Angelo's Journey: A Border Collie's Quest for Home

Angelo s Journey A Border Collie s Quest for Home You re a dog a Border Collie You re dognapped and taken hundreds of miles away What do you do when you escape and make your way home You herd a few sheep and mend a few lives Follow Angelo as he take

  • Title: Angelo's Journey: A Border Collie's Quest for Home
  • Author: Angelo Dirks Leland Dirks
  • ISBN: 9781461169307
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • You re a dog a Border Collie You re dognapped and taken hundreds of miles away What do you do when you escape and make your way home You herd a few sheep, and mend a few lives Follow Angelo as he takes the long road home through the beautiful landscapes of New Mexico and Colorado.

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    1. Angelo's Journey: A Border Collie's Quest for Home is a fictional tale of the border collie named Angelo that gets dognapped and escapes to make a journey over hundreds of miles to return home. Along the way Angelo runs into all sorts of characters and with each in some small or large way Angelo plays a part in making their lives better. For such a short read this book packs a lot into the pages with so much emotion involved during all the little stories with who Angelo ran into on his journey. [...]

    2. Angelo's Journey: A Border Collie's Quest for Home by Leland Dirks is filled with real-life emotion. I love how the author writes with such passion for Angelo. It makes my heart melt. So endearing, heartwarming and imaginative. I absolutely adored this book. I read with vigor wanting to know where it all would lead. There are so many positive reminders in this one book. I found it to be inspirational. This book made me laugh out loud and then filled my eyes with tears. It is written in such a wa [...]

    3. it took me a while to get around to read Angelo’s Journey, because the book came to me in a difficult moment: my own beloved dog was fading quickly, and since books about dogs (or cats) make me cry even in my best moments, I kept postponing reading it.I wish I had read it sooner. I don’t know what to expect… something like Lassie, probably, a sort of adventure book with a dog as its main character, but Angelo’s Joyrney is much more than this. It is a window on both human and canine soul, [...]

    4. This wonderful novella is a dog owner's must. The author uses his own imagination in the telling of his beloved dog's disappearance and eventual return. The characters' stories are realistic and their changed lives believable even if a dog was the catalyst. The blog entries while a little jarring to the narrative are still powerful as they encapsulate the emotions of the author. Highly recommended and will no doubt bring on a few tears.

    5. Nothing prepared me for this collection of short-stories-turned-novella. Once I realized that the title of each entry had a date and miles to home I just let myself be entranced by the author's ability to touch upon several human frailties such as loneliness, gay life, old age, abuse, alcoholism, doubt and faith and coping mechanisms while accommodating male or female gender.Angelo is just the vehicle used to show a glimmer of hope. And does he ever succeed!

    6. A neat storyYes, this book had some scenes that included some animal cruelty. Life is not all butterflies rainbows It was a shortish story about a dog that disappeared for five plus weeks nd what he might have done during that time. Who knows? I think dogs are smart and it has a happy ending.

    7. I bought this delightful little book as a gift for a dear one who owns a border collie/black lab, and decided to read it first. We all know that this is a smart, active and loyal breed, and the story reaffirms this in so many ways. For this dog to have experienced what's reported here is just amazing.

    8. Who is whose best friend?As I am a dog/animal lover, this book was fantastic. Not long enough though. We have a"dog"we love very much that reminded me of him. Always caring about his people.

    9. Sweet little book about a border collie who is lost. It is about his journey and the lives of those he encounters .

    10. Angelo’s Journey: a Border Collie’s Quest for Home I as told to Leland Dirks is by Angelo and Leland Dirks. This is based on a true story but it is delightful. It is told by the dog’s owner but the tales come from the dog since the owner wasn’t with him for most of it. I don’t believe I have read a story with this point of view in a long time if ever. It was impossible to put down. The story begins in the San Luis Valley of Colorado on October 3, 2006. The Man is building a cabin and l [...]

    11. Miracles of LoveAngelo’s Journey by Leland Dirks is a tale that springs from the deep love a man has for his beloved Border Collie and the irreplaceable companionship they share. When Angelo inexplicably disappeared for five weeks, Dirks went through 4 ½ stages of grief. The final stage of acceptance was not easy, but it led him to seek out Maggie, a Lab mix. She wasn’t Angelo, but he felt a definite bond with her. Still, he could never quite make it through the fifth stage and give up on A [...]

    12. Angelo's Journey: A Border Collie's Quest for Home by Leland Dirks is a heart-warming story about Angelo, the Border Collie's journey away from his home for over a month - as told to the author.As some of the lower ranked reviews have already stated, the first couple of chapters have parts that may shock people - dogs get hit by cars, a dog gets hit with a wrench, a man threatens to shoot a dog. Please do not let this stop you from reading a well-told tale of love lost and love regained that end [...]

    13. "Brown Eyes Will Warm Your Heart"This is a story of how Angelo, the Border Collie, comes into the life of author Leland Dirks. He shows up at Leland's desert valley home one day after Leland loses his only dog to a hit and run. Angelo has no tags or other identification, but he certainly has strolled into his forever home, or at least Leland believes it to be until three years later when Angelo, on March 1, 2010, disappears. Leland is devastated, he searches all their walking trails, calling his [...]

    14. Angelo's journey is so inspirational that I found myself being swept away by this tale of a Border Collie's quest to find his way back home. The author makes his references toward this dog's behavior in such a loving way that it makes the story seem very personal. Angelo is essentially kidnapped from home by a wild man and driven over two hundred miles away. His adventure begins when he escapes his captor and then makes his way back home affecting the lives of those he encounters along the way. [...]

    15. I'm an animal lover and any story featuring dogs grabs my attention. The story revolves around a Border Collie named Angelo, who after being kidnapped and taken to Texas tries to find his way back home to Colorado.Along the way he meets people who are having problems in their lives, and Angelo proves to be a real angel as he saves their lives. I got a bit teary-eyed reading about the characters and how Angelo touched their lives.If you've ever had a pet go missing, you know the feeling that come [...]

    16. One has to wonder about the adventures of lost dogs finding their way back home. If they could only tell us. This simple premise has been taken up by the author as he gives voice to Angelo - part angel, part gigolo. For dog lovers there are lots of aha moments in this fine little book. Those of us fortunate enough to have a brush with fame in the form of an exceptional dog of any breed will no doubt see many of the heroic qualities in Angelo that we found in our four legged companions. Everywher [...]

    17. I am reminded of the 1940 classic Lassie Come Home story as I read this modern day version of a dog named Angelo and his journey. Its a fiction story based on some facts of when Angelo went missing for 5 weeks. Nicely written and a good storyline. I had tears at the end and the photo made me smile!

    18. The interesting powers that a dog can have upon people is amazing. This short read was very touching about how one dog can touch so many different lives was very uplifting. The book cover itself just makes you want to smile as it is so simple and far-reaching. Thanks for sharing this dogs adventure, it sounds like it touched many people's hearts.

    19. This is a great book for dog lovers, especially those who love border collies. Its a little confusing at the start because its told from the owner's perspective and then tells the dog's adventures with people he meets as he returns home after being driven (dognapped) a long way from home. Its a Kindle short so its a short fast read.

    20. Great bookOur systems went down at work and I'm forever grateful because I had a chance to read this bookI don't think I could've stopped had I wanted toAngelo owned my heart from the beginning

    21. I so appreciate the description mentioning there is language that some might like knowing about before picking up the book. That in itself wouldn't bother me, but I do care if I'm giving it to a friend's child or providing it for the school/classroom libraries.

    22. Mesmerizing concept and very well done. Angelo is a friend of mine and I get to see him from time to time. He told me that some of the story was fiction, but he thought Leland got the essence of the journey explained perfectly.

    23. A short little book that tugged at my heart strings. It's the story of a black and white Border Collie, dognapped and far from home. It follows his adventures during the 5 1/2 weeks it took him to find his way back home. Guarantted to bring a tear or two for those who are animal lovers.

    24. Loved this book! Even if the stories aren't true, border collies have such strong personalities! I have a collie, too- black and white, can relate to the mannerisms described in the book. I had to snuggle with my collie after reading it. Sweet.

    25. Angelo takes a few steps each with several people, all of whom are wonderfully drawn by the author, and leaves each of them with lives that have changed for the better. I enjoyed walking with this inspiring Border Collie; you will too!

    26. If you love dogs then this is a must-read. If you are old enough to remember The Incredible Journey, then this short tale will tug at the heartstrings. It tell's the tale of an intelligent Border Collie who goes missing for 5 1/2 weeks. I defy anyone to read it and not be touched.

    27. Wonderful book. Very fast and enjoyable read yet thought provoking. Truly captures the love, loyalty and spirit of dogs and how they touch the lives of the humans they interact with in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. Highly recommend.

    28. After I got through the first 2 "chapters" I enjoyed this short book. It just reminds you of how remarkable and intuitive dogs are.

    29. It was a treat following Angelo on his journey home, and I enjoyed meeting each person he encountered along the way.

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