No One Can Hurt Him Anymore

No One Can Hurt Him Anymore Family TragedyOn Sunday May in Lantana Florida a town in the Palm Beach area the naked body of ten year old Andrew A J Schwarz was found floating facedown in the family s backyard swimming

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  • Title: No One Can Hurt Him Anymore
  • Author: Scott H. Cupp Carol J. Rothgeb
  • ISBN: 9780786016709
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Family TragedyOn Sunday May 2, 1993 in Lantana, Florida, a town in the Palm Beach area, the naked body of ten year old Andrew A.J Schwarz was found floating facedown in the family s backyard swimming pool But how could he have drowned when the water level was only four feet deep And why was his body covered with cuts and bruises from head to toe Wicked StepmotherSuspiFamily TragedyOn Sunday May 2, 1993 in Lantana, Florida, a town in the Palm Beach area, the naked body of ten year old Andrew A.J Schwarz was found floating facedown in the family s backyard swimming pool But how could he have drowned when the water level was only four feet deep And why was his body covered with cuts and bruises from head to toe Wicked StepmotherSuspicion soon fastened on the dead boy s stepmother, Jessica Schwarz, who boastfully described herself as loud and crude She was a brute and a bully but was she a torturer and child killer Investigators unearthed a pattern of nightmarish physical and mental abuse that she had inflicted on the boy, one that left even hardened police sleuths sickened.Day Of ReckoningDuring her trials, Jessica Schwarz was smugly defiant, until convictions for criminal child abuse and second degree murder wiped the smirk off her face She is now serving a seventy year prison term Carol J Rothgeb, author of Hometown Killer, and Scott H Cupp, the prosecutor who successfully convicted Jessica Schwarz, now tell the riveting inside story of how a brutal killer s reign of terror was finally brought to an end.

    One thought on “No One Can Hurt Him Anymore”

    1. the one thing that bugs me about this book, it was dedicated to the volunteer guardian, "his guardian angel" who despite the red flags, let the boy slip through the cracks. to me it should have been dedicated to the teacher. she showed more affectionn and love than the guardian with his 17 visits.

    2. Thoroughly researched and very well written account of the murder of ten-year-old Andrew ``A.J.'' Schwarz, who was slain by his beast of a step-mother.No one can hurt you anymore, sweet A.J may you rest in peace.

    3. I Started this book on July 31, 2009 and finished it on August 2, 2009. That is a fast read for me. I find I am always able to read a book faster when I am intrigued by it. I have to rate this book a 5 on a scale of 1-5. I like the way it was written. It flowed smoothly. Although the detectives and judges were mentioned, they were not overly done. I liked the inclusion of witness interviews. I also like the format that was used in showing what the people said. Most of all, I found this book inte [...]

    4. SadI am amazed that we are now in 2017 and these hideous crimes continue to happen How can the very people who are suppose to feed nourish guide most importantly love commit these crimes to these children Rest in peace AJ I'm sure you will never be forgotten fly high angel Xx

    5. Very disturbing true crime story of child abuse. I have mixed emotions about it. I can't say I "enjoyed" reading this book. It was difficult to read because of the subject matter. However, I did get the sense that the authors cared very much about the case (one author being a prosecutor on the case). And really I thought the book was fairly well written. It reads a bit like a court transcript at times, but I appreciate that because it was a real crime involving a real trial. I like the fact that [...]

    6. For some reason, this true crime novel was boring to me compared to the one I read previously. I'm not sure if it is the style of writing or the context of the story that left me uninterested. However, I think too many things were repeated and it made the book tedious to read. Also, I'm not sure using excerpts of official transcript was an effective way to get parts of the story / trial across. Overall the story was good and tragic and worth knowing about. However, I could have easily read court [...]

    7. Make no mistake, this is a sad story. And it is sadder yet, that after so many reports, the abuse continued. This boy did not even have a chance. This was a fast read for me, but I felt like I was reading some of it over again and again. Could have been edited a tad better. But all in all, it is certainly worth a read. Kudos to Scott H. Cupp, for his extreme diligence, hanging in there and his admirable devotion to justice for A.J. It was evident through out the book.

    8. read this book last night. it is such a sad story. On amazon this book has raving reviews and that is why I added it to my wish list but I do not agree with the 5 stars a lot of people are giving this book.I think they are only giving it 5 stars because they feel sad for little A.J cause the book , the writing is definitely not worth 5 stars.So repetitive. it has been a long time I've read a book so repetitive as this one.I give it 3 stars because of the boy and the prosecutor

    9. This is such a sad, sad, sad story. I read this a lot of years ago and sometimes, when something reminds me that I'm not even concious of, I'll picture this little boy- the picture right on the cover. This is difficult reading- probably a little more so even than you're average true crime in my opinion.

    10. This book was a required read for Juvenile Law. It is not difficult from a technical standpoint but if u have ever done anything to help young kids or take care of them this book has a high emotional toll. The things that were done to this poor little kid

    11. #NCOwn in paperback.FS: "His name ws A.J. He loved Ninja Turtles and Steven Seagal movies."LS: "For everyone who met him - or had to deal with his tragic and senseless death - I can think of no better epitaph."

    12. This is one of my first True Crime books and I absolutely loved it. It was sad of course but I loved the detail that was put into it. It was just as if I were watching a documentary or some kind of recreation on the ID Channel. Really great sad true crime read.

    13. I needed to take a genre break and bought a couple of true crimeis was an awful book that was full of stupid repition and shock tactics but yet a general lack of feeling. I felt dirty after reading it, as though I enabled the authors to make money on a very tragic story.

    14. Unless you LOVE reading page after page of verbatim court transcripts, pass this up in favor of a TC with more psychological analysis.

    15. A difficult read, as child abuse is always a heart-wrenching topic. But at least there was justice for this poor child.

    16. I thought that this was a really good book but made me very sad to know that this little boy had to endure all of this and that there are children today that suffer everyday.

    17. What a sad story. This boy just needed a little love and attention. This woman is a monster. Hell won't be enough punishment for her. A must read for true crime fans

    18. Umm I only scan read it as its a book detailing the police investigation and prosecution which I found quite boring tbh.

    19. Disturbing story about a child who is subjected to torture and ultimately forgotten by his own mother. Possibly a book Lindsay would want to read.

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