The Rider of the Ruby Hills

The Rider of the Ruby Hills A WORD FROM LOUIS L AMOUR Almost four decades ago when my fiction was being published exclusively in pulp western magazines I wrote a number of novel length stories known back then as magazine nove

  • Title: The Rider of the Ruby Hills
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553281125
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • A WORD FROM LOUIS L AMOUR Almost four decades ago, when my fiction was being published exclusively in pulp western magazines, I wrote a number of novel length stories, known back then as magazine novels In creating them, I lived with my characters so closely that their lives were still as much a part of me as I was of them long after the issues in which they appearedA WORD FROM LOUIS L AMOUR Almost four decades ago, when my fiction was being published exclusively in pulp western magazines, I wrote a number of novel length stories, known back then as magazine novels In creating them, I lived with my characters so closely that their lives were still as much a part of me as I was of them long after the issues in which they appeared went out of print Proud as I was of how I presented the characters and their adventures in the pages of the magazines, I wanted to tell the reader about my people and why they did what they did So, over the years, I revised and expanded these magazine works into novels that I published as full length paperbacks under different titles These particular early magazine versions of my books have long been a source of considerable speculation and curiosity among many of my readers, so much so of late, that now I ve decided to bring four of my magazine novels back into print in this latest volume of my short fiction I hope you enjoy them FEATURING Showdown Trail A Man Called Trent The Trail to Peach Meadow Canyon The Rider of the Ruby Hills

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    1. This story—the audiobook has just the one novella "The Rider of the Ruby Hills," about Ross Haney—is L'Amour at his pulpy best, producing one of his better tales. Ross Haney, our protagonist, isn't that interesting, another one of L'Amour's typical cookie-cutter heroes, cartoonishly hyper-masculine to the point of self-parody at times. The story's value is in its descriptions of the Old Southwest, presumably the foothills of the Ruby Mountains in northeast Nevada Territory, and its atmospher [...]

    2. Ross Haney is riding onto the Ruby Hills with a powder keg about to go off. Two rival ranchers who built their herds on rustling and murder are on the verge of a range war. Ross Haney, a drifter, has fought Comanches, rustlers, hunted buffalo, hunted horse thieves, and suffered the heat, cold and hardships of the trail. He comes to the Ruby Hills with all he owns: A horse, saddle, rifle and pistols. He is here to carve out his place here. Then something he didn't count on He falls in love with a [...]

    3. I have read half a dozen of L'Amour's books and while this was entertaining, I don't think it was his best work.

    4. Louis L'Amour continues to impress me. I would have vehemently denied any interest in western novels as a young man, though I did watch some westerns with my Dad. What I've found as an adult is that L'Amour's craft as a writer transcends his genre, and even someone like myself that has never been interested in the western type of story can still enjoy the character development, the explorations into human nature, the philosophical discussions and the volume of data about a byegone professions, a [...]

    5. Book Report Name: Evan JohnsonEnglish 10/PAP 10Vicki A SchneiderThumbnail OutlineBook Title: _The Rider of Ruby Hills___________Author: _Louis L’Amour____________________I. Main Characters-short description_Ross Haney- a veteran cowhand comes to Ruby Hills to start his own ranch.__Star Levit- a gunman playing himself off as a cowhand on the VV ranch, who has been rustling cattle and causing problems for Ross Haney.__Sherry Veron- a rancher's daughter that is in love with Ross, but is bein [...]

    6. I have only read one other western novel. This really isn't a novel--it's a short story and a novella. I really enjoyed them both. A friend of mine is hooked on Louis L'Amour books--I think as far as fiction goes that is all he reads. I have decided to read a lot more.One of the aspects of this genre I like is there is a distinct "western philosophy" that comes through these books. I don't know if it is true for the whole genre, or just L'Amour's books in particular. For example, in The Rider of [...]

    7. This is a small collection of L'Amour's short stories that would ultimatelybecome full-blown novels. They are essentially pulp western stories-lots ofaction, really one-dimensional characters who became more complex in theenlarged editions of these, and of course, girls to impress and land tosettle.I've sworn off almost all western writers these days; it's been foreversince I read a Zane Grey book, for example. But for some reason, L'Amourstands a head or two taller than his western author count [...]

    8. This is the first Louis L'Amour book that I've read. This was an audio book, read by "an old cowboy" sounding narrator, which added to the western charm of the book. This was a typical western book which made me think I was at the movies watching John Wayne or Roy Rogers. The element of the good guy triumphing over the bad guy made this a truly western novel. And I like that! I want the good guys to win. This hero, Ross Haney, is smarter, more likable, with higher standards, than the average cow [...]

    9. My first Louis L'Amour was one of his earlier works. I enjoyed listening to a CD version. The box gave the name of the protagonist as Ross Hardy, while in the book itself his name is actually Ross Haney. So it took me a few "start overs" to figure out who the main character was! The plot line was fun, but I would think that in the author's later works characters are more fully developed. A relaxing listen when on the road.

    10. It was interesting seeing different versions of stories I've already read in stand-alone novels, though aside from L'Amour fans and readers new to his work, this book is a bit redundant. Since this is a collection of 4 novels, it does make a good choice for folks wanting a western to take on vacation.

    11. A typical L'Amour novel with white hats and black hats dueling over land, a woman or the problem du jour. L'Amour adds his colorful characterizations of people, the land and the issues of the west at the end of the nineteenth century. This is about my twenty-fifth L'Amour novel and I will try to get on to finish the other hundred while I can still read.

    12. When I want to relax and have fun, I pick up a Louis L'Amour book. I am probably an easy mark for good Westerns. Although L'Amour's books are predictable and seem to merge together in theme, each is unique in its way and draws the reader on. Good and right always prevail. I enjoyed this book.

    13. I thought I'd pretty much read all of L'Amour's books, but I found this at the airport. It had four early stories that hadn't been released before. The first two stories I'd rate a 2 and the last two stories I'd rate a 4, so I'm giving the overall book a 3.

    14. A classic, fun story. Because of Louis L'Amours's knowledge of Western life, this was a good one to read with my husband (we listened to the audio book while working on a project). I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed a "cowboy" book, and look forward to reading a few more.

    15. This collection of sort stories is superb. I have liked Louis L'Amour since I had to read some of his stories in college in Fargo, ND for a class on short story fiction. The prof picked L'Amour because L'Amour was born in Jamestown, ND only a few hours drive from Fargo.

    16. I am a huge fan of Lamour, so there is no way I can give a critical review of one of his books as I am so biased. Some are better than others but none are bad, in my humble opinion.

    17. Ross Haney rides into the middle of a range war and massive cattle rustling. There is more going on than meets the eye. He stays in the area because of a beautiful woman.

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