Deefur Dog

Deefur Dog For over a year widowed Cameron Jackson has tried to juggle his business with childcare for his two year old daughter l while living with Deefur a Great Dane who believes he rules the house Nannies

  • Title: Deefur Dog
  • Author: R.J. Scott
  • ISBN: 9781920501082
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook
  • For over a year, widowed Cameron Jackson has tried to juggle his business with childcare for his two year old daughter l while living with Deefur, a Great Dane who believes he rules the house Nannies last a day, some don t even make it through the front door if the self proclaimed ruler doesn t approve Something has to give Enter Jason Everson, nanny, teacher in trFor over a year, widowed Cameron Jackson has tried to juggle his business with childcare for his two year old daughter l while living with Deefur, a Great Dane who believes he rules the house Nannies last a day, some don t even make it through the front door if the self proclaimed ruler doesn t approve Something has to give Enter Jason Everson, nanny, teacher in training, apparent dog whisperer, and the only man who seems to make it past the initial scrutiny of the king Can Jason help Cam put his house in order and help to heal his heart

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    1. I loved the story it was very emotional, I was crying and then laughing and then laughing while i cried. It was a very touching and real story. I would highly recommend it to everyone that wants a story where the characters feel real and the story is easy to get into. The only thing i didn't like was the ending, it ended too soon. (view spoiler)[They don't really get together until like 90% and I wanted more story with them together. They are already used to living together and being together a [...]

    2. Dog lovers: be warned! You may cry a bit but you'll also smile.You've got Deefur, this HUGE Dane, who is a handful, no discipline and all. He pushes away all the nannies and his daddy is at the end of his rope, juggling between his little 2 yr old girl, his growing business and his uncontrollable dog.Then daddy gets lucky and finds a perfect nanny (or do you say a Manny?). Only hic: he is goooorgeous and gay, and it is a live-in position Ok, this is a fairytale:- The nanny is really super perfec [...]

    3. A widower with a toddler and Great Dane desperately seeks a nanny. Jason, a teacher in training, comes into their lives and basically just fits right into the Jackson family. This is a pretty angst free story with Cameron, the widower, and Jason enjoying a gentle growing attraction. A cute, sweet story. Fluff.

    4. RJ Scott has done it again with a feel good love story. Cameron Jackson is mourning his dead husband while trying to raise his two year old daughter, help run a business and get a grip on a mammoth dog with a mind of its own. Every nanny Cameron has hired was run off by Deefur the dog. Cameron finally makes up his mind to get rid of Deefur and runs into a hot Jason Everson who volunteers at the animal shelter. Jason is about to be evicted and needs a job badly to finish up his teaching degree. J [...]

    5. Fluffy and sweet tale of a widower, who finds a male nanny for his daughter and his massive dog, and said manny, who becomes much more.Given to me as a freebie by the author during GRL2014. To my shame, it took me this long to read it.

    6. This was a very good story. It's the sweet kind of story that will make you laugh and make you tear up a little bit. The characters are quite lovable to the point I couldn't help but feel for them. Cam's situation and what he's gone through was extremely sad IMO and what he almost had to do with Deefur made me ache so badly it was crazy. Probably because I've been through a situation similar to Cam's so it brought back bad memories. Anyway! This is a slow build story. It's slow in the sense that [...]

    7. This is a rather disappointingly bland story. It spends several chapters explaining that widower Cameron needs a babysitter & dog sitter badly & conversely Jason needs to work as a babysitter & needs a job badly. I'm not sure why it took over half of this short novella to drive home this single point. Then Jason arrives & the dog miraculously starts behaving, the child is happy, everyone is happy. Then nothing much happens until 80 to 90 percent in, & suddenly Cam & Jason [...]

    8. 3.5 starsIt's VERY difficult for me not to compare this story with Lisa Worrall's A Nanny for Nate. Simply because 1) it has similar plot (widower, a child, live-in nanny) and 2) I happen to read the two books back to back. Unfortunately, this story fell short of satisfaction compared to the other book. I think, my problem comes from the fact that the dog seems to get more attention that the child. I know, I know, the title IS about the dog, but if there are children and pets in one story, for m [...]

    9. This was a really sweet story that managed to avoid being fluff by addressing the grief and stress of being a widower and single parent realistically. I'm a huge sucker for animal stories, and while Deefur was the catalyst for Cameron and Jason meeting he was also the connection between Cam and his deceased partner. It was all pretty convenient how they met and how their situations worked out just "so" perfectly, but there was the required stress with a smidge of angst that tempered the perfecti [...]

    10. 4.5 StarsWow. This book combined some pretty wonderful ingredients: a precious two-year-old little girl, an unruly Great Dane, a loving but grieving father/widower, and a competent gay nanny-slash-dog-whisperer. Deefur Dog had charm out the wazoo! I LOVED all the characters, especially Jason, Emma, and Deefur; Cameron was likeable and I felt his grief for his deceased husband. However, I wish we got to spend more time with this unconventional family. I would have liked to see Cameron's love for [...]

    11. Father loves the nanny. Nanny loves the girl and the father. And his dog too.I've been reading several MM books where the MC has a child today, apparently are out in time for the Father's Day this weekend. Deefur Dog's story is not new. It's about Cameron, a single father who needs a nanny for both his 2-yr old daughter and his 4-yr old Great Dane. None of the nannies he employed stayed because of Deefur. The last one even left before Cameron saw her. Only her car. Enter Jason. Unemployed, ignor [...]

    12. This was a beautiful sweet story of a young widower who desperately needs help caring for his toddler and his huge Great Dane. The dog was the star of the story, though both men were caring and sweet and absolutely perfect for one another. I love RJ Scott's work and I really don't know why this sat on my TBR shelf for so long before I read it. It hit the spot to cheer me up today.

    13. My only criticism of this lovely little book is that is was TOO SHORT. I wanted more--I wanted to watch as Jason and Cameron's relationship developed and blossomed--hell, I even wanted the dog to have a relationship--neutered or not! Truly, these characters drew me in--I felt at home with them, I grieved with Cam and patiently (sometimes impatiently) waited with Jason as he waited for Cam to come around. I cheered when they told each other of their love. It was a well written, tight little novel [...]

    14. I could easily have given this 5 stars if it just had a few more pages. (view spoiler)[ It ends about 5 pages (if that) after they have sex the first time and admit their love for each other. While things seemed to have worked out - I was left with a feeling of uncertainty, Would things continue to be ok??? There was a few other threads that needed tieing up as well. Apart from these reasons it was a excellent book. (hide spoiler)]I love RJs books :O)

    15. Very good m/m romance about a widower with a two-year old daughter and a giant, unmanageable dog who belonged to his late husband. Strangely, they're having trouble keeping a nanny for longer than a few hours. ;) Recommended if you're looking for a sweet, non-instalove m/m romance with more story than sex.

    16. So during all this time, I thought the guy on the right was wearing a hat (like a skull cap). I just realized that instead, he actually just has a cowlick and the lighting makes his hair at the top of his head seem darker.

    17. I'm a sucker for a good romance with a dog and I enjoyed this one. The widowed gay man/gay nanny trope was nice and I liked the fact that the relationship built very slowly. Not in my top tier of books but a good read.

    18. 3.5 starsReally great shorter story (~70 pages) - nice sentiments, cute boys (OK - men), cute kid, cute dog, HEA = relaxing. Sort of like a mid-meal sorbet for the brain :)

    19. That was quick and enjoyable. Didn't wow me, but I don't think it was a waste of time to read it.I just think the end was a little too abrupt and their relationship could have been better developed. But It was a good and fast reading to a Sunday afternoon.

    20. Cameron Jackson is a gay widower struggling to cope with his growing business, a Great Dane named Deefur, and Emma, his precocious two year old daughter, on top of the grief that he's been unable to deal with from when Mark, his slightly older lover, was killed in a traffic accident a little over a year ago. Deefur and Emma are more of a handful that any of the nannies that Cameron has found have been able to deal with and it looks like Deefur is headed to the pound until Jason, a sexy, young, g [...]

    21. Wow. I really loved this.Sweet (too) short story about Cameron (a widowed contractor), his 2-year old daughter (Emma) and their dog (Deefur Dog). Deefur is a Great Dane mix and spoiled. He manages to run off every nanny that Cameron hires to watch Emma. After a "right place, right time" moment, Cameron and Deefur meet Jason, a student and nanny who has been unable to find a job (he believes it's because he's gay) and he is about to lose his home. Cameron has been mourning the loss of his husband [...]

    22. 3.5 starsThis is a sweet, short read. A cupcake of sweetness. Recently widowed Cameron is desperate for help with his toddler, Emma, and boisterous Great Dane, Deefur. His husband, Mark, had pushed for this little family but, alone, it’s more than Cameron can handle.Cute-pie, Jason is finishing up his early childhood studies and teaching credential. He works part-time at an animal shelter and happens to love dogs. He also desperately needs a better-paying job and place to stay.Problems solved, [...]

    23. Stupid GR ate my review! Ok, second try. I really liked this story even though it was quite different from the normal romance books. It foremost dealt with Cameron's grief and trying to find a way to manage his every-day-life with a toddler and a huge dog. Enter Jason. He soon became part of the small family and while there was attraction on both sides, they took their time - what a nice change! Then this story ends on the verge of the beginning of their relationship. Although this was a fitting [...]

    24. 4.5 stars. Wonderful story of an overwrought widowed dad, his delightful little girl, a massive but lovable dog and the man who solves all his problems the end. The family aspect in this book is very strong and well written and I really appreciated that the child was not forgotten once the romance began. And speaking of sweet but also hot romance, this book had both in a believable and slow-paced way which is something else I also appreciated - the slow build of feelings and wantings. Great book [...]

    25. I was sooo looking forward to read this book as I felt in love with the cover straight away.I had great expectations as I love RJ Scott books. Honestly this story wasn't what I expected at all. By the time the 2 main characters were together the book was already 90% through, after that it felt like a race and the ending was so abrupt that my first thought was "you got to be joking me" .

    26. What an emotional roller-coaster! I love this author. She writes with compassion, emotion and love. The only downsidee novel is not long enough. If you enjoy love stories, relatively little sex, a great story, dogs, and male to male love, you cannot get better than this. Tears clouded my reading ability. Thank God for the "happy ending".

    27. Want a sweet read, the kind that leaves you feeling all warm and cosy? Well this the book for you. The perfect antidote to an angst fest read, there really is nothing negative to say about this story.

    28. Wow! This is such a touching and heartwarming story. Since I already have a Deefur Dog I'll take Jason anytime.

    29. Five + StarsThis book touched all my buttons. I love Dogs, I love Kids, I love touching romances.I'm a little jealous because I want a life like that.

    30. 4.5 but only because the ending was so abrupt I didn't see it coming I was so engrossed in the story! Looks like another winner for RJ.

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