Tangled Destinies

Tangled Destinies He was a stranger from the wrong side of town First he d saved Gabrielle Bennett s life Then he d taken possession of her very soul She d been so young but had quickly come to love Marc Stephano with

  • Title: Tangled Destinies
  • Author: Diana Blayne
  • ISBN: 9780440209270
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • He was a stranger from the wrong side of town First he d saved Gabrielle Bennett s life Then he d taken possession of her very soul She d been so young but had quickly come to love Marc Stephano with all her heart Until he had betrayed her Now, at twenty six, she was a success in New York s modeling world Once she would have sacrificed every advantage for the poor boHe was a stranger from the wrong side of town First he d saved Gabrielle Bennett s life Then he d taken possession of her very soul She d been so young but had quickly come to love Marc Stephano with all her heart Until he had betrayed her Now, at twenty six, she was a success in New York s modeling world Once she would have sacrificed every advantage for the poor boy who d awakened her Now she stood face to face with the rich, powerful man Marc had become In spite of herself he possessed her again But what did she want to avenge the past or risk the sweet, dangerous passion he offered, a passion that would bind their destinies forever

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    1. DNF, zero character connection at 40+% in. The main characters were childish and/or unlikable, I just didn't care about the characters plight. I left and came back 2 more times and just couldn't find what I needed to go on.Clearly this book was not for me.I received this ARC copy of Tangled Destinies from Harlequin - HQN Books. This is my honest and voluntary review. This book is set for publication August 29, 2017.

    2. **ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**DNF @ 40%When I read the blurb, I was really excited because it sounded really good. I love second-chance romances and Tangled Destinies sounded like a story full of passion and heartbreak. However, I just wasn't feeling it from the start. The book starts with how Marc rescues Gaby, however it wasn't executed well, and it fell flat to me. After that we are in present time (nine years later), so as a reader you don't really know the in [...]

    3. 3 stars, good but Not as kickin' as I wan it to be. This book also a reprint of old version and I quite enjoyed it. Though the chemistry between the Hero and the heroine isn't quite what I want, but overall I enjopyed this book so much. Definitely a cold water for my Diana Palmer thirst. Look forward to read more!

    4. Yes he did take her fathers money to get out of her life and he almost slept with her anyways. However he didn't and she was so sweet to him that he as a total asshole. She is a model who's looks are her life yet I think she put herself down too much and should've valued herself more. He only does the right thing after he has proof that she is truly in danger. Jerk! They end up together but his brother he was so messed up. He could not save him because he did not want to eat saved. He just blame [...]

    5. I've been a die-hard fan of Diana Palmer's novels since a friend turned me onto her books in the mid-1980's, and when I voluntarily agreed and to read and review an advanced reader copy of this book, I was happy to get it, but once I started reading it, it seemed oddly familiar, but I nevertheless stayed up almost until dawn to read it in one sitting, still wondering why it seemed like a novel I'd previously read, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, Gaby and Marc's compelling and tangled love sto [...]

    6. 4.5 starsThis book was classic Diana Palmer and I loved that. I know I've said this before but books like this one was the reason that I fell in love with Diana Palmer and romance in general. This had everything that I wanted and expect from a romance. It was angsty. It was emotional. It was filled with complicated and complex emotions that added so much drama and intensity in the relationship between Gaby and Marc. And just lots of misunderstandings that lead to this complex romance. Plus they [...]

    7. Just like all of her books, I loved this one. I like a little danger mixed in with my romance sometimes. It was a great read.

    8. I really enjoyed this book. This is the story of Gaby and Marc, they were have a shared past. The book starts off with allot of action. They dated after he saved her life. Something happened, to end it and Gabby hated Marc. 9 years later she is a model and the feelings never left her she still loves him.During this time, she hangs out with his brother Joe and they still know there is a spark between them. There is also an action plot going on during this time This book is full of action and susp [...]

    9. With every Diana Palmer book I read, I lose a little more respect for her as an author. Even when they have legitimate reasons for feeling angry and hurt, her female heroines come across as petulant brats. Her male characters are chauvenistic, arrogant, and emotionally abusive. The women in her novels are a blow against female empowerment.No matter how badly the men treat them, they always come back for more because they are "in love". Most of Palmer's writing follows this plot development: woma [...]

    10. Just a comment before I do my review. I don't do a lot of author research but this book through me for a loop. One author with three writing names - amazing. Just trying to find this book to review was an adventure. Now for me review: It took me awhile to get really interested in this story but once the story stayed in the present it was very interesting. The beginning is a bit boring as I think the premise of the story about a 'bad' boy falling for a 'good' girl but gives her up because he love [...]

    11. I love Diana Palmer books. I have literally read every single one of her books.I love how almost everyone of her male love interest are assholes and then they realize they love the heroine and are a completely different person. I find myself getting so mad at them sometimes. But Diana always gives me an awesome ending. The 2017 version is just a republish but let's face it, I liked the cover so much better.In this book, Gabrielle Bennett is 17 or 18 when she meets Marc Stephano,who is in his 20, [...]

    12. I've read pretty much anything Diana Palmer writes and most of her books subjects involved Wyoming region or individuals with connections to cattlemen. I was a little worried with the change of location and the type of characters in the book but after a few pages I realized that I should never doubt Diana Palmers' skill. Gabrielle was just another rich girl from New York who by a series of unfortunate events meets Marcus at a young age. She falls in love with Marcus even though he doesn't come f [...]

    13. Gabrielle Bennett is a top model. She should be happy, but the man who saved her when she was a teen also dumped her, paid off by her parents not to see her again.That man is now wealthy and no longer dirtying his hands working on cars, but Gaby can't let it go, how she felt when money meant more to him than she did. Or so she thinks.When Gaby starts going with Marc Stephano's brother--mostly to get back at Marc--she begins to realize that hatred is not all she feels for Marc, even nine years la [...]

    14. Diana Palmer is the queen of intricate stories. She surpasses all genres with her tales of depth and courage. Tangled Destinies is a prime example of that skill. Marc and Gaby's journey from young lovers to emotionally scarred enemies is a tale of heartache, lies and suspense that seduces even as it lays the groundwork for some shocking reveals. Not many second chance stories leave readers breathlessly entertained and that's exactly how I felt after reading this amazing story.

    15. Having read quite a few books by Diana Palmer I was not expecting to like this one either but I was pleasantly surprised. The H is not your typical jerk (for lack of a better word) then any of the previous books of hers but I felt that this was an old dated book as there are references here and there of things that makes me think this one was written in the 80's or early 90's. I loved the HEA! That was the best part!

    16. Wonderful Reading a book by Diana Palmer is like comfort food for the soul. Marc and Gaby's story was an amazing adventure in true love. The misunderstandings, danger and mystery keep your heart pounding, while two people fight their feelings for each other even after so many years is true Diana Palmer genius! Absolutely loved it.

    17. I enjoyed this book but I don't really feel the chemistry between the characters. The drama is there, classic Diana Palmer and I quite like it. As always, the Hero is pretty much annoying and demanding but overall I don't really mind it. Look forward to read more DP romance!

    18. DNF at 20%. I honestly thought this was supposed to be placed in the 1940's, alas it was meant to be contemporary. I may not have given it a fair shake, but I stopped around the time the heroine mentioned another male character's big TV for his "VCR". swooooon.

    19. Couldn't remember if I had this book in my collection of Diana Palmer books, but oh well. If I do, I've got another copy. This book is obviously republished, but it was still a nice read to pass the time.

    20. I thought this one was just OK. The relationship between the H and h started when she was a young 16 or 17 (just starting to develop physically) and he was in his 20's. Seemed a little pervy to me, it was too hard to get past the "ick" factor.

    21. Received an ARC courtesy of the publisher via NetGalleyI think this must have been previously published. Some references seemed dated, and people watched movies on a VCR.

    22. Not my favorite book, I kept putting it down, as I wasn't being engaged. I kept going it did get better toward the end.

    23. So goodReading any book by Diana Palmer is always a pleasure. This one was no different. It was sweet and exciting and awesome

    24. Started out not liking it, but by the half-way mark it got more interesting, and by the ending I liked it a lot.

    25. I liked the story and the characters. Gaby and Marc got their second chance. Many twists, but steady story throughout.

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