B.P.R.D., Vol. 1: Hollow Earth and Other Stories

B P R D Vol Hollow Earth and Other Stories The Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola Chris Golden Tom Sniegoski and Ryan Sook reveals the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense s struggle to save agent Liz Sherman and their struggle to deal w

  • Title: B.P.R.D., Vol. 1: Hollow Earth and Other Stories
  • Author: Mike Mignola Christopher Golden Thomas E. Sniegoski
  • ISBN: 9781593072803
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hollow Earth, by Mike Mignola, Chris Golden, Tom Sniegoski, and Ryan Sook, reveals the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense s struggle to save agent Liz Sherman, and their struggle to deal with life without Hellboy That story is collected here with rare Hellboy related stories, long sought after by fans of the Mignola s hit comic, which is soon to be a major motThe Hollow Earth, by Mike Mignola, Chris Golden, Tom Sniegoski, and Ryan Sook, reveals the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense s struggle to save agent Liz Sherman, and their struggle to deal with life without Hellboy That story is collected here with rare Hellboy related stories, long sought after by fans of the Mignola s hit comic, which is soon to be a major motion picture Reprinted here for the first time are the first solo Abe Sapien comic, Drums of the Dead, by Brian McDonald and Derek Thompson, as well as the short stories Abe Sapien versus Science and Lobster Johnson Killer Inside My Skull If these names mean nothing to you, you ve been missing out on the greatest adventure saga comics has to offer If you do know these names, then this is the collection you ve been asking for.

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    1. B.P.R.D. is the spinoff series from Hellboy. (BPRD stands for Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.)Ordinarily, spinoffs aren't my thing. They tend to happen when a franchise of some sort is fabulously successful, and people start thinking things like, "Wouldn't it be nice if we cashed *two* huge checks every week instead of just one?" But still, they're successful for a reason. When I got addicted to Buffy, eventually there came a point where there was no more Buffy to watch. (This was bac [...]

    2. BPRD is a spinoff series from Hellboy who unlike most of spin-offs is really good (yes I’m equally surprised as you are)!Ok Hellboy’s absence is obvious. It’s like Justice League without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, Power Rangers without Red Ranger, Liverpool without Gerard, Milan without Maldini. Every team needs its leader. Hellboy was a great leader who believed in his teammates. That’s why everybody respected him and that’s why when he left he also created a huge hole in the [...]

    3. This is not the place to jump into the Hellboy universe. If you haven't already read Conqueror Worm, you'll probably end up feeling a bit lost. Hollow Earth, the first and longest story in this volume, builds on the developments of Conqueror Worm, with Hellboy now absent and the BPRD itself in a sorry state. It also continues the development of Roger, a character who'd seem odd at best if you didn't have the proper background.Mignola had, as far as I can tell, limited involvement with the storie [...]

    4. So it's going to sound heretical, heinous, andme other words that start with "H" that I can't think of right nowbut even though I've seen the live action and animated films, and truly love the characters of Hellboy, Liz, and AbeI've never read a Hellboy comic all the way through.I know, I know. I'm a wretched, pathetic human being. And technically, I STILL haven't finished a Hellboy comic, as this is a spin-off series. I will certainly be rectifying that oversight shortly, however. Because if th [...]

    5. My Hellboy universe marathon continues with the re-read of BPRD: Plague of Frogs!BPRD is a Hellboy spin-off series, continuing straight from Hellboy, Vol. 5: Conqueror Worm, and is arguably just as good, if not better than the original — at least if we're talking about the Plague of Frogs story arc. It's a team book, but unlike other teams, this one consists of only awesome characters! Abe Sapien and Roger the Homunculus are our two closest links to Hellboy, because these are the guys he worke [...]

    6. This is the first volume of B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense), the spin-off series to Hellboy. As such it is an introduction to the main characters of this new series. Hellboy himself does not appear except in flashbacks, which is fine because this is the story of his friends and what happens to them after he leaves. Whilst you don't have to have read previous volumes of Hellboy it does help to have some knowledge of what is going on, though this volume does a pretty good job [...]

    7. This is the first in the spin-off series from Hellboy, about the other members of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. It starts just after Hellboy quits, and it's all on Abe Sapien to be the leader of their team to go out and save the world from paranormal threats. Abe and his crew are still reeling from Hellboy's departure, but they have to move on because the world isn't safe. Along with Abe, and Roger, the homunculus, Johann Krauss joins the crew. He is a powerful medium who unfort [...]

    8. Drobky od epigonů aneb komiks jako barokní malířská dílna. Tak jasně, americká škola vyznává týmovou práci, Franta dumá, Pepa píše, Manka kreslí, Ládík inkuje a na Tondu zbyly písmenka. Nijak mi to neimponuje, ale ať si. Autorství je sdílené a jaksi konvergentní, protože dílko musí být integrální, takže kreativita všech účastníků musí nalézat shodu, to dává smysl. Jeden trochu potlačí svoje vášně, protože inker nemůže přemalovat původní kresbu [...]

    9. Hit and miss, but notable for the expansion of the Hellboy universe.I felt a strong sombre note reading the Hollow Earth story - it starts out with a lot of regret, giving up and anguish over how the Bureau mistreats and neglects its agents/patients/subjects. Reminds me of the morose middle of Iron Man 3, where there's a lot of "Nope"ing afoot and not much action.OTOH, the action-filled climax to this story was so unintelligible to this occasional (and not terribly completist) Hellboy reader tha [...]

    10. B.P.R.D. carries on where Hellboy sort of stops, during the years when Mignola wasn't writing any more Hellboy stories. At first the collections are just shorts, but then with successive volumes an engaging and ongoing story (which seems to be leading back into a meetup with the main Hellboy story at some point now that Mignola is writing him again) slowly starts to develop. These stories seem to be Mignola's way of testing out new artists and writers for his characters, as well as a place for h [...]

    11. I really loved the chance to get more Kate, Abe, and Roger, and the Hollow Earth story was the first thing I had really read with Johann's back story. Even though Hellboy has left the BPRD, you see flashbacks giving you an idea of what he meant to them, and the difference he made. What you get to see is in addition is the friendships that they have separately too, including the bond between Liz and Abe. There is also a Lobster Johnson story and two more Abe-centric stories. If you love Abe Sapie [...]

    12. BPRD is the spinoff of indy graphic novel alum Hellboy. Its mains characters are Well, Mignola doesn't. The plot is Well, Mignola doesn't know either. The art is Terrible. I bought these graphic novels when I first discovered Hellboy and thought this was going to be a fun read in a rich universe. It wasn't. It is pretty clear Mignola has little to say about his universe beyond the first 4 Hellboy trade paperbacks. The series doesn't get better either as the series was developed. Bland characters [...]

    13. So the idea is simple: Hellboy left a bunch of interesting characters behind and other writers, with good reason, wanted to explore how they were faring without him. This is a really fun addition to the series and greater mythology of Hellboy's world. This is an anthology volume filled with folklore-based mysteries and mayhem of varying quality. The title piece is probably the best offering in this anthology, with a fun adventure that also expounds on the subtle but very present romantic tension [...]

    14. It's very hard for me to not like things Mike Mignola's involved with. And, at this point, I can't even remember if I've already read Hollow Earth before. This short collection of stories is the first batch of Mignola's non-Hellboy B.P.R.D. comics. Something I guess I didn't realize until the last B.P.R.D. collection I read is that other folks often draw these. The art in the first story mimics Mignola's style really well. The story is great as usual. The characters are lovable as ever. I guess [...]

    15. The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, or B. P. R. D are the organisation Hellboy and co. work for and here, minus Hellboy, it's given it's own series. The focus is on the other members of the Hellboy world: Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien, and two new characters, Roger the golem, and Johann Kraus, a disembodied medium. The first volume introduces each character giving them their origin stories. We find out how Abe's first days at the Bureau were like, Roger's reanimation came about, and Liz's [...]

    16. I was initially hesitant about getting into B.P.R.D. because I love Mignola's Hellboy SO MUCH, I didn't know if I could cope with other artists tackling his amazing characters. But I really shouldn't have been. Hollow Earth is an instant classic and a perfect transition piece from Hellboy into the world of B.P.R.D. without Big Red. The art is also a good transition, as it imitates Mignola while retaining obvious (sometimes painful) differences. Don't get used to it, however, as another amazing a [...]

    17. I will admit I do enjoy Hellboy and all he BPRD books, yes I know something else to add to my reading lists (along with all the rest of them). Anyway I think what makes these so appealing and fun to read is a combination of the storyline and artwork ha! Isn't that the case for all graphic novels well I guess so but these seem to be so distinctly different from the rest they stand out to me. And this book is no exception. At first the artwork can feel a little crude and unsubtle but as you read o [...]

    18. I know a lot of people who profess to prefer the B.P.R.D. comics to the regular Hellboy titles, but the opposite is true for me. While the B.P.R.D. titles still have much of the same wonder that the Hellboy titles do, there's a difference in tone or approach that appeals to me less.I like this first volume quite a bit, though. I like the titular story with its hollow earth creatures and its art by Ryan Sook, and I like the short backups "The Killer in my Skull" and "Abe Sapien versus Science." I [...]

    19. Great continuation of the Hellboy series. Just as adventurous and funny and creepy. The BPRD cast works wonderfully together and the jobs they are recruited for are creative and unusual. Quick read.The Hollow Earth has some backstory with the current plot of rescuing Liz. The Killer in my Skull features Lobster Johnson fighting a brain and Abe Sapien versus Science is really more about Abe's start at BPRD and that relationship with Roger's start at BPRD. And finally Drums of the Dead is basicall [...]

    20. I enjoyed the beginning of this series. I was disappointed when Hellboy split from the BPRD in his series, so I'm glad that Mignola decided to give the paranormal investigation team its own spotlight.

    21. Not as enjoyable as the Hellboy books that I have read, and these fast paced stories really seemed to lack something. The stories seem to go at such a fast pace that they didn't really develop into a great story for me. Was it the lack of Hellboy for me not liking these? Perhaps

    22. Una muy interesante historia larga, y algunas cortas muy simpáticas. Eso sí, has de conocer el universo Hellboy para entender lo que pasa.

    23. If you want to know more about the support characters or the agency in the Hellboy storyline here is where to start. Great reads, Very recommended

    24. A nearly satisfying widening of the Mignolaverse with a focus on characters from volumes three through five of Hellboy. It suffers from the terrible editorial choice of placing the main story, whose heart is dependent on a backup story, first. Had they merely placed the shorter story first, the narrative would have flowed much smoother. Instead, we're told an act of kindness happened that sets up our story, we finish our story, and then they show us the act of kindness. Show don't tell is a pret [...]

    25. Hollow Earth is good but the stories in the back "Abe Sapien Versus Science" and "Drums of the Dead" are fantastic. Years ago when I first read this "Drums of the Dead" cemented for me that the B.P.R.D. stories could stand on their own without Hellboy and that Abe Sapien was a strong enough lead character to head the series.

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