Sunrise with a Notorious Lord

Sunrise with a Notorious Lord Sunrise with a Notorious Lord Lords of Vice

  • Title: Sunrise with a Notorious Lord
  • Author: Alexandra Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781250001368
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sunrise with a Notorious Lord Lords of Vice

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    1. Sebetul nya buku tentang Lord of Vice ini sih standard lah seperti genre2 HR yg mengandalkan tampang ganteng dan cantiktapi ga tau kenapa,aku kok suka ya sama mereka.Note this, ada 7 orang anggota nya Sin,Dare,Reign,Vane,Frost,Hunter dan Saint, yg terkenal notorious, brandalan, nakal dalam tanda kutip, kumpul di Nox, klub hedonis ala jaman dulu.mua di provide,dari minuman keras, judi,sampai perempuan2 high class buat melayani mereka.rious abis[image error]Sin,Reign,dan Dare sudah menikah,pensiun [...]

    2. Is it just me, or were there about 50 pages or so missing towards the end of the book? Things were going along great, albeit a little less developed than Hawkins previous books in the series, and then all of a sudden it is as if a major event was skipped in the book. (view spoiler)[When and how did Vane find out that Isabel and his mother were in cahoots? We go from the two of them getting together, having a fight, the fake-fiance showing up, and the next thing you know Vane is mad about her dec [...]

    3. SUNRISE WITH A NOTORIOUS LORD by Alexandra HawkinsLords of Vice Series #401/12 - St. Martin's Press - Mass Market Paperback – 287 pagesIs it possible you were created just to bedevil and bewitch me?Christopher Avery Courtland, Earl of Vanewright is determined not to get married. He is been sticking with this theory while at the same time attempting to stop his mother from trying to make that happen. When you have one of the most conniving of woman as your mother you have to out fox her but thi [...]

    4. I've been reading the series as each book has been released and the previous entry was a HUGE disappointment. I was ready for redemption; however, my concerns began when I picked up the book and found it was under 300 pages with a larger font size. OK, look - the book wasn't *terrible* - it had good potential with a somewhat unique setup: H has a meddling mother wishing to see him married; h, as default head of her family, is her accomplice in trying to marry off her sister. The problem is that [...]

    5. I read it in an afternoon, and yet I didn't like it as much as I wanted or hoped to, I think?It didn't grab me like some of the previous books had, although I do plan to re-read it.It's just the whole book seemed obvious might be the word I'm looking for.I'm surprised Isabel was tricked by the plan to get Vane to marry Delia.And that Vane didn't see through his mother - if all these characters are really so smart and clever, shouldn't they have known? The signs weren't just all there, they were [...]

    6. It was ok. Super tacky cover made me kind of embarrassed to read it on public transportation, so I read it only at home.My main problem was that I felt like a chapter was missing. As of page 239, Isabel is dragging her mom out of a ballroom, trying to avoid Lord Botley and as far as I could tell they all think Ruddel is her fiance and no one knows of her plan with Lady Netherly.On the NEXT page, Chapter 27, she claims her whole world had crumbled um, how? Nothing happened at the ball (that we're [...]

    7. While I definitely enjoyed this book more than I did the previous installments, I feel hesitant to give it a better rating because there were a number of things about it that deterred from my overall enjoyment of it. I feel like these are common traits in Hawkins' Lords of Vice series: The setup and situation of the characters was definitely interesting, and it was nice seeing their personalities and how their pasts affected the way that they acted. I enjoyed seeing the hero and heroine interact [...]

    8. This is a review of the first four books of the Lords of Vice series, originally posted on My Book Musings.The series is about the friendship and discovery of the seven most debauched lords in society, the Lords of Vice, namely Sin, Reign, Dare, Vane, Saint, Hunter, and Frost. Their names are actually derived from their aristocratic lineage. For example, Frost’s title is actually Lord Chillingsworth and Dare is Lord Mordare. I like Alexandra Hawkins’ play on their nicknames using their linea [...]

    9. Also on sillymelodyI will be up front, this was not my favorite book of the Lords of Vice series. I couldn't remember why. Of course, I have been re-reading the books, since Alexandra Hawkins had a new Lords of Vice come out this past month. Here is what the story is about:If you have been following the series you would know that Christopher Courtland, the Earl of Vanewright has been trying to avoid his mother's machination to marry him off. However, his mother has come up a foolproof plan. What [...]

    10. Despite his mother’s persistence, Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright, more commonly known as “Vane” has managed to keep himself clear of her matchmaking attempts. Although at times overly clever, Vane has come up with a solution to this season’s attempts, celibacy. He sees no other way around keeping himself out of a loveless marriage and all is going according to plan, until he meets Isabel Thorne whose quick temper and precise aim has him at a disadvantage for the first time in [...]

    11. The Lords of Vice are a notorious group amongst the ton. Vane, the current vice in question, is not looking for a wife. In fact, Vane is doing all he can to avoid his mother's matchmaking attempts. Until he meets Isabel Thorne. Isabel is in London hoping to give her younger sister a season to remember. Lady Netherley, Isabel's host and Vane's mother, would love for her son to wed Isabel's sister, Delia. While attempting to make the match happen, Isabel has no idea that Vane has other plans in mi [...]

    12. The books from this era have become my new obsession. I love reading them and seem to devour them. this book proved no different. I loved the title female Isabel and the title male "Vane." Isabel stuggles to remain practical and realistic. fighting for the future of her family and her home. She seems to deny herself the chance at happiness. under the belief that duty is better love or happiness. Vane makes her finally question that belief. vane the serial bachelor doesnt want to find love let al [...]

    13. Though I liked both Vane and Isabel, I thought their story missed the boat. Things were going along nice and smoothly and suddenly Isabel grabs her family and leaves town. Why? WTH happened that wasn't discussed in the story? And all of a sudden Vane just knows that Isabel and his mother were working together to trap him in marriage. Again, where did this sudden knowledge spring from? Other than these two glaring problems, I enjoyed Vane and Isabel's courtship and the give and take between them. [...]

    14. Vane's mother is setting him up with a girl as she wants him to marry. The girl is supposedly Delia--or is it Isabel? This could have been amuch better book, but it is as though the author just wanted to get the book finished and on to the next. Every description of Vane's mother included her age. His father tells him he is dying but not only does Vane not care, neither did the author since it is never mentioned again. The others have to be better--hopefully not worse.

    15. Gue sukaaaa Vane - Isabel eheheeh dari buku2 sebelumnya juga sudah dibahas kan, yg emaknya Vane ngejodo-jodoin die sama siapa aja, nah kali ini emaknya sampe memasuki tahap rada desperado, sampe Vane yakin emaknya ga bakalan masalah die merit sama mistress nya jg, yg penting merit dan bikin heir kwkwkwVane, gelarnya Earl saat ini dan akan mewarisi gelar Marquess bapaknya suatu hari nanti, yg kaga akan lama karena emang bapaknya ude tua. Vane anak laki-laki ke 3, ga pernah disangka bakalan jadi M [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars. The review that follows is a partial review. To read the full text, please visit:tbqspersonalbookpalacespo~*~*~Isabel Thorne life has been anything but easy. Her father's death lead to her mother's inability to deal with everyday life, leaving Isabel to take care of the household herself. With limited resources, this hasn't been easy; her father was only a mere working man, a philosopher of sorts, and though her mother was born the daughter of a lord she was cut off completely the mom [...]

    17. The fourth Lord of Vice to fall in love is Lord Vanewright or "Vane." His mother is all about matchmaking schemes and he's been doing his best to avoid them since he doesn't really care about his familial duty and he really enjoys women. Isabel is responsible for her family and has to deal with a very strange and embarrassing mother and a spoiled, selfish little sister (but Isabel only makes it worse). After meeting up with Vane's mother in the country, Isabel becomes part of a plan to matchmake [...]

    18. มาถึงเล่มที่สี่แล้วค่ะ ในชุด Lords of Vice เรื่องราวของขุนนางหนุ่มเจ็ดคนที่แต่ละคนมีชื่อเล่นสุดเทห์ แต่ละคนร่ำรวย หล่อเหลา และมีทุกอย่างที่ทุกคนต้องอิจฉาเล่มนี้เป็นเรื่องราวของคริ [...]

    19. "Sunrise with a Notorious Lord" by Alexandra Hawkins Isabel Thorne is a plain and simple girl. She does not have the beautiful looks that her sister Delia has. Isabel knows that no man of prestigious will ever pay attention to her or ask for her hand in marriage. Ever since that encounter with Lord Vanewright, in the dress shop, Isabel Thorne can not seem to stop thinking about him. Isabel knows that she is in London for one purpose, and that is to work with Vane's mother to try and set her sist [...]

    20. This is book 4 of the Lords of Vice series and my first book of the series (unfortunately)!! I found this book to be thoroughly enjoyable and now I'll be searching for the first 3 books in the series before I catch up with the new released ones.The Lord of Vice series is about 7 rakish lords, each with their own nickname - Sin, Reign, Dare, Vane, Saint, Hunter and Frost. This book centers on Vane or Lord Vanewright as his true address. Vane was a late in life child to his parents and as they are [...]

    21. I'm going to give a solid 4 stars to this book. I really liked it but again it lacked historical realism. What I mean is that this whole series is set in Regency England, and yet girls are allowed around these gentlemen without chaperons, etc. Things that were considered scandalous for a young sheltered girl of that time were completely overlooked in this book. (view spoiler)[ Like going into a private room with a gentleman not related to you. Receiving a gentleman not related to you alone in yo [...]

    22. I have been waiting for the next book forever, and I was a little disappointed. All of these books have been fun & the women drew mw in. The men are supposed to be rakes (man whorish) & all about blowing money & having fun. For Vane, it was over way too fast.I am not drawn to women in this period who are beneath the "ton" clas or constantly say they don't belong. The ones too poor to afford a dress. I was very frustrated with the younger sister of the main character.Isobel & her [...]

    23. The beginning of the end for this series. Both the author and teh editors were just phoning it on from here on out.The plots OK and seems to be developing well (although way too much happens in the final 35% of every book in this series) and then all of a sudden we have a massive plot jump. Who the hell cut out out an entire chapter without even trying to explain what happened in it later on? Ruins the back 20% of the book IMO.I also wasn't overly invested in the characters anyway (the LOVs I am [...]

    24. Book 4: Sunrise with a Notorious Lord***** My Ratings *****Hero rating: 5Heroine rating: 4 Steam/Action Factor: 4Plot/Storyline: 3.5Writing Style: 4***********************Overall rating: 4 – The first time a read this book it was my least favorite of the series. Since I’ve re-read the book I don’t feel as though it was as bad as my first reaction but I still think the book felt rushed towards the end. Seems as though it may be missing a chapter explaining how Vane found out about Isabelle [...]

    25. SUNRISE WITH A NOTORIOUS LORD by Alexandrea Hawkins is another exciting addition to "A Lord Vice" Novel set in 1823 England. It is the 4th book in "A Lord Vice" novel,but can be read as a stand alone. See " After Dark With A Scoundrel","All Night With A Rogue" and "Till Dawn With The Devil". Although,you will see some to the characters from the previous stories re-appearing throughout this story with their wives,of course. "Sunrise With A Notorious Lord" is the story of "Vane",Christopher Courtl [...]

    26. The new book by Alexandra Hawkins titled "Sunrise with a Notorious Lord" was an excellent book. Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright known as Vane is one of the Lords of Vice. He is a rich and handsome ladies man, who's trying to forestall his matchmaking Mother. In the opening scene of the book, Vane is with his soon to ex-mistress in a dressing room at the dressmaker's shop making way too much noise doing what he does best. When Vane exits the dressing room, he spies a beautiful woman sho [...]

    27. Of the four Lords of Vice romances written so far this has to be my least favorite. The first several books had held me in thrall and I just assumed that the rest of them would do so also. That this book would be as sexy and adventures as the others. But, although Ms Hawkins follows her seduction formula right down to the bone, ( first kiss,a second longer kiss, a seduction leaving the woman satisfied but not the man, full out love-making,etc.)the characters and the plot were the shallowest yet. [...]

    28. Vane gritted his teeth while Isabel moved on to paying her respects to his friends. He had to remind himself that all three gentlemen were happily married. Their smiles and courtly manners were not meant to provoke him.Vane realized that he was jealous.It was an irrational emotion. All he wanted to do was plant his fist in Sin’s face and drag Isabel out of the box Oh my, Alexandra Hawkins never failed to surprise me! This series is getting better and better indeed. I'm not wrong at that assump [...]

    29. I loved the book. This was a little lighter than the others in the series. The Other characters have a much darker and sinister story to tell. But from the Beginning I have always felt that Vane was some what the clown of the group, more so than the others. My only complaint, if you could call it that is that I would have liked for the characters to have gotten to know each other in a deeper way. Their connection seemed rushed. In one chapter they began to like each other, and the next chapter i [...]

    30. This book started out okay, but it never did grab me as super fantastic, but toward the end it really slipped. The characters would change emotion or thought without explanation. At the end, the h is so upset that she didn't get his forgiveness and wishes she could then he shows up and she's all righteously angry. What happened to sadness that she'd hurt him?I liked the story line, and I loved the other Lords of Vice, but this author's writing is not my favorite. I'm afraid to try the other book [...]

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