Claudia: Daughter of Rome

Claudia Daughter of Rome Claudia has a privileged life Niece of Rome s favoured warrior she lives in luxury surrounded by her family and tended by slaves Gifted with second sight her dreams tell her many things from which

  • Title: Claudia: Daughter of Rome
  • Author: Antoinette May
  • ISBN: 9781615556175
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Claudia has a privileged life Niece of Rome s favoured warrior, she lives in luxury, surrounded by her family and tended by slaves Gifted with second sight, her dreams tell her many things, from which gladiator will win the battle in the Coliseum to the secret enemies who plot against the Emperor When Claudia falls deeply in love with a charismatic soldier known as PilaClaudia has a privileged life Niece of Rome s favoured warrior, she lives in luxury, surrounded by her family and tended by slaves Gifted with second sight, her dreams tell her many things, from which gladiator will win the battle in the Coliseum to the secret enemies who plot against the Emperor When Claudia falls deeply in love with a charismatic soldier known as Pilate, she determines to win his heart, whatever the cost.Ignoring the warnings, she enchants Pilate with a love spell and the pair are swiftly, blissfully, married As wife to one of Rome s rising stars, Claudia is admired and talked about, for her beauty, for her lavish parties and for her gift of the sight Yet her dreams begin to trouble her Rome is built on powerful, treacherous alliances, and while Pilate s star continues to rise, shame and tragedy stalk Claudia s family.As a circle of betrayal and despair threatens to encompass her, Claudia realises her fate and future happiness is inextricably bound with a man who appears in her dreams, a man who wears a crown of thorns, a man she knows her husband must not condemn to death

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    1. Okay, if this woman did so much historical research why does she get the small things wrong? Stuff like the old chestnut about "thumbs down" meaning to kill the losing gladiator, when modern scholars are pretty sure it's the opposite? She even gets the way Roman names were used wrong--she uses "Procula" as if it were a last name!Pious Christians will recoil at her Mary Magdalene as Jesus's wife bit, but what bothers me more is the way she picks and choses her history and invents bits to fit her [...]

    2. I didn’t get to this book when I picked it up at the beach in May, so I saved it for a fun read after my statistics exam. I love historical fiction about ancient Rome, and this book lived up to my expectations. The book follows the life and tragedies of Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilate. Claudia travels with her family and then with her husband all across the Roman empire, and I appreciated May’s detailed descriptions of Antioch, Alexandria, Rome, and Jerusalem among other locales. Most of [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed the history in this book--it pieced together some religious events for me that were previously vague. I think this book is about 80% historically accurate--the story created around it is a little weak, but interesting nonetheless.Claudia, the main character, is the daughter of Roman Empire royalty. She posesses the gift of "sight." Claudia's visions range from vividly detailed and informative to almost nonexistent, and the changing level of detail in places and characters gi [...]

    4. She appears in just a single verse of the Bible, but it's a riveting inflection point, a moment that dares us to imagine that events might go either way: Jesus stands before Pontius Pilate. The leaders of the Temple have accused him of treason and want him crucified, but Pilate is wavering. Then the Gospel of Matthew adds this tantalizing detail: "When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things [...]

    5. Last month I did a reading at a library in Sonora , CA and Antoinette May was the reader who preceded me. I was impressed by the number of years she spent researching Roman history and culture. I am interested in knowing about the cultural context in which Christ began his ministry and this seemed to fill the bill. May uses restraint in her descriptions of Goddess worship, weaving it through a storyline rich in political and family history. Christ appears toward the end of the story as just anot [...]

    6. Claudia Procula (or Procles) was the wife of Pontius Pilate and accompanied him to Judea during his prefecture there (from 26 to 36 CE). Little verifiable fact is known about Pilate's wife and, despite this, May has created a vibrant novel which succeeds in bring Claudia to life. Pilate's wife is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew 27:19: “When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have though nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this [...]

    7. Well, this was a steaming pile of poo.So in the Bible, there is one (unnamed) mention of Pilate's wife. PW (as I will now refer to her) was later named Claudia by someone in 1619--so yeah 1600 years later, get a name.So Antoinette May decides that Claudia was from the Claudia house (family of Julius Caesar EDITED: Actually, although his fam is often referred to as the Julio-Claudio family, Claudia would have been only related to Tiberius, the son of Livia by her first marriage, not to Julius's f [...]

    8. This novel was a quick and easy read, but had flaws that bothered me throughout the novel. This novel tells the story of Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilate. If you're hoping for new insight into Pilate's connection to Jesus then you're not really going to get it here. Jesus appears a couple of times briefly in the book and a couple of events in his life are alluded to, including obviously the crucifixion, but mostly the events are revolving around Roman life and politics as it tells the story o [...]

    9. This was an OK read. I bought it so I could learn more about Roman History. The story is very fictional. It covers Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilate's life. The positive is that this book opened up a lot of conversation with my Christian friends who study the bible (I have not, so I had many questions.) I googled a lot throughout this read. The author covers many debatable areas of Jesus' life. Did he go to Isis' Temple in Egypt? Did he marry a prostitute? I found many areas to be far-fetched, [...]

    10. I really don't recommend this book unless you have unlimited time for reading. It is an ok book, but JUST an ok book and there are so many better books out there.I don't like the main character, Claudia. She is headstrong and willful, and while she started out as honorable and brave, by the end of the story she is just self-centered, doing whatever she wants no matter who she may hurt, and not learning from her, or others, mistakes. Also, the book crosses the line from historical fiction, which [...]

    11. I'm not sure how I felt about this novel. On the one hand I enjoyed it and the other hand (as far as historical fact go) I thought it a pile of s**t. Not very much is known about Pilate's wife except for the reference in the Gospel of Matthew 27:19: “When he was set down on the judgement seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.”. The author has re-imagined a history of Claudia and Pon [...]

    12. Excellent biblical/historical fiction! Thanks a lot to a dear friend who lent it to me! Brilliant story-telling.

    13. Interesting details and viewpoints. This book would be fun as a Bible study, or at least a book club to discuss and find out what others think about it. Enjoyed this thought provoking read.

    14. I give this book 5 stars for creativity. Of all of the fictional account involving Jesus I’ve ever read this one probably incorporates more of the Roman religious practices than any of them. Since to incorporate those practices when you realize that Claudia, Pilates why would have been raised in that tradition. It was a little disconcerting for me to see so much incorporation of Isys into the book but it makes sense from their cultural perspective. Sometimes what I see in this book is referenc [...]

    15. Membaca buku sejenis historical-fiction seperti ini, membawa saya untuk mengenal satu lagi sosok yang berada di balik seorang Gubernur dari Roma : Pontius Pilatus. Namanya Claudia, melalui sejarah yang dipelajari oleh May kemudian membalutnya dengan kisah fiksi, tentunya buku ini mengajak pembaca untuk mengenal tragedi sejarah di masa lampau.Terutama ketika bangsa Romawi tengah berada di atas angin. Buku ini dibagi menjadi IV bagian, masing-masing bagiannya berisi bab-bab yang menggunakan plot m [...]

    16. Tentang kehidupan Claudia, yang kemudian menikah dengan Pilates, seorang panglima (?) di masa pemerintahan Tiberius. Tentang ketidakbahagiaan-kebahagiaan Claudia sebagai seorang istri dan perempuan. Saya selalu suka cerita tentang kehidupan era Yunani yang penuh mitos dan cerita dewa-dewa. Selama ini, yang sering ditulis adalah tokoh-tokoh lelakinya. Karenanya, buku ini membuat saya penasaran. Tadinya saya berharap menemukan sebuah cerita yang lebih 'sophisticated' tapi buku ini menurut saya tak [...]

    17. i didn't love this book, but i wouldn't say it was bad. from a fictional stand point the story was well rounded, however some chapters seemed to drag on for far too long and it felt like a chore reading it. i will say though, that i loved the author's writing style and will check out her other novels. inaccuracies aside, i would recommend this book to anyone interested in historical fiction or coming of age.

    18. What a find. This book is about Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilate during the reign of Tiberius. I like how it gave you a feel of the times; marriage, diverse religions, politics but not to extremes. At the back of the book had an historical background which the historical fiction lover in me appreciated.

    19. I love historical fiction. The story of Claudia was an impressive mixture of research and imagination in which Claudia, set in a world of political intrigue, passionate family rivalries and alliances, assassinations and political/social upheaval, captures the spirit of the Roman Empire (which was not holy).

    20. This was a really great page turning novel, I loved the new aspect she brings to the historical stories interwoven in the novel . Some of the romance was pretty cheesy but overall it was a good book!

    21. I was really hoping for better. A book about Roman life and featuring the last days of Jesus sounded really interesting. Unfortunately, the main character was irritating and self-centred (and not in a way that seemed purposeful), there were many historical inaccuracies, and, as someone else mentioned, so many of the things that happen to Claudia had no bearing on the rest of the story. The history of the thing seemed merely to be a backdrop for overblown mysticism and romanticism.

    22. Claudia, a young woman from a wealthy family in Ancient Rome, grows up amidst the swirling politics of the Emperor Tiberius, to whom she is distantly related. From a young age, she possesses a second sight, in which she sees and dreams of things that have not yet happened - sometimes tiny inconsequential details, other times things that will have a profound impact on her life, the lives of others, and on history itself. She is eventually married to a handsome man named Pontius Pilate, with whom [...]

    23. Is it right to play with history to such an extent? Specially when religious sentiments are involved. Be it Christian or Jew or pagan. Why do people bring the good name of Jesus in all this crap. God or not,he was a great healer and reformer. What has one to prove by marrying him off As if making him a mortal will lessen his worth Whatever!! Claudia procula is known in testaments for her visions of jesus but for the book, main character herself is so inconsistent. Not a single incident in her li [...]

    24. I loved this unusual perspective from the Roman Empire during the life of Jesus. Little is known about Pontius Pilate's wife Claudia, other than she likely was from a wealthy family and of a higher social class than her husband. May has created an intriguing image of what Claudia's life might have been like.Claudia is a great worshipper of Isis and a major theme of the book is her connection to the Goddess, religious rituals, and her ability to sometimes predict the future. I didn't anticipate t [...]

    25. Mengisahkan kehidupan Claudia Procula, yang kelak menjadi istri Pontius Pilatus, gubernur Romawi yang mengadili Yesus hingga berakhir pada penyaliban Yesus.Sebenarnya tak ada data sejarah yang memadai tentang Claudia, maka Antoinette May menulisnya sebagai fiksi sejarah. Dimulai dari Claudia saat berusia 10 tahun dan menemukan bahwa ia dapat melihat masa depan lewat mimpi. Ia bahkan bisa meramal pemenang pertarungan gladiator, yang hasilnya benar. Sang gladiator pemenang bernama Holtan, dan kela [...]

    26. Wonderfully written and engrossing novel. Pilate's wife narrates in the first person the story of Claudia, member of the Claudian family of newly imperial Rome. Claudia is gifted with "the sight". She can get glimpses and feelings about things that are going to occur. I must say that at times it is difficult to sympathize with Claudia, who commits many actions on a whim (which I won't get into here, lest I spoil it for future readers), not thinking things through to the end, always eager to plea [...]

    27. I enjoy a classic romance novel as much as the next reader (laughter), which is precisely why Pilate’s Wife was so shockingly disappointing. Maybe the let down stems from the fact that this novel is marketed as historical fiction. True there are historical events sprinkled here and there. It’s also true that the people depicted in this novel are historical figures. Certainly, the filler is a bunch of fiction…wait, so it is historical fiction! Then why am I left feeling yucky? I’ve actual [...]

    28. I had a love/hate affair with this book. Pilate's Wife started off interesting and I was enthralled with Claudia and her family's life, it got boring when she married Pilate and had her affair, got interesting again when she got to Judaea, and then it got bad really REALLY quickly. I felt Claudia put herself into certain situations that she knew (even without her Sight) would end badly, such as having her affair, but she did it anyway. There were times when she had the makings of being a strong [...]

    29. Claudia is the daughter of Tata, Germanicus’ top lieutenant. Agrippina, Germanicus’ wife, is a second, if not always the warmest, mother to her. We see the events of the times through the eyes of this youngster as she comes of age, beginning the tale when she is an early teen. Characters here will be familiar to anyone versed in the I, Claudius saga. I was fortunate in having recently seen the entire series again. Claudia is no ordinary teen girl, however. She has a gift. She sees things. Sh [...]

    30. This was an interesting piece of historical fiction that was accurate at times, and shockingly assuming at others. The author spent many years studying Roman history, which gave the story an authentic feeling when temples, gods, politics, residences, and travel are described. The story begins with Claudia as a child, goes up to the time when she meets Pontius Pilate, and describes her marriage and life with him. She suffers incredible loss throughout her life (as a character in this story, since [...]

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