One thought on “Bazm Araiyan / بزم آرائیاں”

  1. I needed to look up a reference in one of the pieces but ended up reading quite a few of them. Old memories. What a fine storyteller, a thorough gent, a consummate friend - Colonel Muhammad Khan. He's one of the best humourists Urdu produced back in the day when it was considered a self-sustaining genre able to write itself out in the experiences, reportages, travelogues, cultural and sociopolitical essays of people who had a thing or two to say.It was great to revisit the highlighted text in my [...]

  2. تھوڑا کھاؤ، ستھرا کھاؤ۔ کرنل محمد خان کی طبع زاد کتابیں تین ہیںبجنگ آمد۔ ۔ ۔ جو بچپن کی معصومیت سے لبریز۔ دل آویز۔بسلامت روی۔ ۔ ۔ جوانی کے الہڑ پنے سے بھرپور۔ دل شاد۔اور بزم آرائیاں۔ ۔ ۔ ادھیڑ عمری میں زندگی کے متفرق تجربات سے نچڑتی۔ دل فروز۔کرنل صاحب کی کتابوں میں اس کتاب کا ن [...]

  3. Not as good as his other two books, but still a very decent read. The humor was not very frequent but what i liked about the book was its honest and humble style.

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