Disney: The First 100 Years

Disney The First Years A celebration of a century of Disney features the antics of Mickey Donald and the gang while also celebrating the corporation s many groundbreaking moves such as the jump to television and the mos

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  • Title: Disney: The First 100 Years
  • Author: Dave Smith Steven B. Clark
  • ISBN: 9780786864423
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A celebration of a century of Disney features the antics of Mickey, Donald, and the gang, while also celebrating the corporation s many groundbreaking moves, such as the jump to television and the most recent revitalization of the company.

    One thought on “Disney: The First 100 Years”

    1. A good, solid chronology of the major events in Disney history. This book covers literally every aspect of Disney history, from Walt's family, to the Disney theme parks, to Touchstone pictures, and everything in between. While it doesn't give many details, this book is great for getting the full historical overview of the Walt Disney Company.

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