Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman

Jane Fonda The Private Life of a Public Woman Bosworth goes behind the image of an American superwoman revealing Jane Fonda powerful and vulnerable than ever expected whose struggles for high achievement love and successful motherhood mirror t

  • Title: Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman
  • Author: Patricia Bosworth
  • ISBN: 9780547152578
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bosworth goes behind the image of an American superwoman, revealing Jane Fonda powerful and vulnerable than ever expected whose struggles for high achievement, love, and successful motherhood mirror the conflicts of a generation of women.In the hands of this seasoned, tenacious biographer, the evolution of one of the century s most controversial and successful women bBosworth goes behind the image of an American superwoman, revealing Jane Fonda powerful and vulnerable than ever expected whose struggles for high achievement, love, and successful motherhood mirror the conflicts of a generation of women.In the hands of this seasoned, tenacious biographer, the evolution of one of the century s most controversial and successful women becomes nothing less than a great, enthralling American life.Jane Fonda emerged from a heartbreaking Hollywood family drama to become a 60s onscreen ing nue and then an Oscar winning actress At the top of her game she risked all, rising against the Vietnam War and shocking the world with a trip to Hanoi Later, while becoming one of Hollywood s most committed feminists, she financed her husband Tom Hayden s political career in the 80s with exercise videos that began a fitness craze and brought in millions of dollars Just as interesting is Fonda s next turn, as a Stepford Wife of the Gulfstream set, marrying Ted Turner and seemingly walking away from her ideals and her career.Fonda s is a story of the blend of deep insecurity, magnetism, bravery, and determination that fuels the most inspiring and occasionally infuriating public lives Finally here is Fonda and all the women she s been.

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    1. Can you imagine: 600 pages on Jane Fonda !Why??Who cares or wants all this ? (10 pages will do). An actress of modest talent, she never made a movie of any artistic hot-cha or worked w key directors. Vadim turned her into a sexpot and she grew highly vexed about US involvement in Vietnam. Her nonstop exercising now hurts her in Old Age. ~ The End. Can we have 600 pages on Mary Beth Hughes? This could be a riot. After all, she was the first attempt to create a Monroe doll. Same agent: the oogly d [...]

    2. A LOT of work went into this biography that took the author ten years to write. I can see why, there's an incredible amount of detail about Jane's background, her parents background, their careers, (not just Jane's careers (plural) but that of her family members as well! Sometimes I felt like I was reading a bio of her father and husbands as well as her, and that's how I know this was a lot of work. This author interviewed Vietnam vets that had met Jane back in the days she was an activist again [...]

    3. Anyone my age knows who Jane Fonda is. Personally I didn't follow her life or celebrity because I didn't really care about her. I did remember being vaguely interested upon hearing about the "Hanoi Jane" incident but not enough to dig for it. This boo is well written and engaging. It was an interesting read and I feel gives a fair picture of Jane as a person. If I saw the writer's name on another book I'd probably pick it up and read it because of the job she did portraying Jane in this book. It [...]

    4. This book went into a little too much detail for me. (But then oddly it rushes through the time period Jane Fonda was married to Ted Turner.) Probably the most interesting part was about her trip to Vietnam and how she posed with the guns. I read this book thinking that Jane Fonda seems very generous and intelligent, but quite gullible. And in some ways she is very business savvy, but lacks common sense. Her daughter, Vanessa, agrees with me. There is a quote in the book where she says her mom i [...]

    5. Patricia Bosworth has gone beyond the image of an American superwoman to reveal a Jane Fonda more powerful and vulnerable than ever expected. Fonda emerged from a heartbreaking Hollywood family drama to become a ’60s onscreen ingénue and then an Oscar-winning actress. At the top of her game she risked all, rising up against the Vietnam War and shocking the world with a trip to Hanoi. While becoming one of Hollywood’s most committed feminists, she financed her husband Tom Hayden’s politica [...]

    6. It took me awhile but at 2:18 A.M. I finally finished Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman by Patricia Bosworth. It's a very thick book. I thought I would be able to finish it sooner, but life hit me. Having said that, this book is awesome. When it was all over I learned TOO much about Jane Fonda's sex life. While I'm reading it, I'm wondering when did this woman have time to act? I've seen one of her movies, Nine to Five, and that was the extent of my Jane Fonda knowledge. I had heard [...]

    7. Excellent biography about one of the best actresses of the 60s, a trailblazer and perpetual truth seeker who redefined stardom, especially for women. To Jane, it was never enough just to be a famous actress, though it was hard enough to achieve that, even with Henry Fonda for a father; once her consciousness was raised (in her late 20s, as it was with many of her generation), she had a burning desire to change the world in an era of revolution and political chaos.Like the author of this book, I [...]

    8. Patricia Bosworth has definitely done her homework in this well-written and researched book about Jane Fonda. Bosworth has delved into the psychological aspects of Fonda's life and written not only about her acting and activist careers but her insecurities and foibles.Jane Fonda's childhood was not the privileged one the public thinks a child of a famous actor (Henry Fonda) would have but one full of determination to please her cold, unemotional father and rejection of her mother. Her mother com [...]

    9. I liked it. Patricia Bosworth is a great biographer, and I doubt I would have read this book had she not written it. There is enough detail there to answer any questions you may ever have had about Jane Fonda. I have been hearing about her since I was 6, so I thought maybe now that I'm 56 it would interesting to see what Jane was really all about. Plus I love Frankie & Grace.Jane Fonda's life story is exhausting. She has crammed so much activity into one lifetime. It made me feel like a gros [...]

    10. Loooong but thorough book. Probably more of a 3 1/2 star rating. Until Henry Fonda died, Jane Fonda spent her life trying to get his approval in any way she could. Her insecurity and vulnerability consumed her through her modeling and early acting careers. As she marries three different men, she remolds herself each time to fit the ideal of what *they* want. I'm not sure she ever has figured out how to know herself. From her wild past to her political outspokenness, Jane Fonda has always lived f [...]

    11. Jane closely resembled her father, in personality and physicality. Her long-term bulimia was both a product of her Hollywood existence and her desire to look more like him. She has assumed a more traditionally male role in her life — she was away from home a lot, relegating the raising of her kids to others, finally wanting to reconnect with family in her 60s, when her many careers were on the back-burner.On the surface her story reads like the evolution of a feminist, and Jane did live throug [...]

    12. Not too much new--spoiled, rich kid with all kinds of hang-ups and a sense of entitlement. I liked her as an actress--the Jennifer Aniston of her day, cute perky and sometimes miscast in something heavier or emptier. Personal life hedonistic with all kinds of excuses: she was young, she let men dominate her because of a father fixation, she was driven. Bottom line she is self-centered,headstrong and not very bright in a lot of ways. A follower, not particularly a leader. Not surprised. Certainly [...]

    13. This book is not one of the best written bios I've ever read, yet still interesting and pretty good. If you want to know what went on in Hollywood golden years, at the actors studio and NY theatre in the 50's, and in Eurotrash circles and in Malibu/LA in the 1960's and 70's, and later when Jane Fonda was a war protestor, this is a great read.Jane Fonda is driven, insecure, bulimic, brave, accomplished, hard working, a bit heedless, and once enlightened politically, desiring to help build a bette [...]

    14. Bosworth covers Jane's life well except for her non-acting period in the 1990s and early 2000s, which left me wanting a bit more. The book does go deeper than Fonda's autobiography of 2005, with observations and insights from a variety of sources. If you like Jane Fonda you will probably like the book. I like her honesty, which she takes too far at times, if you think that is possible. She is one of the least devious people I can imagine, which can be endearing or maddening depending on your vie [...]

    15. A good biography about a woman who I myself have misunderstood and to whom I identified myself with by the nd, even though I've had one marriage, and she's had several. She was a decade or so ahead of me and in a very public sphere, but otherwise, in terms of feelings about our times, we as women trying to find our place in the midst of insecurity and societal expectations had/have so much in common.

    16. This is a fascinating historical account of Jane's life and the times she grew up in. I am just at the point in her story where she is with her soon to be husband Vadim and all his intellectual friends in Paris who are critical of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and I can see how she got pulled into that way of thinking and didn't realize how her later actions (going to N. Vietnam etc.) would be perceived by many Americans who hated her after that and ended up labeling her Hanoi Jane.

    17. Interesting independent of what you might think of Jane Fonda going into the book. Personally, I had mildly negative feelings about her going into the book and finished it more sympathetic. Depressing to realize even such a strong and financially independent woman could be in so many humiliating relationships. Book could have been half the size as redundant and slow at times.

    18. Patricia Bosworth goes behind the scenes on the life of a very public woman, a woman one could think knows everything about, since she´s been for over 6 decades a famous person, and for over five decades THE Famous woman.Complete Review here seriesandtv/jane-fonda-the

    19. Apparently it took Patricia Bosworth 10 years to research and write so it is quite thorough. I knew bits and pieces of Fonda's life and had heard some heated denunciations of her. It was good to find out for myself. The book didn't shy away from controversy and gave me a new appreciation for her.

    20. I loved this book, it gave me a totally new appreaciation for Jane Fonda.This author undressed Ms. Fonda and laid her bare for all to read. Bare yes, but disrespectful no's lengthy read, but so worth the time investment. I came away feeling like I knew her and wanted to know her better.

    21. Bosworth does a good job of making a fairly familiar story seem new-ish. The end(where Fonda is now in her life) feels incomplete and too short, but maybe that's inevitable when your subject is still alive. But fascinating insight into the Fonda family early on.

    22. good book, well written. I knew little about Fonda before reading, I learned a lot. interesting woman with an interesting life. I do not necessarily agree with her life decisions or political views or I probably would have rated it higher.

    23. Very good book - well written and interesting. I am not a Jane Fonda fan, per se, which is probably why I didn't LOVE the book. That said, she is a fascinating woman.

    24. I have no idea why I read this book. I've never really liked Jane Fonda and didn't like her any better after reading this.

    25. Not quite sure about the accuracy of some facts, since they contradict Jane Fonda's "My Life so Far" in some subjects.Nedless to say e trust Jane's the most.

    26. Well-written and researched bio on a woman who has played many different roles in her life, both on the screen and in real life.

    27. It was well written. I didn't realize Jane Fonda was such a flawed individual. She certainly has had many demons to confront throughout life.

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