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Closer Quase Closer Quase foi encenada por Jo o Louren o para o Teatro Aberto em Com o t tulo Perto Demais Closer foi agora adaptada ao cinema por Mike Nichols tendo como actores Julia Roberts Jude La

  • Title: Closer - Quase
  • Author: Patrick Marber
  • ISBN: 9789727088232
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Closer, Quase , foi encenada por Jo o Louren o para o Teatro Aberto, em 1999 Com o t tulo Perto Demais , Closer foi agora adaptada ao cinema por Mike Nichols, tendo como actores Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman e Clive Owen.Closer Quase de Patrick MarberCr ticas de imprensa Closer, a segunda pe a de Patrick Marber, d nos a ver a escrita de um mestre supe Closer, Quase , foi encenada por Jo o Louren o para o Teatro Aberto, em 1999 Com o t tulo Perto Demais , Closer foi agora adaptada ao cinema por Mike Nichols, tendo como actores Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman e Clive Owen.Closer Quase de Patrick MarberCr ticas de imprensa Closer, a segunda pe a de Patrick Marber, d nos a ver a escrita de um mestre superf cie, Closer viva, delicada, inteligente, obscena, moderna, cit vel, fugidia sob a pele, esconde a profundidade das emo es, o sofrimento, a tristeza e a sabedoria Fala do ci me e do desejo sexuais, sempre com grande aten o ao isolamento, mesmo no seio de rela es intensas Marber , quanto a mim, o dramaturgo ingl s com o sentido mais apurado de ritmo dram tico desde Pinter Financial Times

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    1. First, this is a play and reading a play rates second or third to either watching a performance or at least listening to it on audio book. It’s all dialogue and the words need nuance and thespian readings and direction to get an effective take on the material. I’ve had enough experience in the “theatre”, to know that it’s a rare play that will jump off the page and capture me and this isn’t one of them.Second, this was turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts, who aged out of her [...]

    2. The relationships shown here are partly about what men want and what women want but the discussion encompasses so much more. The men are jealous and selfish and want what they cannot have. The women are victimized by men's attention and yet cannot do without it. The only one that has any conviction at all is the exotic dancer who has little compunction about the crudity of her profession. She is unasbashed and possibly the most honest of the four.The play has a disturbing, uncomfortable feel and [...]

    3. 'Our flesh is ferocious/our bodies will kill us/ our bones will outlive us'Having seen the film a few times now it is hard not to draw comparison, but this, the original creation by Patrick Marber is darker again, the lovers infinitely more fascinating and yet just as unlikeable. There is an elegance & complexity not achieved by the film. I was surprised at the very different 'ending' but some of the clunky transitions in the film now make sense. To summarise - I like the bite, I hate the cy [...]

    4. I just didn't enjoy this. It's about nothing and some of the dialogue is really awful. No one speaks like a real person. I don't mind stylized dialogue when it fits the piece or is just plain brilliant, but this sounds like the playwright was tying to make clever, witty dialogue and instead has a bunch of people talking to each other in mannered, false ways. The major conceit of one man getting the other off over the internet just seemed boring, (Really? You can't trust the sexy blond woman in t [...]

    5. Closer talks a lot, but it doesn't actually say anything.Marber is good at acting like he does. The characters are witty, the situations they get themselves into are mind-bending in an interesting way, and the dialogue is well-written, staccato and blunt in a way that must have felt challenging and 'edgy' in the 1990s. Here, to me, it just felt like the eleven-year-old who thinks he's hard core because he uses the F-word.The characters are insufferable. But they're supposed to be insufferable. T [...]

    6. Closer by Patrick Marber examines the complex relationships between four persons within the course of four years. There is Dan the writer who is a sensitive and selfish fellow with his head in the clouds, Anna the photographer who is blissfully depressed and keeps making the wrong choices in life based on such, Larry the dermatologist who is aggressive and a bit chauvinistic, and Alice the stripper, a free spirit who puts up a wall of sarcasm and biting wit to hide the fact that she longs for lo [...]

    7. Marber writes dialogue that is quirky and quoteworthy, but the criticism of this play is that it is too clinical and empty of emotion. It's history on the stage contradicts this sharply. Theatre-goers have at times broken down in tears from the play's portrayal of infidelities. The actors taking part have at times found it to be even a cathartic experience.In performance, the settings are evoked rather than shown, to balance the verbal excess. Considering the sparse appearance of the dialogue, i [...]

    8. I'm a sucker for a good play. And honestly, what's not to love about 4 people showing the world just how messy relationships can be when you always give into selfish desires, only to torture yourself with the consequences thereafter?I actually fell completely, madly in love with the movie first. Obviously, the play features some scenes cut from the film, and an altogether different ending. Marber's got a way with words and his snarky British-isms, especially those spoken by Larry, are oh so ente [...]

    9. Very much a play of its time (especially the rise of the In-Yer-Face theatrical movement of the 90s) but still fresh and interesting today. Veering between witty and heartbreaking, Closer analyses the human relationships and how something so intimate and beautiful as sex and love can ultimately be as destructive and painful as hate. I'm amazed by Marber's ability to create such well rounded and ultimately sympathetic characters who are so loathsome, selfish and frequently vulgar (the profanities [...]

    10. This play was surprisingly amazing. It is set in the 1990's but if the play had been written this very day in 2011 it would be exactly the same play. Very UK English language and slang and modern vulgarity come together to create a very sexual story about how four people's lives come together and drift apart. Just a warning, there is an immense amount of vulgarity and sex talk, but once you get past it's roughness you see that it really was essential in shaping this show to the wonderful thing t [...]

    11. Well I saw the movie prior to reading the play, which was unfortunate b/c I kept seeing Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman playing out the roles. Unfortunate b/c I enjoy inventing how the characters look and sound in my head. This play is an exploration of the negative side of attachment and love, and how we lie to one another almost out of compulsion, and how we really do not know what's best for us. We fall in love w/ our illusive understanding of the reality of a person, and then we wind up di [...]

    12. I am in love with this play. I read it years before the movie came out and while I think the film did a good job of capturing the essence of the play, it wasn't quite the same for me. Marber's characters are so real, so honest that you feel as if you're really listening in on someone's life; their conversations. He's a brilliant writer and I can't get enough of this piece.

    13. I wanted to read this because I had seen the memorial in Postman's Park in London that features in the play. This is an awesome piece of drama. Great dialogue and the kind of deplorable characters you love to hate. I think it would be really interesting to see this performed. Definitely want to watch the film adaptation as well.

    14. I think this book is amazing. Forget about the sex, it's about a girl wanting to be loved. She'd always leave, so no one leaves her. And the one that says he won't leave - cheats on her. When she spoke the truth, no one believed her. It's not complicated. She needed someone to be there for her. Was it too much? It is something we all search for. She just wasn't lucky enough to get it.

    15. The movie based on this play is one of my favorites of all time, so I recently re-watched it and decided to read the play's text, which I had bought long ago after the movie's release. One of the most impressive feats to me is the way Marber moves the four intertwined lovers he creates through time, each scene skipping ahead months or years without notice, until a snippet of dialogue reveals this passage of time. Through this, Marber also teaches us to listen closely to his highly stylized dialo [...]

    16. Read Beth's review which expresses my opinion more eloquently than I could. TLDR; feels very dated. What may have seemed "edgy" and "brutal" on its release now seems juvenile and superficial. There's little depth and too much pretension. Watching 4 narcissistic characters be horrible to each other may invoke some higher meaning for others, but for me, I can watch the world news to similar effect. I want more. I expect more, Marber.

    17. It was beautiful. Relationships are never black & white. Sometimes we forget because, most the movies we watch and books we read like to show the world as a perfect place. It is refreshing to read something as real as Closer, and a little bit heart-breaking ,ofcourse, for a girl who is used to those movies & books.

    18. Intricate, unrealistic, obscene just for the sake of using the terms 'fuck', 'cock' and 'cunt' in the text, monotonous and repetitive: just as bad as the movie.

    19. Já vi algumas vezes a adaptação para cinema de Mike Nichols e posso dizer que é sem dúvida um dos meus filmes preferidos. Andei durante algum tempo à procura da peça e nunca a encontrei, mas ontem numa das várias barraquinhas ocupadas por alfarrabistas na Feira do Livro comprei este exemplar traduzido para português.Li-o com a pressa de o ler e já sei que tenho de o reler; será com certeza uma das minhas peças preferidas, que vou revisitar muitas vezes, com a memória da Alice, do Da [...]

    20. I thought the 4 character play Closer was going to be more than it is - a slight comedic study of how two couples play games but never are intimate with each other, but not so. Marber's writing was a bit on the misogynistic side and the play's dialogues seemed to be too much imitation Harold Pinter. Disappointing.

    21. Read this primarily for the dialogue (no shit Sherlock - it’s a play after all). But there are some exceptional lines eg when the heart is likened to a fist. And it’s a gripping plot.Will definitely see it performed, maybe see the movie if it’s not around.

    22. While reading this i kept thinking where i know this story,where i know this? Turns out years ago i watched the movie and not remembered a single thing about it (well i do remember that strip tease by Natalie Portman). This play bored me.

    23. I didn’t find anything special or thought provoking about this play. All the characters were assholes and had no real redeemable qualities. Life is making mistakes and then you die. Eh.

    24. A review by editor IntoxiKateAn important feature of a good play is dialogue. The expressions, actions and scenery are minor to dialogue and character development in Patrick Marber’s play, Closer. Marber captured moments of brutal honesty regarding contemporary romance and delivered a sincere account of the mess, love and perfidy caused between two couples.In order to appreciate Marber’s play I don’t think it is necessary to be a fan of plays, but it is necessary to be sympathetic to each [...]

    25. The first time I saw this movie I admittedly was not the biggest fan. This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but the reason I decided to check out the play is because I was interested in reading the screenplay for the movie since, in fact, some of the bands I've liked recently have made use of some of the play/movie's memorable lines (eg. Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off But it's better if you do [Panic! At The Disco:]). Another impetus for me was a few quasi [...]

    26. My first experience with Closer was in college, when I watched two of my classmates perform the Anna/Alice scene for an acting class. I was intrigued by the characters, however I secretly lamented the fact that it is was just another scene where two women fight over the same man. I picked up the book again this past year, and I discovered that I couldn't have been more wrong. Closer is a confusing, shocking, heart-breaking play with complex and flawed characters. The ups and downs of this play a [...]

    27. what a poingant, surprising, tragic story. i was really moved by it, and definitely enjoyed reading it. the dialogue is so well done, and the play manages to keep a sense of levity and comedy while dealing with exceedingly dark themes and sad characters. what i most enjoyed about this play was the way it built up seamless, without me even realizing it to a surprising yet inevitable end. reading plays like this is really making me reconsider my stance against theatre and is pushing me to embrace [...]

    28. Closer is a British play set in London where four adults lives cross paths (two men and two women). With numerous amounts of adultery, this play is perhaps the closest thing that comes to real life situations. While it has its moments of some doubt as far as realism goes, it is shocking at most moments how true-to-life and raw the play is. Larry is perhaps the most real and honest character in the play, honest about his instincts as a human in (Act 1, Scene 6) and about his conniving ways (Act 2 [...]

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