A Bit of Rough

A Bit of Rough When Alison meets Andrew call me Drew she instantly pegs him as a moron He s a total bad boy and does nothing but chain smoke and brag about his stream of past conquests Yet much to her confusion

  • Title: A Bit of Rough
  • Author: Lucy Felthouse
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Alison meets Andrew call me Drew , she instantly pegs him as a moron He s a total bad boy and does nothing but chain smoke and brag about his stream of past conquests Yet, much to her confusion, Alison still finds herself attracted to him She s not had sex in a while, so Alison figures there s no harm in going home with him to get herself a bit of rough.

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    1. romancenoveljunkies /for readersIEF SUMMARYAlison is out with a friend when she sees Andrew. At first glance, Andrew seems to lack intelligence, but physically looks like a bad boy. With his constant smoking and stories of his long list of women, Alison is still attracted to him. She decides to go for it and enjoy herselfOUGHTSFans of real erotica, will appreciate this quickie novella that packs a whole lot of heat. Normally, my intimacy ratings for a well deserve book gets a D.R.I.P rating (Don [...]

    2. Mr Right, right now and a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to grab it in both hands! What's not to love!?! Sizzling hot, -watch you don't go up in flames reading it! But then again, -what a way to go!! Short story but so very definitely SWEET!!

    3. A Bit of Rough is a brand new release. I love Lucy's books and as soon as I read the excerpt I had to have it. And check out that cover. Who doesn't like tattoos and A BIT OF ROUGH.

    4. This story is super short, super HOT, and totally worth your time. There isn't much any time for character development, but the story is built on stereotypes that we all know - the buff-as-hell man-whore and the chick who just wants to get laid.And really, who needs or wants character development when you're reading a story that is purely sex. Nothing but crazy, mind-blowing, hot monkey sex.The story is basically this - Alison sees Drew in a bar. He's hot, tattooed, and possibly not the brightes [...]

    5. review done for scorchingbookreviewsThis is a 17-page erotica short story. Not only does this make it difficult to review (hence, why I’ve used the blurb and not my usual rambling), it means that there is no character development. This doesn’t matter; I don’t want to love Drew and Alison because they don’t love each other. This tale is all about the sex. And a lot of sex there is too; they start on page 6 and carry on right up until the end! They meet in a bar, he’s a bit of a tart and [...]

    6. Rough sex is delicious when coupled with a hawt bad boy. Alison and Drew heat up the seats with naked wrestling and erotic bites. This is one of those stories, every woman should live out once in their life.Ms. Felthouse writes a very enjoyable story with a believable plot line. It's a tightly written, straight to the point diary confession. Is it wrong to identify with this story? Someone, I'm not mentioning who, may have repeated this phase with a bad boy Drew multiple times. The sex in this t [...]

    7. I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review.Short and sweet, this is just about the sex. A woman's needs and urges satisfied. There's only 17 pages so no complex plot and no character development, but then it is just about the sex - and good sex it is too.Lucy Felthouse manages to squish plenty of spine tingling sauciness into those 17 pages and as it's a quick read you can move *cough* onto something else in no time after reading this.

    8. Finally a book I can pretend I am the heroine of the piece!!Alison (It's even spelt the same way!) meets Drew and knows he is not her type but boy does she want a bit of him - who doesn't harbour that secret desire to hit up a bad boy!A really quick read but enjoyable non the less.

    9. Based on the title alone I expected this short story by Lucy Felthouse to be an erotica novella having a bit of BDSM and a bit of rough sex, which belief was reinforced when I read the blurb. I started out envisioning Drew as one of those irresistible bad boys who exude a vibe of danger yet give you thrills just by looking your way.And maybe it was because of my expectations that I felt a bit lukewarm. Although Drew is made to sound such a bad boy with tattoos and smoking/cursing, yet somehow he [...]

    10. A Bit of Rough is a well put together straight tale of a middle class girl (Alison) ensuring she gets the erotic experience of a lifetime from a 'bad boy' (Drew), with whom she has nothing in common but a very horny libido. This tale is not designed to end with the words "d they lived happily ever after," and is a stronger story for that fact. Written from the female perspective, in a chatty conversational style, A Bit of Rough delivers precisely what you'd expect without twist or surprise.The a [...]

    11. A Bit of Rough by Lucy FelthouseAndrew “Drew” is so stuck on himself! He thinks he is god’s gift to women. Seriously? All he does is talk about is conquests and how good he is in bed. He is a real tough guy. Well Alison thinks he is full of crap but she is kind of turned on by his bad boy attitude. She is so horny that she doesn’t really care and she wants a piece of this action. Alison ends up going home with Drew and it turns out she loves his Bit of Rough. Who would have ever thought? [...]

    12. Alison has heard Andrew bragging about his abilities in the bar. She would normally never go for someone like that but there's just something about this particular bit of tough and she is horns as hell. Back at Andrew's place, Alison is certainly not disappointed as she is taken quite literally for the ride of her life!A steamy short read with some of the hottest scenes to ever grace a page. Excellent work Lucy, excuse me while I attempt to cool myself down.Copy kindly gifted by author for hones [...]

    13. I was a bit annoyed by the overuse of stereotypes in this story, and overall the story came across as a bit generic, but it was well written and kept me entertained.

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