Bride for a Night

Bride for a Night After Talia Dobson is jilted at the altar she endures another humiliation a substitute groom The elder brother of her runaway betrothed has taken matters into his own hands Shy Talia has long held a

  • Title: Bride for a Night
  • Author: Rosemary Rogers
  • ISBN: 9780373775972
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After Talia Dobson is jilted at the altar, she endures another humiliation a substitute groom The elder brother of her runaway betrothed has taken matters into his own hands Shy Talia has long held a secret attraction for Gabriel Richardson, the handsome Earl of Ashcombe But when she s wedded, bedded and dispatched alone to his country estate, the timid beauty discoverAfter Talia Dobson is jilted at the altar, she endures another humiliation a substitute groom The elder brother of her runaway betrothed has taken matters into his own hands Shy Talia has long held a secret attraction for Gabriel Richardson, the handsome Earl of Ashcombe But when she s wedded, bedded and dispatched alone to his country estate, the timid beauty discovers one night of passion has ignited a bold inner fire.While his lovely green eyed bride is out of sight, she is not far from Gabriel s mind and when Talia is abducted by French spies, the earl fears he may lose what he s only just found Yet the wife he races to rescue is a far cry from the gentle bride he abandoned She s a woman who dares to demand forever after from her husband.

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    1. I give up. I got about 69% through this book and I just couldn't take it anymore. The book started well enough, but I just couldn't make myself finish it. Gabriel was a total asshole. And Talia was a total idiot for wanting anything to do with said asshole. Their little escapade in France was a total bore. I mean seriously, how many times can they escape from the same guy. I finally gave up when it looked like Talia was going to be kidnapped for the third time. I rolled my eyes and skimmed throu [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars, actually (Dear : please allow half stars, some DO do things by half measures!)The premise of this book was refreshing; so often, Recency books seem to downplay the extreme classism that existed during this time period. Nobility and the untitled members of the ton really did look down on those whose money was recently gained by trade or commerce. Even those families that needed the infusion of cash and traded their good/titled/old names for money often considered themselves better than [...]

    3. I'm renaming this book "poorly-timed conversations," because that's what it is. THE WHOLE BOOK. "Oh, I'm taking you hostage. Let's discuss our feelings as we crawl through this tunnel. Oh, and BTW, I have a knife to your back." "I'm here to rescue you! Lets talk about how much we missed each other, and THEN escape, thus ensuring that someone will catch us!" Idiots.

    4. Usually, an asshat hero is the kiss of death for any book, as far as I'm concerned. But somehow, this book managed to worm its way into my good graces despite the utter idiocy of its male lead for nearly half the story.Gabriel, the Earl of Ashcombe, was understandably angry when forced to marry a woman his brother jilted at the altar. In fact, he was sure Talia's father planned it all that way from the beginning. And really, who would believe that Talia was ignorant of the whole plot? So he trea [...]

    5. 1. Talia is introduced as ~merely pretty and ~a wallflower but manages to coerce every individual she comes into contact with to adore her with unmanageable passion because she is just so lovely and kind and beautiful. 2. All the men wear clothes PERFECTLY TAILORED to their bodies and all their muscles and things are just ripe for description. 3. WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD YOU HAVE SEX IN A PILE OF HAY???? IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS THAT A GOOD IDEA??? NOT THIS ONE, THAT'S FOR SURE!! (HELL YES, FOLLOW THA [...]

    6. I thourghly enjoyed this book.Talia's father Silas Dobson's a selfmade rich man who wants to be someone in high society. Silas has spent a lot of money on his daughter to make a marriage but the ton does not accept her or her father.Harry is a gambler and heavy in debt the second son and Silas makes him an offer to marry his daughter and he will give him enough money for a house and small allowance for his daughter.Harry is a no show at his fancy wedding, he took the money and disappeared. Silas [...]

    7. Ehhh, what can I say. This book started out interesting, and I really felt for Talia in the beginning of the book. Needless to say, it went downhill from there. I made it halfway through before I realized I was reading just to get it over with and decided to quit.Talia and Gabriel met twice before the wedding and then once (briefly) on their wedding day. Then they had magical sexy time on their wedding night, and that was apparently enough to make them fall in love, even though Gabriel shipped T [...]

    8. BRIDE FOR A NIGHT by Rosemary Rogers is an exciting historical romance with a twist set in Regency England. A wonderful story of love,romance,trust,sweet sensuality,forgiveness,spies,misunderstanding, intrigue,espionage,secrets,betrayal,danger,passion,hidden goals,finding happiness and peace.I enjoyed this story of Talia Dobson and Gabriel, the Earl of Ashcombe as they learn each other,and find their happiness together. Although,forced together by Talia’s father,who is dying,and a rich merchan [...]

    9. This book could have ended 100 pages before it actually did. I felt like it was a romance novel trying to be something else. Rogers kept on randomly started storylines for new characters and throw in a French kidnapping - it just seemed fake and stretched.

    10. It's my first time reading anything from this author and I enjoyed the book very much. I loved the characters and the wit between them. I also enjoyed Hugo and I'm really hoping there will be a book about Hannah Lansing and Hugo Rothwell. I will be reading more of her books.

    11. Passionate, engaging & adventure-packedAnother win for Rogers. Her characters have depth, her historical research is excellent, and the plot has the perfect mix of romance and adventure. A charming tale of a shy bookworm who blossoms during a fantastic adventure. I fell in love with her uber masculine love interest right along with her.

    12. ES IT’S A ROMANCE NOVEL GET OVER YOURSELF. (Also fair warning about romance novels – it had SEX and I’m going to TALK ABOUT IT.) I had a lot of downtime while I procrastinated my final projects. And spoiler: this was checked out from the library as an ebook, which can be read in a web browser when you’re supposed to look busy but in reality have nothing to do but sit at a computer screen. So ebooks are perfect and romance novels are frivolous drivel and sometimes that’s fun. Tell me yo [...]

    13. Notes: I read the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of this book. The book will be released on September 20th. "With a dowry well over a hundred thousand pounds, Talia should have been snatched off the marriage market her first season, even with a boorish father who promised to be a yoke of embarrassment around the neck of his prospective son-in-law."We've all heard of ambitious mommas, but ambitious poppas can be even worse. Talia Dobson is the daughter of such a father, and he is determined to gain e [...]

    14. 3.5 starsTalia has been a wallflower and a merchant's daughter to boot, so she has been snobbed by the ton all her life. After three failed seasons, her father decides to finally buy her a husband who's a member of the ton and thus gain her entrance in that restricted circle of society. Talia who's painfully shy, doesn't want a husband, but her father is not asking for her opinion. A marriage with an indebted brother of an Earl is arranged only to have the groom stand her at the altar. Talia is [...]

    15. Talia is the daughter of Silas Dobson – a wealthy self-made son of a butcher. He wants nothing more than to be looked upon fondly by the ton and those titled gentleman. But Silas is rough and gruff and is not welcomed into society as he wishes. Since he can’t wedge himself into the spot he wants he decides to put his daughter in a spot. He offers one hundred thousand pounds as her dowry but gets no takers. Talia is painfully shy and when she gets anxious she stutters and she’s not very coo [...]

    16. Much better historical novel than I expected. I really like Talia's character and obstacles she had to face. Her father character was poorly described in this story. Being born in middle class, Silas Dobson had to work hard and earn his fortune, despite all rich ppl mocking him. He was hard on Talia, because he wanted Talia to have better life than he had. He also wanted Talia married into respectful family so Talia would accepted into aristocrat society. He did not give full amount of dowry to [...]

    17. 3.5 stars**I noticed a pretty big error with the printed copy I have. The blurb on the back of the book (paperback) has the hero named 'Andrew Richardson' the hero in this book is named Gabriel. Uh why no one caught this I have no clue. I was really surprised and shocked that a mistake this big made it to print without someone catching it. Maybe I just got a bad copy? :P lol This is a first for me.**This started out pretty strong but the lengthy really tedious kidnapping plot and long-winded rep [...]

    18. It has been a while since I read a Rosemary Rogers book. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy her stories and this one was no exception. It was a complete change from what I've been reading - there were no aliens, no ghosts, no vampires, nothing paranormal at all - just a good old-fashioned historical novel. And I loved it.In this story, Talia, the heroine, is the daughter of a brutish merchant whose money has bought him a place in the ton, but no amount of money can make the high-noses accept him or [...]

    19. É a primeira vez que leio algo desta autora e me agradou muito sua forma de escrever. De uma forma sensível retrata a personagem Talia Dobson, filha de um rico açougueiro que deseja a qualquer custo um título na família. Talia é uma garota simples, dedicada aos livros e que só deseja ficar quieta num canto. Mas, seu pai não lhe permite isso e a apresenta a uma sociedade orgulhosa, que não vê com bons olhos a ascensão da classe de comerciantes à nobreza. Mas sua introdução nesse mun [...]

    20. This actually started off quite well.I really liked Talia and have to say I never considered her timid. not sure why the author tried to convince us of that in the beginning of this book.Her father Silas was an ar*e.but there is always one in books lolGabrielwell he was an ar*e also. into the room after she is jilted by his brother, shouts the odds (cos obviously its all her fault) and proceeds to marry her and ship her off to the country. But decides to bed her in the meantime before doing so.N [...]

    21. Talia Dobson is a social nobody; a shy, wallflower who looks more like a gypsy than a marriageable maiden of the ton. Her father is a social climber who doesn't mind bullying his daughter--and anyone else who'll let him--to gain the social prominence he craves. He sets her up to marry the wastrel younger brother of the Earl of Ashcombe. When Harry (the intended) runs off on the day of the wedding, Dobson extorts his brother the earl to take his place.Jaded, angry Andrew Richardson, said Earl, is [...]

    22. Talia is into her third season when her father informs her he has found her a husband. He is a self made man who wants his daughter to marry someone with a title. Talia finds herself awkward around the ton, and much to her father's disappointment, hasn't snatched up a husband. He takes it upon himself to find one for her. Not the greatest father, he picks the worst type of fellow – a gambler. But on her wedding day this man disappears, leaving Talia embarrassed on the alter. Her father blackma [...]

    23. This is an adventure filled romance complete with kidnappings and espionage. It doesn’t start out like that though. Talia, a wallflower, is forced to marry into aristocracy by her social climbing father. When the groom leaves her at the altar and runs off with her dowry, she marries his older brother, Gabriel. Gabriel is resentful of having to clean up after his brother and for having to marry a girl who he believes is a scheming social climber. The book was over the top. But, I just sat back [...]

    24. I'm not a comedy fan, so I don't generally laugh when reading. I laughed most of the way through this book, but I don't think that's what the author had in mind. It was over-the-top, almost melodramatic and I say that as some who regularly reads romance and doesn't expect excessive realism. From Talia rescuing Andrew from the dungeon to her mother-in-law rescuing her from social obscurity (or worse, being a laughingstock) everything works out for the best, everyone is brave and beautiful and of [...]

    25. Requested from NetGalleyOverall Rating 3.75Story Rating 4.00Character Rating 3.50NOTE: This was a fantastic historical romance. I was able to escape into the story for a few hours and that is always a good thing.What I Loved: This is one of the few times that the leading man was not whom I was rooting for---it was his bride. Talia was pretty much treated like property by her dad and then married off to Gabriel who immediately shipped her off to the country. However, she had a spirit and persever [...]

    26. Easy read. Pleasant. I'm not big on a lot of adventure in my romance novels. I'm more into interpersonal dynamics. This story had a good amount of mild adventure, and I had to skim some of it in order to not be bored. I didn't care for how quickly things developed for the characters romantically and emotionally. Of course I believe in passion at first sight, but it went beyond that. It was too incredible for my taste. The sex scenes were hot, plentiful, and descriptive. Grade B+ for them. Gabrie [...]

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