Axe Cop, Vol. 2: Bad Guy Earth

Axe Cop Vol Bad Guy Earth Now Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier are being treated like bad guys not only by the police but by the president and the army too But when a pair of psychic brothers barge in from outer space and turn

  • Title: Axe Cop, Vol. 2: Bad Guy Earth
  • Author: Malachai Nicolle Ethan Nicolle
  • ISBN: 9781595828255
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier are being treated like bad guys, not only by the police, but by the president and the army, too But when a pair of psychic brothers barge in from outer space and turn the army into bad guys, who gets the call to set things right Axe Cop This volume, with art from Eisner nominee Ethan Nicolle, collects the three issue miniseries.

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    1. Axe Cop is the brainchild of two brothers - Malachai and Ethan Nicolle (age 7 and 30, respectively). The story is all Malachai, and the artwork/illustrations are Ethan's attempts to bring his brother's vision to life in pictures. The story is bizarre and just the sort of thing you'd expect from a (then) 5-year old - creative, wild, action-packed, and full of unicorns and bad guys (and dinosaurs, and strange planets you've never heard of). Axe Cop and his peeps have to save the universe from the [...]

    2. The most absurd thing I ever read. And it was totally hilarious. It's written by a six year old and drawn by his 30 year old brother. So if you can imagine how a six year old thinks, then this book is for you. At the end of this total non-stop action/comedy book what it made want to do is go to my 7, 5 and 4 year olds and jot down all their ideas and come up with a kick-ass novel.

    3. This delightful series continues as strong as ever - with all the mayhem, absurdity, and epic-ness of the original. While the series is great fun, it's also a bold tribute to the sincere, innocent, unpredictable, bizarre imagination of childhood - which is something that is truly worth celebrating.

    4. I didn't think they could keep the inspired lunacy of the original strips going in stories which had to fit a standard comics format. How wrong I was.

    5. A joyous read that gives you the feeling of having a child's imagination again. It's surprising, and really, really funny.

    6. I don't think I can adequately convey how much I love Axe Cop, from concept to execution. It really is a window into the mind of child at play, having fun with imagination and stories, with no concern for logic or the absurdities that result. I laugh often and the entire time I'm reading I'm smiling, feeling the freedom of childhood.On the very first page, we get:Axe cop saw a cup of water sitting at the next table. So he drank it . . . and it screamed. "Hey, stop that!! You just drank my friend [...]

    7. When an evil planet appears in the sky, ready to wipe out the earth, it's just the beginning of another epic madcap adventure starring Axe Cop and friends. Menacing twins, dinosaurs vs. alien invaders, a terrifying witch that rides a gorilla that rides a lion, zombies, evil doppelgangers, and wishing grant unicorn horns are just some of the most bizarre elements in this the second volume of Axe Cop. From the mind of a 6-year-old genius-in-training and his 20-something older brother, Malachai &am [...]

    8. Here we have the continuation of a pre-dual digit mind. We often forget the absurdity that went on in our minds at that age, but underneath all that absurdity is an engine of imagination and creativity. I don’t follow this web comic in its regular release, unfortunately, but the collected trades are wonderful. I understand Ethan had some strips rearranged here for the sake of lucidity, but I can’t comment on what was original and what was altered. Either way, this collection is great and add [...]

    9. “Real cops don’t do that!” a police officer bellows at Axe Cop, before being shot by a dinosaur. Yeah. They shouldn’t. They shouldn’t drink other people’s brains, they should be a little more skeptical about dead crime fighters joining the team, they shouldn’t use their powers to do a whole lot of what Axe Cop does. I’m glad they don’t. Still, it’s HILARIOUS that Axe Cop does. I’m sure I’d hate the movie, but I would LOVE to see the trailer Michael Bay would make of all t [...]

    10. Axe Cop is one of those comics that you can't really classify because it's just so off the wall. But that's what makes it great. Written by an eight-year-old with the help of his adult artist brother, Axe Cop offers the insight of an innocent child's mind while also providing comic relief. In the vein of the old adage, "kids say the darndest things," Axe Cop will crack you up because no one could come up with the amazing things you'll see.

    11. This is pretty amazing . A story written by a 6 year old and illustrated by his 30 year old brother. Here is the words from a page in the second issue: "then a lion chasing a pig ran in front of the truck. They hit the lion and it died. Then the pig ate it. It turned into Super Lion Pig."Fantastic!

    12. Three of those stars are for awesomeness. Truth: I just really like Axe Cop. This volume was an easier read because it followed typical graphic novel format and just provided the comics, instead of each page featuring a comic and a blog post. Good stuff.

    13. So enjoyably zany. Makes me laugh out loud all the time. Loved the insight into how Ace Cop stories are created that's featured at the end of this volume. Another terrific job by the talented Nicholle brothers.

    14. Not as good as Axe Cop volume one, but still hilarious and with awesome art. I look forward to more Axe Cop in the future, and we picked up the version of the game Munchkin based on Axe Cop after reading these. It is also completely hilarious.

    15. Kids loved this one. It is frenetic and frantic as if a six year old boy telling a story. Wait, that is what it is.Great way to capture the imagination of a young boy.

    16. It's everything you love about the web-comic, only in COLOR! A great, first print-exclusive story arc for the funniest comic hero, period.

    17. Axe Cop Rules!The most fun you can have reading comics! Never would expect such a collection of random events to be tied up so neatly. Hilarious. Random. Awesome!

    18. It sadens me to say the sequel of Axe Cop<\b> didn't work for me. A couple of times I could see the original Axe Cop peek out but it wasn't often enough.

    19. Hilarious. I was often compelled to share my glee with my husband, who may have been mildly annoyed. I love how absurd it is. I would never have been able to think of truck chucks.

    20. Six-year-old boys can write amazing comics. I know because I used to be one, and Axe Cop proves it. Overflowing with pure, illogical childhood joy.

    21. Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth is on issue #2 (of 4) and continues to deliver the hilarious goods. If you don't normally buy comics, make an exception!

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