Killing Raven

Killing Raven The discovery of a white man s body on the Wind River Reservation has Father John O Malley trying to keep the peace Meanwhile the newly opened Great Plains Casino with Vicky Holden as its in house co

  • Title: Killing Raven
  • Author: Margaret Coel
  • ISBN: 9780425197509
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • The discovery of a white man s body on the Wind River Reservation has Father John O Malley trying to keep the peace Meanwhile, the newly opened Great Plains Casino with Vicky Holden as its in house counsel is fighting for its life against an angry group of protesters And when Vicky stumbles across some disturbing evidence about the murder, she s suddenly caught in a daThe discovery of a white man s body on the Wind River Reservation has Father John O Malley trying to keep the peace Meanwhile, the newly opened Great Plains Casino with Vicky Holden as its in house counsel is fighting for its life against an angry group of protesters And when Vicky stumbles across some disturbing evidence about the murder, she s suddenly caught in a dangerous game with her own life at stake.

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    1. I really like this book. Another good addition to the Wind River Reservation saga. Vicky Holden gets involved with the new casino built on the Arapaho Reservation. She definitely suspects that something is going on, but has to wonder if the Lakota lawyer, Adam Lone Eagle, is also involved. Events draw her and Father John O'Malley into a murder mystery that leads them on a path that could kill the both of them. Throw in a man with a history of fighting for good reasons but using the wrong tactics [...]

    2. I enjoy Margaret Coel's books it may sound demeaning to say that they are entertaining because there seem to be a lot of people out there reading in order to achieve a higher plane. I read for fun. Margaret manages to keep the pace in her stories steady, the chapters short, the suspense just intriguing enough. She also likes to tackle important issues. This time it's the gambling industry on Indian Reservations. I enjoy Father O'Malley's company; he is a good pastor in a harsh world and the fact [...]

    3. Fairly standard mystery fare, with the hook being that it is set on the Arapaho Reservation and involves an Indian lawyer, Vicky, and a Catholic priest, Father O- Malley (of course he's Irish and had a drinking problem, naturally), who have a bit of history. The issuse of casinos on reservations being run by outside corporations, corruption, cronyism, and more are brought into the story. A fifteen year old girl sees a hand coming out of the ground at a campground where her older boyfriend is try [...]

    4. I began this book several months ago and got bogged down. Despite a rather dramatic start, it was initially difficult to become involved in the lives of the main characters (Vicky, an Arapaho lawyer) and Father John (a priest and member of AA). Their lives are intertwined, they love one another, and yet each of them must follow his/her chosen path. By the middle of the book things sped up considerably, the pace becoming that of a page-turner toward the end. Additionally, the underlying dialogue [...]

    5. Story centers around the casino on the reservation. Vicki goes to work for the casino as one of the lawyers because her private practice is suffering. She starts investigating the goings on as some elders have asked her to look into things. One of the managers has employed lots of people who are his relatives or friends and are not qualified. Meanwhile a body has been found and the search is on to find the killer. Father John is involved with helping the family and trying to figure out why the m [...]

    6. Another in the Wind River series. This one opens when a young girl and her abusive boyfriend stumble on the body of a dead man at a remote and dangerous wild location on the rez. The young woman thinks her boyfriend might be involved or at the very least know who committed the murder. Father John is drawn in when he is called to the scene and later when he realizes this will be just the beginning of a tragedy since the victim's wife has sworn revenge. Vicky Holden, Fr. John's long time friend, h [...]

    7. This book was a solid 3 stars for me. The genre is 'mystery' set on an Indian reservation and dealt with gambling and the unsavory types that are drawn to that industry. I liked the characters. They were flawed, but had an overall intent to do good and they were guided by a strong moral compass. Their voice was strong and they were front and center throughout the plot, while the antagonists were more like pylons in a race causing the good guys to navigate through them and trying to avoid said an [...]

    8. Something has to give with the Father John/Vicky Holden story arc. We're nine books in and the love-you-but-can't-be-with-you dilemma is growing tiresome. In truth, I find Vicky herself quite tiresome more often than not. Father John is the more interesting, engaging character, and is what has truly kept me reading this long. However, while I admire and respect his struggle to keep his vow as a priest, something needs to change with Vicky, and the sooner the better, or I fear that over used sour [...]

    9. Arapaho lawyer Vicky Holden gets more than she bargained for when she is hired to go over contracts for the new casino on the reservation. The pros and cons of Indian casinos are handled well--on the one hand bringing much needed money; on the other, opportunities for gambling addicts and crime. On the whole, I found Killing Raven to be a decent suspense story, though not much of a mystery, as it was pretty clear who the "bad guys" were from the beginning. I would try another book by this author [...]

    10. #9 in the Wind River series. Fr John O'Malley, pastor of St Francis mission on the Arapaho Wind River Reservation, and Vicky Holden, lawyer are featured.Wind River series - Fr John O'Malley tries to protect a 15 year old girl who has discovered a body that may be linked to her boyfriend and associates opposing the Indian casino. Vicky Holden has been hired by the casino to assist Lakota lawyer Adam Long Eagle and she quickly becomes aware of, and is endangered by, some unusual hiring and purchas [...]

    11. Another great tale but again brings a sad truthIn this one a new casino and the questions of possible embezzlement and other cheating of the tribes is investigated. I only wish the Catholic Church could permit priests to marry. This would open a lot of possibilities in this series. Such a sad thing the way women are treated in that organization. Nevertheless it is reasonably handled as always and pushed into the background by the story.

    12. This book is ok as part of a series, but I did not like it as much as the previous book I read from the same series. I found that this book contained less of the Native American culture that made the first novel more unique; it was replaced with a crime story that could have happened almost anywhere.

    13. Attorney Vicky Holden is suspicious of corruption at a Native American casino, she relies on her friendship with Catholic Priest Father John O'Malley when she isn't sure what's what. She'd like to trust handsome Native American attorney Adam Lone Eagle, but isn't sure she can. An interesting read.

    14. Another good mystery on the reservation. This involves the casino setup and the ability of the managing company to defraud the tribe. Vicky and Adam almost loose their lives. Father John is also investigating the casino. The issue is resolved. But the unrequited love between Vicky and John that will never be acted on is the sad love line in the stories.

    15. #9 in the Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden Arapaho Wind River Reservation mystery series. The two work together dealing with problems resulting from the establishment of an Indian casino on the reservation. Story line involves murder, possible gaming corruption, and the effects of the casino on local Indians.

    16. This is another in a series. The two main characters are a Priest and an Arapaho female lawyer. Coel does a great job of telling a tale. The stories do not necessarily need to be read in order. The stories are generally short, but give a good day of the hurdles Native Americans face daily, plus a good whodunit.

    17. A couple find a dead body on the local lover's lane on the Indian reservation. Protesters try to disrupt operaations at the Indian casino while one of the casino commissioners is placing friends and relatives in lucerative jobs. The tribal council has suspisions so attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley investigate.

    18. I wanted to like this book but it was very boring to me. The characters seemed flat and stereotypical. Perhaps the problem was that this book is #9 in the series, but the first that I listened to. I have some other audio books in the series and I'll give them a try.

    19. Margaret Coel has written such a wide-range of work, from nonfiction about railroads to the Father O'Malley series (Wind River). This one was fast moving with a great plotexcellent for airplane rides.

    20. Vicki really got herself in deep trouble and Father John has to come to the rescue. This one is all about the troubles brought on by the Indian gambling casino. And does Vicki have a new relationship?We will have to wait for the next book.These stories are fun.

    21. Another great book by Margaret CorelVery interesting and suspense full . I have read all of the previous Wind river mystery s and look forward to the next one if there will be one

    22. A good Wind River Reservation entry as Vicky & Adam Lone Eagle get hired as lawyers for a crooked Indian casino. Murder is afoot and Father O'Malley must ride to the rescue. Recommended to fans of the series.

    23. Anyone who likes mysteries in the native American genre should enjoy this author. We enjoy learning about the culture of these tribes, and have almost all of her books. I'll add the other titles as I have time.

    24. This is one of the best in the series and it keeps you involved until the end. I may keep on reading the next seven.But how many times can Farther John save Vicky's life?

    25. Well written mystery. This is the first book that I have read by Margaret Cole, and I will be reading more.

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