشيخوف هذه الرواية الثانية بعد عنبر رقم ٦ لا اعرف ربما افضل ما قرأت لأنطون هي قصصه القصيرة حتى الآن الرواية تعتبر رواية حوارية كل ما هو مهم قد قيل في المحادثات بين الشخصيات انما الاحداث كانت متوقعة اغلب الوقت رربما جعلني ايضا الاحظ شيئا انه ليس المرأة ال [...]

    9. Books have always been my only escape. true "salvation"often mesmerized by its hypnotic appeal, I usually turn to books for comfort, since I know firsthand that it can automatically uproot me from my spot and take me to some distant far away land. Novels became my dearest companions, fictional characters my closest friends and confidants and novelists my heroes. Short storiesuhm I rarely encounter and rarely amuse me until much recently. I have read some that actually change my perception. Some [...]

    10. بين الاندفاع وراء الاحلام والرغبه فى الانتقام يقع (سيبيان) راوى القصه المجهول فريسه للتخبط واليأس ستيبان المثقف الثائر الذى ترك حياته الاصليه لكى يعمل خادما عند أحد رجال الدوله لكى يخدم قضيته حاكما على نفسه بالبقاء متشبثابسرابسراب الانتقام. فيكتشف انه ليس الا ضعيفواهم أو ح [...]

    11. I always say that one of the main characters in every Russian novel is Mother Russia herself. it is no different in Chekhov's Story of a Nobody. Russia's toxic atmosphere produces men, both great and small. the ones who play by Russia's rules prosper and are deemed of the better class. these superior men lose sight of their humanity by playing by Russia's rules. But, it is the main character, the Nobody, who, by living outside typical society, shunning family and career for the sake of an ideal, [...]

    12. حب من طرف + كذب من الآخر = انكسار وموت أحدهم + طفل/ة بريء/ة لا ذنب له/ا

    13. النص يتحدث بشكل ما عن البشر و الرجل المجهول فيهم, و بالرجل يعني الإنسان, و المجهول هو تطور الشخصيات و العلاقات بينهم, و يصب ذلك في ان لا أحد يعرف الأخر جيدًا, لا أحد يعرف نفسه جيدًا بالأساس."ما كنّا نلعنه بالأمس, نسجد له اليوم" جملة قيلت على لسان أحد الشخصيات و لخصت الكثير مما يعا [...]

    14. * Note: Does contain some spoilers*While I was not really a fan of The Steppe, I loved Chekhov's, The Story of an Unknown Man. I loved that the prose, and the story line were rather simple, but under the surface there was a lot happening. There were a lot of themes, namely: Social class and protocol: I loved that the main character was pretending to be a servant, even though he was also secretly part of a similar class stature, so he could understand all of the conversations in French.The status [...]

    15. شخصيات غريبة ودوافع أغرب ولا ينقضي عجبي من هؤلاء الكتاب المشاهير، كيف لا أجد كتاباتهم صاعقة مدوية كما هي أسماؤهم ؟ هل هي الترجمة التي لا تُنصف أدبهم ؟ أم هو الزمن الذي كانوا فيه من فرض عليهم هذا الخيال المحدود ؟ لا أدري. قد يُدهشك تعمقهم في النفسيات ووصفهم الدقيق لتذبذبها ومر [...]

    16. Most of Chekhov’s work, plays and shorts stories, takes place in the Russian countryside. However, “The Story of a Nobody” is set in Saint-Petersburg. A young socialist arranges to be hired as a domestic by the son of an important tsarist politician that they want to eliminate. The pretend valet watches how Orlov junior, a cynical bureaucrat, despises his lover who is expecting a child from him and came to live in his house. The domestic provokes their breaking-up by telling her everything [...]

    17. A nice take on the 19th century Russian superfluous man, in a way that befits Chekhov's literary style. No bombastic opinions like Dostoevsky's Underground Man, no tender melodrama like Turgenev's Father's and Sons. No, instead, just a simple tale of a rather uneventful life, tenderly constructed and told with restraint.

    18. Liked this so much up until the scene shifted to France. Then the story collapsed like a house of cards over the last 10-15 pages. C'mon Tony! You're better than that! The political/social tension was perfect up to & through the valet's meeting with the father. Five star set up. One star ending.

    19. Well written enough, but overwrought. Left me with the feeling of "what was all that about?" Maybe you had to be there (y'know, in 19th-century St. Petersburg.)

    20. My local library has a bookcase of classic novels. When the librarian mentioned that it was nice to have them, but nobody ever borrowed them, I saw it as a challenge! I was familiar with the title The Story of a Nobody by Anton Chekhov so I borrowed it, as much to prove her wrong, as anything else!The author, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born on January 29, 1860, in the small seaport of Taganrog, southern Russia. He was the son of a grocer. Chekhov's grandfather was a serf, who had bought his o [...]

    21. Quel bonheur ces nouvelles! Je les aies dévorées. Malgré l'amertume qui s'en dégage, on sent que Tchékov aime son prochain, et déploie tout son art pour chercher à le comprendre, et à nous intéresser à son sort. Dans la première, une jeune socialiste s'introduit sous la couverture d'un emploi de domestique pour espionner le père du maitre de maison, responsable politique ennemi. Son employeur séduit une femme mariée qui vient s'installer chez eux, et il est le témoin de la situati [...]

    22. ارلوف: شخصيه جبانه السخريه قناع عشان تكتم بيها افكارها الحقيقيه يعني بتسخر من افكارها عشان هي اكسل واجبن من انها تعيش وفقاً للافكار دي وبتتلذذ بالانحطاط عشان تقتل الالم جواهازينائيدا: ساذجه ومندفعه ومع الوقت شافت الحقيقه واتشوهت ولما خسرت كل حاجه قررت الانتحار ولكنها سافرت [...]

    23. هي رواية اكثر من كونها قصة قصيرها لتعديها ال 100 صفحة تقريبآ ، ومن خلالها تيقنت ان تشيخوف خلق للقصص القصيرة جدآ ، لينتج من كلمات قليل مغزي هائل من خلالها .قصة متوسطه ، برع بالتوغل بنفسيات الشخصيات ورسمها ، ولكنها كانت ممله بعض الشئ ، أحداثها متوقعه وبها يثبت تشيخوف ان المرأة ال [...]

    24. A smooth, enjoyable read though I don't think it was nearly as fulfilling and entertaining as Chekhov's The Duel which I read a couple years back. His examination of how the idle rich use irony and humor as a self-defense mechanism strikes me as still enormously relevant to the contemporary moment - in that sense, nothing has changed. And yet this book is bleak mostly because it doesn't offer a way oute Unknown Man may think himself more morally pure and sincere than the cowardly, despicable, he [...]

    25. It is a pet peeve of mine when people in today's day think that their cynicism and ideas are somehow new, original, and reactionary. It is thus a relief to reaffirm for myself that what I feel now was felt and expressed so wonderfully 100 years ago. There are no answers to existentialism here, but rather a comical painting is drawn of those who believe ideas which they cannot, or do not, follow. Rich versus poor. Idealism versus realism. Yet Chekhov is never on-the-nose about it. Quite subtle an [...]

    26. No matter how many clever adjectives one would add in this review to make this small novella sound appealing, they won't do justice. You will have to indulge in it yourself to pick on the pieces that appeals to you the most. However, to make it easy, who might enjoy this book? -The one who admires Anton Chekhov and understands his works. -The one who is looking for a slice of life moment, knowing that there is no precise or perfect solution to life's troubles and heartache, but feeling ok regard [...]

    27. It's a pretty despicable story of a harlot who proudly leaves her husband only to be rebuffed by her lover and to then run off with yet another man. If it wasn't so sad, it would be a joke to see how the characters willingly commit adultery, yet all the while fearing eternal punishment from the pangs of their consciences. The ending is what makes the story noxious to the senses. Yet, I will confess that there are flashes of brilliance in this story that will make you pause and contemplate what y [...]

    28. Paperback."'I want to live!" I said sincerely. "To live and live! I want peace and quiet, I want warmth, this sea, to have you near. Oh, how I'd love to instill in you too this passionate thirst for life! You've just been talking of love, but it would be enough for me simply to have you near, your voice, your expression'She blushed and said rapidly to prevent me from speaking, 'you love life, but I hate it. So we have differing paths.'She poured herself some tea, but did not touch it, went into [...]

    29. The Story of a Nobody is the first thing that I have ever read that was written by Anton Chekhov. I have never seen any of his plays performed or read any of his other works. I really enjoyed this book as it was a glimpse into the lives of people living in Russia at the turn of the twentieth century which is not something that I have really ever read about before, which made it fascinating to read.

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