The Color of Her Panties

The Color of Her Panties In the th novel of his Xanth series Piers Anthony has captured again the fantasy world loved by millions With outrageous wit and fantastic escapades The Color of Her Panties explodes with phantasm

  • Title: The Color of Her Panties
  • Author: Piers Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780688109165
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the 15th novel of his Xanth series, Piers Anthony has captured again the fantasy world loved by millions With outrageous wit and fantastic escapades, The Color of Her Panties explodes with phantasmagorical adventure as Gwenny Goblin competes with her brother Gobble in a battle of wits.

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    1. seriously? "THE COLOR OF HER PANTIES"? like for real? this book exists and is not just some crazy joke? am i high right now or something? it's like Piers started reading all those comments about how pervy he can be and was like Fuck It, the secret's out, everyone knows i'm a perv, i'm just gonna go for it, FUCK YEAH! PANTIES WILL BE IN THE TITLE GODDAMNIT!i'm not really even trying to hate on Piers Anthony. i know like every fourth review of his books talks about how he is perverted and maybe ev [...]

    2. This is another of Anthony's delightful, witty romps in the fantasy land of Xanth, whose physical geography resembles that of his adopted state of Florida, but whose flora, fauna and human (and semi-human) geography springs wholly from his own zany imagination --assisted by a flair for puns and copious borrowings from classical and world folklore and legend, all with a humorous spin. (See my previous reviews of titles in this series.) Over the years, my wife and I have accumulated various volume [...]

    3. An odd story as it focuses on the main characters fascination to discover the color of the heroine's panties throughout the adventure. The Xanth novels are a quick, fun and funny read. Great starter books for young fantasy readers. There is a ton of them and you can pick up any of them and start. Very recommended

    4. It's really kind of remarkable what Piers Anthony has done with Xanth. He's created a fantasy series in which there's action and brain-teasers, but the silly puns and lighthearted nature of the book belies the seriousness of some of the scenes. For example, when I first sat down to write this I was going to say that there's no real horror to the battle scenes, nothing grim or epic in Xanth the way there is in Middle Earth, say, or even Narnia, to take a lighter-hearted example.But that's not tru [...]

    5. Thanks to Josh Epps in Little Brook, CA for the fart/art pun, later all, im Piers Anthony and I JUST DONT GIVE A FUCK *slams down typewriter, storms offstage*

    6. This is one of the Xanth books which I look back on most fondly. It doesn't hurt that it is targeted to exactly the audience which was me (13 year old boy at the time). I read it all in one day when I happened to be sick and had stayed home from school.One aspect of this book that I really loved is that it has 6 protagonists with their own stories,secrets, and character arcs. As such, even if you don't care for one character or one story, you just have a few more pages toget back to the one that [...]

    7. Princess Ida finally shows up! I was waiting for this. Now, Princess Ida is Ivy's long-lost twin. But since Ida's Magician-level talent is the power of the idea, whatever someone suggests to her becomes true if she believes it is. (As long as it's not deliberately fed to her by someone who knows what her talent is.) So, because she happens to look a lot like Princess Ivy, the suggestion that she's her twin may have actually caused her to become her twin because she believed it. Odd, yes? Welcome [...]

    8. I know I'm going about this all wrong, reading the Xanth books out of order, but as a long time reader and with my deep love of Xanth, there is never a problem. I can pick up any of them, at any time, and fall back into the familiar world I so love. I think you're either a major, absolutely devoted fan, or you hate these books. The sneaky puns and half glimpsed at scenes hidden behind the dreaded 'Adult Conspiracy' are not for everyone, but they've sure got me sucked in.As number 15, this one is [...]

    9. This is a wonderful mix of childishness, imagination and fun. This book was never meant to be taken seriously, as the title clearly indicates.If my addled brain recollects, a group of children were on a quest to discover the colour of someone's panties. I think they even had a discussion why that would be important.For the audacity of the title, I give it 5. For the fun I give it 5. For the nostalgia of what it meant to me in my youth, I give it 5.

    10. Loved this book from beginning to end. I loved the amount of characters and how the story line slowly unfolded itself and you could see the crisscross.Its the kind of book that had me thinking of it when I wasn't reading it and even now has me wondering how all of this could continue through the series.

    11. Mela Merwoman has to leave the sea and go and ask a Question of Good Magician Humphrey.Another addition to the Xanth series and a nice romp in that magic land.

    12. Book fifteen of the Xanth series is fun. Though I did not find it as enthralling as some of the previous books, fans of the series will enjoy it.It starts off with Mela Merwoman leaving the sea to start a quest to find a husband. Readers of the series will remember her as the merwoman whose husband was killed by Draco Dragon, and more recently, the subject of the question posed by Demon X(A/N)th that Magician Humphrey was unable to answer.(The answer is within the pages of the book, as the title [...]

    13. Xanth is a fantasy novel that is based almost entirely on wordplay, specifically puns. The series occupies a strange space between silly and weird. Anthony has some odd opinions on themes, such as sex, racism, prejudice, growing up, and the use of magic in everyday life. The writing vacillates between heavy-handed condescending to extended analysis of magic, science, and the application of the rules of Xanth. Some love it, some hate it; I personally thought it was a strange read but harmless, al [...]

    14. I think this may end up being the last Xanth book I read for awhile. It's not that the book is bad, and in fact, the story is pretty interesting. However, there's a lot ofwell, there's a lot of recapping and a lot of meta references and once again, Jenny Elf, whom I personally don't think belongs in any books after her first story - look, it was cute once, but after that it's just ridiculous.The story is good, and in fact, if Anthony had stopped cramming in so many puns and meta references (the [...]

    15. I read a lot of Xanth books when I was a teenager. They were recommended by a few friends. His imagination speaks to young adults, and I liked some of the crazy rules his characters react to. But over time, I felt increasingly uncomfortable with the situations he put his preteen and teenage characters in. Many were sexually charged, and usually involved adults. It felt voyeuristic an in time I realized it was pedophilic. He would be a great YA author, with a lot of appeal to adults, if he didn't [...]

    16. Mela the Merwoman is looking for a husband. Gwenny the Goblin is looking to be elected chief of the goblins (which is rough if you're running against your brother). Ivy suddenly has a long-lost twin sister. And Jenny Elf has a quest. That quest involves panties. Welcome to Xanth.The best part of this book, for me, was the concept behind Ida's magical talent. She had the power of the idea, which meant if she believed something it became true. She's an interesting character to have around, alongsi [...]

    17. This is the last Xanth I've read, and possibly the last one I will read. This rating is more of a rating for the series I've read to this point. I have nothing against Piers Anthony, just against the people of Xanth. It seems to be the same basic story over and over.!!SPOILER ALERT!! If you don't want that, don't read further.1. Go to Humphrey2. Ask the question for your quest (maybe get out of payment)3. Ignore that straying from the path could kill you4. Happen upon your goal through shear stu [...]

    18. "Beware she who dances with demons."I cannot stress enough that if you do not have a loose sense of humor do not read this book. The title of the book is "The Color of her PANTIES." Yes, there are jokes about panties. Yes, there are jokes about women. Yes, some of them are cliché and derogatory. If you can't move past that, then don't move past the title page.That being said, *I* love these books. They're witty, hilarious, and just fun, light reading adventure stories. I love how the books conn [...]

    19. This book is not great. However, when read by a ten year old as her first example of anything even remotely referring to sex, it can be thrilling. Piers Anthony has constructed an incredible universe in the Xanth series; one that starts strong withA Spell for Chameleon and from there drags out some thirty books later into a mere shadow of its once inventive self. Be warned, the man likes puns. And by likes puns, I mean has a thank you list in the back of each book, listing which reader sent in w [...]

    20. This was my least favorite Xanth novel so far. In previous Author's Notes, Anthony said that he was going to limit the amount of puns in future books. The first part of this book was filled with so many stupid and pointless puns that it was very hard to get into.The story wasn't very exciting even though the characters were fairly well done. I hope the series picks back up soon or I won't be able to go much further.

    21. Very bland and uninspired entry in the long-running Xanth series. Mela Merwoman (a minor supporting character in one or two earlier books) changes her tail to legs and comes ashore to have an adventure and find a husband. I'm a huge fan of several earlier Xanth books, but this one I only read once and never even felt tempted to pick it up again. Only recommended for completists or hardcore fans of the series.

    22. Definitely the most interesting title of a book I have ever read, if not the weirdest, this one is overloaded with puns by Anthony and combines two separate plot lines that all tie in together at the end. Mela Merwoman is looking for a husband, while Gwenny Goblin is on a quest to become the goblin kiing of her kingdom. The book is really not as perverted as the title suggests, but it appears Anthony is no longer shy about revealing his true reasons for penning this series.

    23. Piers Anthonys novels started off as fun happy, fun and lovable books but after a few years his books took on disgusting undertones and his first sci-fi novel was grose as any I have read. Unfortunately I think hhe turned into a sexual pervert of the worst kind.I believe that this was the first of his perverted books and they got far worse as time went by. Burn his books and flog yhe scumbag.

    24. I like a good pun as well as the next person, but the bad ones? Pretty atrocious, based on sexual innuendo (ok, there's a bad one, but I'm not the person who thought it up ) and outdated sexism. So I grant that it was accepted in it's day, but that doesn't make it right or good. The 15th time around, I still got a chuckle or two, but not much else.

    25. I'm so glad that I bought and read this when I was 13 or so. I don't think I'd have the courage now to buy it in public. Also, this might've been the point where I started to care less and less about Xanth. Too many fan-submitted puns and silliness ruined a rather serious-themed plot.

    26. What happens when a child runs afowl (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) of the Adult Conspiracy? When it's an underage goblin, the censors have to work overtime. My favourite part was the nod to George Carlin.

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