Conditions of Love: The Philosophy of Intimacy

Conditions of Love The Philosophy of Intimacy What is it to love another person This is to raise one of the deepest and most puzzling questions we can put to ourselves Love is a central theme in the autobiography we each write as we try to unde

  • Title: Conditions of Love: The Philosophy of Intimacy
  • Author: John Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9780393057591
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What is it to love another person This is to raise one of the deepest, and most puzzling, questions we can put to ourselves Love is a central theme in the autobiography we each write as we try to understand our lives but we may feel that we become only confused the we reflect upon it Love is closely connected with our vision of happiness yet there is no on What is it to love another person This is to raise one of the deepest, and most puzzling, questions we can put to ourselves Love is a central theme in the autobiography we each write as we try to understand our lives but we may feel that we become only confused the we reflect upon it Love is closely connected with our vision of happiness yet there is no one we are likely to hurt, or be hurt by, than the person we love If love is something we all want, why is it so hard to find and harder to keep Love is one of humanity s most persistent and most esteemed ideals, but it is hard to say exactly what this ideal is and how if at all it relates to real life.

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    1. بلوغ به مفهوم تلاش آدمی‌ست برای حفظ تصوری خوش‌بینانه از عشق در مواجهه با ناکامی‌ها. جوهره‌ی بلوغ اندیشه‌ی آموختن از تجربه است و کاستن از انتظارات و تغییر افق انتظار. از این روست که ما در کار تمایلی که نسبت به بلوغ داریم، سخت از آن هراسانیمعشق یکی از مفاهیم بنیادین زندگی ماس [...]

    2. "ما زمانی از دوست داشتن به جانب عشق ورزیدن رهسپار میشویم که شباهتی عمیق میان خویشتن پنهان خود و خویشتن پنهان دیگری میبینیم یا استشمام میکنیم.""شرایط عشق" کتابی بود که با ابهام شروعش کردم چون نمیدانستم عشق هرگز میتواند شرایط داشته باشدعشق گذر از خود خواهی به دگرخواهی است آنجا ک [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book. I've been giving a lot of thinking to love lately -- lust, romance, infatuation, sexuality, marriage, long-term relationships, etc. -- and this really helped guide my mind.Much of it was things I had already thought about and considered, but as the book goes on it touches upon many of my questions and provides new thoughts and opinions. I loved the various quotes from literature, most of it which I had never read. This book has truly made me feel differently, both sad [...]

    4. شرایط عشق: فلسفه صمیمیت/ نوشته جان آرمسترانگ، ترجمه ی مسعود علیا/ انتشارات ققنوس××اینکه درباره کل روندی بر حسب تجربه ی آغاز آن داوری کنیم نشانه ی ناپختگی است×× شخصی که وقتی اول بار با او آشنا شدیم، آنقدر دارای اعتماد بنفس و سرشار از شور و نشاط به نظر می رسید، نهایتا کاشف بعمل م [...]

    5. -عشق تشنه صمیمیت است و صمیمیت همواره ما را با چیزی غیر از انچه انتظار داشتیم رو به رو میکندهر چند بیش از حد گاهی درمورد عشق عقلانی نظر میداد و این گاهی مایوس کننده است ولی کتابی بسیار پر محتوا بودبه بیانی طبقه بندی چیزهایی بود که شاید خودمون در موردشون اطلاع داشته باشیم

    6. ملاقات من با این کتاب کاملن تصادفی بود؛ اینجور ملاقات های تصادفی در دنیای کتاب ها اغلب دلچسب و پسندیده از آب در میان، حتی اگه کتابی که به تور تون میخوره، در ژانر مورد علاقه ی شما نباشه! دلیلش هم واضحه، چون بدون هیچ پیش فرض قبلی سراغ یک کتاب رفتید، به خالق اثر اجازه میدید که با خی [...]

    7. مفهوم "عشق" در ذهن هاى ما با هاله اى از فانتزى هاى غيرممكن و غيرواقعى پوشيده شده است. بيشتر از آنكه درباره ماهيت و الزامات عشق حرف بزنيم، آن را به امرى انتزاعى و غيرقابل دسترس تبديل كرده ايم كه هركس تنها از رهگذر تجربه شخصى خود، قادر به درك آن خواهد بود. صحبت در خصوص ماهيت عشق و ت [...]

    8. There is an unexpected richness in many of John's apparently trivial suggestions. Books like this one give me immense joy partly because I feel like I am in control of my emotions and understanding of what love means to me, and likely, to the people in my life. John makes frequent references to many of Schiller, Augustine, Marx, and Freudian works and aims to juxtapose many opposing or simply diverse viewpoints to enrich one's repertoire of ideas about how intimacy and love relate to our lives. [...]

    9. I dreamed of a book like this when I was profoundly infatuated with someone I knew was totally, entirely and profoundly NOT IT!!!!"Knowing" just takes a fair while to conquer Infatuation.So when I DID discover that this book of my dreams HAD been written I took my medicine with a certain amount of Rapture.Now, rapturously FREE AT LAST, I recommend it as ONE GREAT READ!!!!

    10. الان ک خوندن این کتابو تموم کردم واقعا برام سواله که ایا میشه از این هم بدتر ترجمه کرد؟ مطالب بسیار دوس داشتنی و کاربردی که زیرآوارِ یه ترجمه‌ی ثقیل دفن شده بودن. گاها باید یه پاراگرافو ریش از یه بار میخوندی تا متوجه منظورش بشی و جمله های طولانیی که میشد کوتاه تر و گیراتر باشه. [...]

    11. The book is supposedly a philosophical study of the anatomy of love. The author sees romantic love as relatively short-lived. It may last in its full brightness, for a few days, weeks or months (p. 5). Here I disagree because romantic love can last a whole lifetime if we want to, provided we water it and give it proper TLC. And who is to say that we get our lessons of love from fiction stories such as Goethe's The Sorrows of the Young Werther and others? Writers have their own biases, melancholi [...]

    12. Really, its all said by other reviewers- this is a wise, reflective little book with some gently presented facts of life and observations on humanity, which when assembled as cogently and intelligently as here, point the way to happiness and fulfilment, if only we can take it into our hearts. A love lesson, and one from which we can all find benefit.

    13. نکات جالبی در رابطه با عشق و تمایل انسان به عشق ورزیدن توی این کتاب هست و درواقع سعی شده این تمایل انسان و دلایل فلسفی و روان شناختیش رو توضیح بده اما راستش این دلایل برای من چندان دور از ذهن نبود و از یه جایی به بعد برام خسته کننده شد.

    14. re-reading this book more than 4 years later sure make a difference. A good book to always turn to when you need to re-think, clarify and question yourself on the various conditions of love.

    15. Read this book whether you're in love, heartbroken or indifferent. It will give you a new insight on love, and maybe even change your perspective on what it is to love. I think a good book tells you what you already know. Of course a good book has new ideas to offer, but what makes it truly good is that it brings out ideas you were unaware you already had. It puts your thoughts to paper. This book was a reminder of what I knew from (my inexperienced) 20 years of loving: from the naive thought th [...]

    16. Wow. Incredibly well laid out and wise and insightful. I certainly learned much and discovered some home truths. Although love is still somewhat grand in its multi faceted entirety, in this book there is at least some method and understanding to how it lives and breathes within us. I find it fitting it ended on maturity and I appreciated that each facet of love must be granted freedom to live and die when necessary but that does not mean the love has died, but a new facet has begun. It takes cou [...]

    17. An interesting read but it's philosophy so takes a bit of effort to really digest the text. Takes a lot of romantic thinkings about love and tries to explain them in logical, even anthropological terms.

    18. One of the most impactful books I have ever read. Challenged me to think deeply and critically about the true nature of love.

    19. The books one would veer towards, or consider great, depends quite a bit on the life circumstance they are in currently. For me now, it will be love. Why do we love?Who do we love?How do we love? What. Is. Love? Philosophy provides reason and anchor to many of my floating thoughts and perspectives. I love poring through the beautiful, reflective and analytical prose of John Armstrong, one of the latest modern-day philosopher whom I now enjoy studying his works. Conditions of Love is not such an [...]

    20. The main ideas that stuck with me from reading Conditions of Love were ones that I’ve never simply assumed originally. Armstrong speaks about misconceptions of love: love isn’t seeking and finding your other half (With examples from Plato's Symposium) or the initial excitement and drama that develop from initiating a relationship, but rather the “mature conception” that comes from growing and claiming responsibility of the self with another being. He also speaks about how the word ‘lov [...]

    21. This is not a self-help book; and thank goodness it is so. Written with an elegant academic style, this slim book ruminates the many facets of "love" -- the name for a wide range of feelings and emotions, instincts and conducts. It has moments of pure lyricism as well as some pedantic observations. On the whole, it is a pleasant but not provocative read.

    22. «عشاق نسبت به تمام چیزهایی که به ساحت درونی مشترک یاری می‌رساند و آن را حفظ می‌کند علاقه دارند: باده، افروختن آتش، نور شمع، باران: هر آنچه پندار موقت جهان خاص و جداافتاده ایشان را می‌آفریند، جهانی جدا از باقی زندگی که، چند صباحی، به تمامی سایه‌وار و محو به نظر می‌رسد. در چنی [...]

    23. Conditions of love! That is a really big question! I found the answers in this book. It's very uplifting, very realistic. From Plato, Stendhal, Tolstoj to Freud and into every day life. Very elegant!

    24. Clear, matter of fact, with reference to writers and other figures from the past on the same subject -- well-written. Clear-eyed, realistic andyet somehow ending on a note of hope for humankind and their muddled longings after all is said and done.

    25. I am presently reading this book. From what i have read already Armstrong has done a great job in answering much in the development of Love along with " the what happens betwenn two people that come together and this emotion, this feeling this happens"

    26. I had read this some time back. Before I had the chance to even fall in love with anyone, ever. A friend alerted me to this book again. I believe the book is due for a revisitKeep reading. Will be back with some brand new insights and revelations.

    27. I read this book at a time when my mental life was extremely preoccupied by love. This book crystallised many of the scattered thoughts I was having at the time and made a great deal of sense to me. A wonderful book for anyone grappling with thoughts and feelings about love or infatuation.

    28. Extremely palatable and interesting essay. 'Philosophy' is probably stretching it a bit though. More like a self-help book for romantics and snobs.

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