The Snow Blew Inn

The Snow Blew Inn Emma can t wait to have a sleepover with her cousin Abby But snow is falling outside the Snow Blew Inn where Emma is waiting Stranded travelers arrive seeking shelter and soon the inn is packed When

  • Title: The Snow Blew Inn
  • Author: Dian Curtis Regan Doug Cushman
  • ISBN: 9780823423514
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emma can t wait to have a sleepover with her cousin Abby But snow is falling outside the Snow Blew Inn where Emma is waiting Stranded travelers arrive seeking shelter, and soon the inn is packed When Abby finally arrives, she and Emma camp out on the parlor floor and have their sleepover at last Illustrations.

    One thought on “The Snow Blew Inn”

    1. The anticipation of a sleep over by a visiting cousin is delayed by a sudden snow storm, and the actions taken by the owner and her daughter to accommodate the sudden arrival of stranded travelers.

    2. Has a friend ever not shown up when expected? To make matters worse, what if the weather outside is brewing into a blizzard? In The Snow Blew Inn by Dian Curtis Regan, there are “dark clouds boiling above the mountain peaks. Snow is coming to the Snow Blew Inn!“ In the meantime, Emma awaits the arrival of her cousin Abbey. At first, Emma amuses herself. When the snow starts to fall and guests begin to arrive, Emma helps her mom with the chores involved with running an inn. The rest of the st [...]

    3. Emma is awaiting the arrival of her cousin, Abby. Snow starts to fall at the inn Emma’s mother runs. Quickly the inn fills with guests. Emma gives up her bed to a family who is cold in the falling snow. Finally, Abby arrives and Emma and Abby have a sleepover on the floor in the main room of the inn.“More travelers arrive, tracking in snow. They shiver in front of the fire.‘I want to go home,’ a baby raccoon wails. ‘Shh-shh,’ says his grandpapa.Mama gives away her room to the Squirre [...]

    4. It's a cold and blustery late afternoon at the Storm Blew Inn as Emma waits for her cousin Abby to arrive for a sleepover. At first undaunted, optimistic little Emma plans what the two cousins will do in the snow. But as the storm outside rages with gusty winds and driving snow, more and more weary travelers find their way to the Inn's door and Mama warm welcome. Before long, a menagerie of displaced voyagers fill every open spot in the Inn. Finally, Emma gives up her own sleepover room and reli [...]

    5. A cute tale about a mama cat and her daughter Emma who run a bed and breakfast and are waiting for their friends to arrive. A bad snowstorm sends lots of travelers to the inn and soon there is no room. Their friends have still not arrived. Emma gives up her room to strangers and snuggles up close to the fire when someone special arrives. A cute story with more going on in the pictures than is named in the text.

    6. Emma is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her friend, Abby, at the Inn for a sleepover. For all her preparations, though, lots of others arrive but not her friend. A winter storm blows outside as the inn fills up and Abby and her mother finally arrive.

    7. A cute story where Emma is excited to have her first sleepover but her little friend is very very late. And what is worse is that there is a huge snowstorm. Little Emma learns that you have to have faith that things will work themselves out!

    8. With illustration reminiscent of Richard Scarry, a blizzard is captured in all its cold discomfort in this story.

    9. When a blizzard comes to the Snow Blew Inn more quests arrived that the inn can supposedly hole. Emma is afraid her friend Libby will not arrive.

    10. Emma the cat waiting for her friend Abbey the cat to arrive for a sleepover during a blizzard. Lots of animals show up caught in the storm seeking shelter but not Abbey.

    11. Emma not-so-patiently awaits the arrival of her best friend as a snow storm blows in. As her family's inn fills up, she learns "the more, the merrier."

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