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  1. I read Principles shortly after graduating from college. I hadn't attended any of the courses on quantum mechanics, but a friend told me that if I read this book I'd understand what I'd missed. Good advice!Dirac's intuition is amazing. He messes around with the equations, doesn't obviously seem to be going anywhere, and then suddenly arrives at a conclusion about the real physical world. The piece de resistance comes at the end, where he deduces the existence of the positron more or less from fi [...]

  2. قراءة اى شىء علمى مترجم مزعج جدااا!عشان كده سيبت نسختى المترجمة وجيبت النسخة الأصلية من الكتاب ^^ الكتاب علمى اضاف ليا معلومات ليست بالقليلة وفادنى انى درست بالفعل كوانتم 1 و2 ومن اسمه هو بيعرض مبادئ او اساسيات وغير كافى كاى كتاب اخر لعلم ميكانيكا الكم

  3. Dirac was one of the most original thinkers of the last century and you really get a sense of that in this book. Probably one of the most abstract presentations of the subject, but to my mind at least, the most insightful.

  4. أما بالنسبة لهذا فهو أحد الكتب المقدسةقراءته كفيلة بإشعال نجم وميلاد كوكب

  5. Paul A M Dirac, the man, the myth, the legend, discusses Quantum Mechanics and its results from the first principles. Starting with the idea of a state, Dirac goes on to mention Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors and Eigenstates, continuing the discussion with some very advanced mathematics. This treatise builds on itself, deriving solutions from previous examples and ideas. The book is even a good length. My only real complaint is that the edition of this I found is from 1930 and I thought the paper [...]

  6. Quantum mechanics from the mouth of one of the founders. Everything about his approach I found odd, yet novel. Recommended as a supplement, not a primary text.

  7. Beautiful science. Elegant and perfect mathematical physics, in a lovely binding and typeface from OUP. Not a popular work. (You do need to know your physics and your mathematics!)Belongs on shelves with G H Hardy's mathematics texts and Chandrasekhar's physics work.

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