Big City Otto

Big City Otto Otto is a lumbering sweet natured elephant who can t forget his childhood chum Georgie a smiley faced chimpanzee who was abducted and shipped away from their forest home by the mysterious and sinist

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  • Title: Big City Otto
  • Author: Bill Slavin
  • ISBN: 9781554534760
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Otto is a lumbering, sweet natured elephant who can t forget his childhood chum Georgie, a smiley faced chimpanzee who was abducted and shipped away from their forest home by the mysterious and sinister Man with the Wooden Nose Accompanied by a wisecracking but protective parrot named Crackers, Otto decides to hop a plane and look for Georgie in America But once they hitOtto is a lumbering, sweet natured elephant who can t forget his childhood chum Georgie, a smiley faced chimpanzee who was abducted and shipped away from their forest home by the mysterious and sinister Man with the Wooden Nose Accompanied by a wisecracking but protective parrot named Crackers, Otto decides to hop a plane and look for Georgie in America But once they hit the wild streets of the concrete jungle, Otto and Crackers court trouble at every turn even becoming unwittingly involved in the seedy alligator underworld dominating the city sewers And little do these out of place out oftowners realize that they, too, are being doggedly pursued across the city by the local police Will the authorities catch Otto and Crackers Will Otto and Crackers find Georgie Who is the Man with the Wooden Nose And what s an elephant doing sporting a trenchcoat and fedora

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    1. Story: 3 starsArt: 4 starsAn elephant and a parrot leave the jungle of Africa to search for their friend, a chimpanzee, who was captured and taken to America. The elephant is young and naive while the parrot is more worldly and serves as an advisor. Still, the pair manage to stumble into a lot of mishaps.This first graphic novel in the Elephants Never Forget series doesn't have a complete story arc; you have to continue reading the series to see whether or not the friend is ever found. Since the [...]

    2. Boy, The Man With the Yellow Hat just lost all credibility, didn't he? Time was that Curious George snatcher could nab the jungle beast of his choice, slap his hands together, and call it a day. These days, though, readers don't take too kindly to fellows who go about grabbing the next spare primate they set their sights on. Various children's authors have dealt with him one way or another (Furious George Goes Bananas by Michael Rex comes most immediately to mind). Big City Otto takes the idea f [...]

    3. Some books written for children are enjoyable for people of any age. Some are a little more pigeon-holed, and remind one repeatedly of their target audience. Big City Otto leans towards this later camp, but is still an interesting update to Babar or Curious George.

    4. I don't know how I feel about this graphic novel. Otto is such a sad, sad elephant. He misses his best friend Georgie, who's been chimp-napped. Perhaps it's because of my current setting and the students I work with, but that's serious stuff, and telling it in animal perspective is not going to make it any less heavy. There is a little bit of humor sprinkled in throughout the book, most notably Otto using a port-o-potty and ending up being lifted on top of a building (which again, although it's [...]

    5. Slavin, Bill Elephants Never Forget (Big Star Otto #3) 95 pgs Kids Can Press, 2015. $17.00 Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G Violence: G GRAPHIC NOVELOtto the elephant and his best friend Crackers the Parrot have made it to Hollywood where they hope to find their other best friend George the chimpanzee. But they quickly get caught up in a tug a war between the film studios and the animal’s rights activists. To top it off when they finally find George, he has changed for the wo [...]

    6. This is a graphic novel written for kids, but definitely contains humor that adults will enjoy and appreciate (if you look closely you just might see Sipowicz and Simone from NYPD Blue).Otto is an elephant living in a jungle mourning over the loss of his best childhood friend Georgie, a chimp. He decides to go in search of Georgie with the help of a parrot, Crackers. This is an unbelievable story that asks the reader to put aside reality and just enjoy the story as it unfolds. The humans apparen [...]

    7. The artwork was good enough to bring this up to a third star by rounding off, but just barely. The story came across as a blend of Babar and Pogo, which is a tough mix to pull off. Bill Slavin sometimes managed it, but not always. The artwork was so remarkably goofy that it got the story past some of its rough partske Otto eating a case of prunes, with an almost predictable result. Almost, only because the site of the outhouse provided extra humor.My problem with the story is that I was unsure o [...]

    8. Otto the Elephant can't forget his childhood friend, Georgie the chimp, who was stolen from the jungle by The Man With the Wooden Nose. Crackers, the parrot, and Otto set out to find Georgie. They manage to get on a plane as excess baggage, get to America, and begin to search for Georgie. They wind up involved with some shady 'gators in the underground (literally). They bust up the mob, get some clues about Georgie, and set off for the Bayou to find him. This is book one of a series that might n [...]

    9. Elephant Otto and his friend Crackers (a parrot, of course) leave the jungles of Africa for the concrete jungles of New York City to find the long-lost chimp Georgie. Kids will love the crazy antics and slapstick humor as the two friends try to navigate a very unfamiliar landscape. Full of action, adventure, and memorable animal characters; I loved the alligator's rap music: "Yo, I'm a mean instigata. I'm a bad alligata." And---as I’m writing this review a mom came up to the desk and snagged m [...]

    10. This was trying really hard to be a cute story, but a lot of it just didn't make sense to me. Animals and humans apparently live side-by-side and can communicate easily here, but everything is built for human use. This provided a running joke as Otto tries to navigate the city, but it quickly got old for me. Also, the alligator crime gang exhibited many harmful stereotypes usually attributed to black people, which I frankly found offensive. Otto as a character is pretty dim and not interesting t [...]

    11. Otto misses his best friend, Georgie, who was stolen from the African jungle. So, Otto and his companion, Crackers, set out to find Georgie. The pair travels from Africa to America and meet up with some shady characters to help them search for Georgie. Will they find their friend? Will they succumb to the lures of the criminal world?

    12. Elephants Never Forget is the first graphic novel in this charming trilogy that has Otto searching the big city for his childhood friend, a chimpanzee named Georgie. With the help of a wise-cracking parrot named Crackers, they leave a trail of unwitting crime behind them. This graphic novels is full of laughs, tongue-in-cheek humor and friendship. Will be enjoyed by readers 8 to 12.

    13. I like fantasy more than this. It was a quick read. I liked the illustrations more than the story. If you like quick comics with fun pictures you’ll like this.

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