Wasting More Police Time

Wasting More Police Time Wasting police time takes us back into the mad world of British policing for amazing stories from the front line against crime

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  • Title: Wasting More Police Time
  • Author: David Copperfield
  • ISBN: 9781906308193
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wasting police time takes us back into the mad world of British policing for amazing stories from the front line against crime.

    One thought on “Wasting More Police Time”

    1. Just when you think things could not get worse (after reading the excellent "Wasting Police Time)" here is another powerful barrage of hard-hitting anecdotes showing how poor British policing has seemingly become.Some would try to suggest that the author and contributors have "over egged the pudding" but why would they? Even if nine out of ten stories in this book were total fabrications, and there is no suggestion that any of them are, this would STILL be a damning indictment on the state of Br [...]

    2. Really I would give this a two and a half but I had to round up because the preceding book was worse and I gave that 2 stars. This was better than 'Wasting Police Time' in that instead of one uniformed police officer moaning continuously that he hated his job, this contained many officers moaning about how they hate their jobs, which did make it slightly easier to read. It was still pretty boring, repetitive and something I had to keep putting down, but in a weird way I still enjoyed it because [...]

    3. Shame it took me so long to finish! However, whilst working for this service I can totally relate to a lot of what is being said.Insightful and shocking, this is one of the more hard hitting books about the state we find the Police service in. Whether or not you like them or not, this needs to be read to understand the troubles we have whilst trying to keep the streets of Britain safe. Full of politics and the public coming last - you have to question how we have let it become this way. Neverthe [...]

    4. A traumatic tragicomedy of all the shit that the thin blue line has to endure. Fascinating, horrifying, hilarious and sad and more, all at once. These are accounts taken from British police all over the country - as oppose to the gripes of one person - as in the previous book. Will hopefully encourage reader empathy with policemen (and women). I couldn't put it down

    5. Fantastic, funny, annoying and a great read. if half of what is written is true (& I'm sure it all is) then our boys and girls in blue need our utmost respect. this book should be a must read for every MP.

    6. Its different officers discussing life in the force as opposed to one author. Makes for good but depressing reading.

    7. Anecdotes about day-to-day life in the police. It's pretty terrifying to hear how cumbersome their bureaucracy is, how thin they're stretched, and how powerless they feel.

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