One thought on “مساءلة الدولة السعودية : أصوات إسلامية من الجيل الجديد”

  1. I won't lie; I didn't finish this cover to cover. I took a class in college on this topic and found it very interesting. And I give credit to Mr. Al-Rasheed because as a Muslim, he has done a great deal of research and provides an interesting perspective on fundamental Islam.Sure, I think all fundamental religion is poisonous to our world, but that doesn't make me discredit Al-Rasheed's sometimes apologetic tone. He isn't afraid to really look at the core issues of fundamental Islam and find whe [...]

  2. This book looks at Islamic opposition movements in Saudi Arabia. The book is well-researched and well-written, but it assumes the reader already has a general knowledge of Saudi Arabia. It also is written in academic jargon, although it is not too hard to understand.

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