Radical Unschooling - A Revolution Has Begun-Revised Edition

Radical Unschooling A Revolution Has Begun Revised Edition None

  • Title: Radical Unschooling - A Revolution Has Begun-Revised Edition
  • Author: Dayna Martin
  • ISBN: 9781460939987
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Radical Unschooling - A Revolution Has Begun-Revised Edition”

    1. I wanted to love this book and it pains me to give it a low rating, but I really gained little from reading it and even my deep love of the philosophy couldn't make me love it more. Dayna Martin is a well-known voice in the unschooling world, i follow her on Facebook, and generally enjoy her perspective, she has optimism and passion to spare, but this book offers little more than a lengthy dose of her optimism, which she thinks you can catch just by knowing about it. I say lengthy because no one [...]

    2. I believe Martin is a visionary and a powerful idealist. She clearly loves her family, life, and peace a great deal. I respect the concepts and philosophies she's shared in "Radical Unschooling," however open as I was to her ideas, I concluded my reading unpersuaded her vision of unschooling is a) reasonably obtainable by an average homeschooling family, and b) necessarily the healthiest long-term path for children and their families. My reservations truly have less to do with her approach to ed [...]

    3. I noticed some blatant plagiarism in this book which really frustrated and disappointed me. Also, if one came to this book (as I did) looking for info on what radical unschooling is and what it looks like I think they will be let down like I was. I should have read the other reviews first. :/

    4. The book offers a great example of what Radical Unschooling is but the author just gets on my nerves. I picture her sitting around all day singing Kumbaya. No family, no matter what type of education is going on is that honky dorey all the time.

    5. This book does a decent job of explaining what radical unschooling is and why some people do it, but it failed to convince me to switch from homeschooling to radical unschooling. In fact, it left me more doubtful about unschooling as a system.

    6. Dayna and I agree on almost everything, but this book really turned me off.This book is disorganized and extremely repetitive. Dayna comes off as uneducated. She appeals to emotions rather than reason. At the end of the book Dayna tells the reader about The Secret (the book) and how we can manifest whatever we want in life just by envisioning it. So this book was not for me.This book is about freedom and respect but written without either of those things. Dayna gives lip service to heart and co [...]

    7. A great book to rethink the traditional schooling system I have been part of and rethink authoritarian parenting methods.Dayna Martin stresses the importance of family and connecting to not only your children but also your husband and yourself by meeting everyone's needs including your own. The way she suggests this is to come to compromises when issues arise. What is also really heartwarming is her passion and enjoyment to learn and grow with her children. This book has surely got me to rethink [...]

    8. (Audiobook) A pretty radical book about parenting, throwing away many parenting ideas from bygone era. While I'd like to try some of these ideas and think some of her beliefs are correct. Some of her ideas I disagree with. Like letting a child carry-on in a shop. I don't agree in doing this because you need to teach the child that it's not appropriate behaviour in a public place. She also sounds like she doesn't have to earn an income, simply because she can devote 100% of her time to her childr [...]

    9. I have been interested in the idea of homeschooling for years, but have just recently been introduced to the concept of "unschooling". Radical Unschooling was a good introduction to the subject, but ultimately did not give me the specifics that I was hoping for. This book leaned more on teaching parenting skills, rather than specific unschooling techniques.I am going to research more indepth books on the subject.

    10. A short but sweet book that gives a good introduction to what Radical Unschooling is all about. This is a personal account rather than a research-based work, so look here for one family's journey but not for a comprehensive explanation of unschooling education.

    11. Honestly did not care for this book. Less about Unschooling and more about respectful parenting. Very repetitive also. Maybe good for parents with very young children.

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