The Messenger Boy Murders

The Messenger Boy Murders Unwillingly charged with investigating mysterious deaths among the city s fleet of seemingly perfect ageless messenger boys Stravrogin encounters the city s strange charismatic characters and its e

  • Title: The Messenger Boy Murders
  • Author: Perihan Mağden Richard Hamer
  • ISBN: 9781840593648
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unwillingly charged with investigating mysterious deaths among the city s fleet of seemingly perfect, ageless messenger boys, Stravrogin encounters the city s strange, charismatic characters and its even stranger secret a program of genetic engineering.

    One thought on “The Messenger Boy Murders”

    1. A magnificent book. It is like talking late into the night in a French cafe, the words disappearing like the smoke rings from Turkish cigarettes made me nostalgic for catching trains through Europe at midnight and a time when nothing was as important as books like this. Thank you for the rec, Katerina :)

    2. This dopey book was given to me some time ago by some dopey girl. I think. I think it was a dopey girl, though it could've been a regular girl. The book though was pretty dopey.Imagine a detective story in which the detective does little in the way of detecting. He sits, he drinks, he pines for a woman and he ponders the mystery surrounding the murders of a group of Stepford-wifelike messenger boys. Perfect boys with perfect features delivering messages with perfect precision. The detective does [...]

    3. Popular Turkish author and newspaper columnist Perihan Maðden ("2 Girls") made an unobtrusive and largely unnoticed international debut with this exquisite English language translation by Richard Hammer of her quirky and innovative 1991 hardboiled-detective science-fiction hybrid homage made available by Millet Publishing.Unwilling amateur detective Stavrogin makes for an occasionally insightful and often entertaining narrator as he analyses the bizarre characters, often referred to merely by t [...]

    4. Gazete yazılarında kendine özgü üslubuyla ve sıradışı çıkışlarıyla tanıdığımız Perihan Mağden'in 1991 yılında basılan ilk kitabı. Genetik mühendisliği harikası olarak takdim edilen insan (haberci çocuk) yetiştirme çabasının acımasızlığını ve doğaya aykırılığını bilim-kurgu roman tadında anlatan bir modernizm eleştirisi.

    5. Passive, genderless protagonist. Absurdist, ultimately pointless surrealism. Perihan Magden probably has the ability to write some great short stories, but I doubt I’ll ever try another of her novels.

    6. Te experimenteel naar mijn smaak. Vreemde gebeurtenissen die helaas niet erg boeien en met een onbevredigende ontknoping.

    7. i wanted to like it - and i failed. don't get me wrong, it's not that bad, really - i can see how some readers might enjoy it very much, but not me.

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