Witches Little witches abound in this rollicking rhyming adventure which features all the fun fantasy and treats but none of the tricks of a Halloween night to remember

  • Title: Witches
  • Author: Cheryl Christian Wish Williams
  • ISBN: 9781595722836
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little witches abound in this rollicking, rhyming adventure, which features all the fun, fantasy and treats but none of the tricks of a Halloween night to remember

    One thought on “Witches”

    1. Halloween is still 2 1/2 months away but I couldn't resist reviewing this whimsical Halloween book. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween itself (candy & costumes just aren't my thing) but I love Halloween pictures books!Witches is a short book with rhyming text making it a quick fun read. I love the illustrations. Perfect for preschool aged children.Rating: 4.5 StarsSource: Netgalley

    2. Not one of my personal favorite Halloween reads, but I could see where some young readers would really enjoy being "in" on who the "witches" in this book really are (and the little hints at *real* witches in the illustrations are fun). I liked the rather mysterious/magical/orange-tinted aspects to illustrations of otherwise mundane neighborhoods and such.

    3. Truly delightful book about a little coven of witches and how they do their witchy things. THe witches are girls in costumes yet it describes on each page in rhyme each activity the witches do throughout Halooween as if they were real witches. The magic of Halloween is on every page through its strong use of color and imagery. I seriously imagined the spirit of Halloween transforming each into a Halloween character by the end.

    4. I selected this book from the library based on the cover. The witches are adorable, so I expected a cute story to go along with it. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed by the text, although the illustrations are very well done throughout. The text is simple and does rhyme. Preschoolers could easily follow along with the story

    5. An absolute delight!I loved this little Halloween picture book featuring a group of “witches” gathered together to brew up a frightening dish before heading out to trick or treat. The kids look like they’re having a great time – throwing random ingredients from the refrigerator into their cauldron and then daring themselves – and each other – to taste it. The rhyming verse conveys the same sense of fun as the drawings, “Witches at their cauldron, witches at their brew. Throwing in [...]

    6. Featured at An Abundance of BooksWitches is a very short rhyming story about a group of kids on Halloween. At first they're making a magic potion (filled with candy and anything else they could pull out of the refrigerator). Then the "witches" get ready for Trick-or-Treating and we watch them make their way through the neighborhood picking up all kinds of goodies. In the end the witches are revealed to be kids, but I don't think anyone (including little kids) will be surprised by this. The text [...]

    7. My grandson and I read this together. What a delightful book! One of the best Halloween picture books I have seen. The illustrations were awesome and all inclusive. Having a special needs child this was a pleasant surprise. I really appreciated that the illustrator included special needs children and portrayed them accurately as "normal" children. The text was fun and had the children mixing up potions and daring each other to try them. The author and illustrator were able to capture all the mag [...]

    8. A very cool book for little ones. You can be sure it will arrive just in time for the beginning of Halloween celebrations, with a release date of 8/15/11 (although is listing it as "available in 2-4 weeks." which is still plenty of time for Halloween celebrating!)Vivid, bright and spooky (just the right amount of spooky for the littles) the story is short and cute. I must give the author and illustrator kudos for also including children with disabilities into their storybook. A light and airy s [...]

    9. Little witches abound in this rollicking, rhyming adventure that features all of the fun, fantasy, and treats--but none of the tricks--of a Halloween night to remember! Whimsical, colorful illustrations overflow with bewitching details that will engage young readers (and little goblins, too!) and have them cackling to read the book again and again to discover all its charms! Not all parents or teachers will want to read a story to toddlers about witches, but if you do this would be a good choice [...]

    10. This is a sweet little treat that will be ready in plenty of time for Halloween. Written in a simple rhyming format and illustrated in amazing detail, this book will captivate young readers. The witches and other creatures throughout the book aren't limited to traditional Halloween colours. They are painted in a pleasing array of tones, and the witches flying through the sky seem to dance across the page. I can see this becoming a favourite Halloween poem. It's a simple little story that young r [...]

    11. This sweet little book is a delight. Wonderfully rhyming text paired with charming illustrations makes this a perfect Halloween read for the little ones. Just slightly spooky, but not at all scary…the book follows a group of children as they prepare for and celebrate Halloween. Points also for the inclusion of a special needs child without drawing attention to any differences. This little gem is a keeper.

    12. What a fantastic Halloween book. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and simple rhyming. It focuses on the fun of trick-or-treating and not the scariness. This book is a must have for all those children who are afraid of Halloween and/or trick-or-treating. On each page there is so much to look at, that your child can explore everything that might surround them too, on their night out.

    13. This book is wonderful! If you are in charge of story times (or just want to be generous to your local library) order this book in time to receive for Halloween this year. The story will undoubtedly become a Halloween staple for its easy rhymes and the illustrations are just beautiful. Definitely a purchase for our library!

    14. I’m reviewing this for NetGalley.Witches is a great Halloween book for young children. The pictures are beautiful and would captivate young children. The book briefly touches on what witches do such as fly and brew potions. It also shows children trick or treating and emphasizes the main children dressed up as witches. This book will put young children in the trick or treating mood.

    15. A great Halloween story that has wonderful poetry. The illustrations are full of colors that fills the pages that seem to make the pages move. The pictures have kids of every type and therefore will be a family favorite.

    16. This one of those picture books that tries to hard in my opinion. Rhyming is something that only works sometimes and I wasn't crazy about it in this one. There are just so many great Halloween books out there that this one didn't wow me. It seemed drab next to the other books I've read this season.

    17. Vivid illustrations,Rhythmical writing,A fun and entertaining read for children, especially around Halloween.

    18. First off the pictures were great. Absolutely great!! I love love love the colors. The story is simple and cute. Great Halloween Story, great all year round story!!!

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