The White Fox

The White Fox Jack Lawson lives an average and ordinary life in a typical southern English town until the day a white fox introduces himself as Jack s guardian spirit and gives him a mysterious talisman Jack s lif

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  • Title: The White Fox
  • Author: James Bartholomeusz
  • ISBN: 9781605424620
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jack Lawson lives an average and ordinary life in a typical southern English town, until the day a white fox introduces himself as Jack s guardian spirit and gives him a mysterious talisman Jack s life continues to spin out of control when his friend Alex, after warning that the town is in grave danger from demons controlled by the Cult of Dionysus, is kidnapped by the cuJack Lawson lives an average and ordinary life in a typical southern English town, until the day a white fox introduces himself as Jack s guardian spirit and gives him a mysterious talisman Jack s life continues to spin out of control when his friend Alex, after warning that the town is in grave danger from demons controlled by the Cult of Dionysus, is kidnapped by the cult Enlisting the help of his friend Lucy, Jack embarks on a journey unlike one he could have ever imagined.

    One thought on “The White Fox”

    1. I am tired. I am tired of books that make me feel like I am not reading a book. The past couple of books - all for reviews- have felt more like I was chained to them and they were just with me. I have not been reading. I have been counting pages til the end. The White Fox is bad. It started on page one, when I had to stop and swallow and digest what was going on. The writing style is so grandiose and awkward. I started it late at night and figured I was just sleepy. But when I picked it back up, [...]

    2. Jack and Lucy such a pair. The pair are from Birchford, England. Jack is an orphan, Lucy well she's just spunky and a typical teenage girl. Teens Jack and Lucy are literally tossed into another world all because Jack happened to notice strange happenings around his home and was spotted. Cultish black cloaked demons controlled by the Cult of Dionysus are scattering around the area, to have the Dark prevail and to destroy this world. Jack sees a white fox and the journey begins when the Apollonian [...]

    3. The first two pages were so off-puttingly grandiose that I couldn't go any further. From the other reviews on this site, it seems I wasn't alone.

    4. Well, I have to start by saying that this book had a lot of potential. A friend (not on , unfortunately) told me some time ago that she enjoyed this book and since it met my criteria of minimal to no romance, lots of action and it was fantasy, I decided when I saw it on a library shelf to give it a shot. I was disappointed, to say the least. One, this changed my opinion of my friend's ability to recommend books to me and two, it proved an enormous waste time. I did what I usually do with books w [...]

    5. Brought to by OBS reviewer AnnabellReview: Author James Bartholomeusz is the first young adult author to be published under Medallion Press new branch of publishing where Young Adult novels are written by Young Adults (i.e. teenagers. Bartholomeusz has a lot of great potential as an author. He writes well enough but there are many aspects of his novel that could have used a more efficient editor’s touch. The characterization was barely existent which made it difficult, as a reader, to connect [...]

    6. I find it difficult to write a review like this one, to both credit the author and offend the book. How to begin. I guess I shall start with the book. Some people really enjoy this genre, of goblins and demons and elves and the highest level of fantasy there is. I am one of those people who are not die-hearts but still can enjoy it. I didn't enjoy this. Some people probably did, but to me it was almost forced, like the words don't blend together smoothly. For me, I personally did not enjoy this [...]

    7. The white fox is a young adult book with next to no romance and for me, a young adult who's not a fan of romance, that makes it a rare and valuable find. The friendship between Jack and Lucy is fiercely strong and they both are very easy to identify with. Jack's awkwardness and Lucy's character development make them a great pair to journey through the events with.The authors description of alchemy is easy to understand and the invention of the golden turtle is very original and unlike anything e [...]

    8. Jack Lawson is an ordinary sixteen year old, living in an orphanage and with few friends. One day he sees a white fox and then Jack and his friends are attacked a few days later by mysterious figures wearing hoods to disguise their features. Later, Jack finds out the attackers are from the Cult of Dionysus when they are rescued by the Apollonians and taken to a different planet. The Apollonians need Jack to step up and become their savior and fight off the Darkness which threatens to consume the [...]

    9. I received this book from the give-away.I enjoyed this book. As other reviewers pointed out, this author is a good writer with great potential to be great. The story was fun and a quick read. A typical fantasy story that takes elements from some of the classic fantasy stories.There are two things that I have problem with: first being that there are some random pictures that are added in between or next to the writing. Lastly, the first fifty pages or so is fragmented and split between several di [...]

    10. This was the most horribly overwritten book I've ever read. I don't understand how there were so many words and so little was said. Relationships suddenly appeared out of thin air. We know that Jack spent 3 days on a ship with a captain named Ruth, but all of a sudden when he was leaving he had feelings for her? Nothing was shown of the two of them even being in the same room. And Jack and Lucy's relationship, the supposed central friendship, isn't show at all. Lucy hardly even speaks throughout [...]

    11. It has potential but I feel like it is being overly detailed in a few parts, which sadly doesn't contribute much to the plot. The main chara is your normal shounen main character. His good friend is good for nothing throughout 7/8 of the book (and the author is emphasizing the point by making her obnoxious all the time). A lot of mysteries are remain unclear until the end of the book (one is either to make you pick up the sequel or the author is trying to cut everything into a defined number of [...]

    12. i'm sorry, but i can't even write a paragraph long review about this trainwreck. firstly, james bartholomeusz (arguably the most obnoxious pseudonym i've ever heard in my entire life) gives young writers a bad name. people like him are why guys like christopher paolini were never taken seriously. don't even get me started on the plot/characters. the only reason i picked up this book was because i thought the cover was pretty. i learned a harsh life lesson. NEVER judge a book by its cover. like, [...]

    13. usually, this kind of book would be right up my alley, but this time not so much. it seemed to take forever for things to get going, and then forever for them to happen. the idea was not all that original, but the fox thing was unusual, which kept me reading. sadly, that part was not developed as much as i had hoped. stuff seemed a little to random sometimes and it was very LOTR rip-offy. the characters were kind of minimal and stereotypical and i never really liked them much. no offence, but it [...]

    14. I knew this was in the young adult section when I checked it out. However, I expected more. There's lots of, " He saw this," and " They did this." There are detailed descriptions of folk, attire, and scenery. There was not much in terms of mental or emotional explanations. Plus, I'm sorry---an evil demon that resembles a lobster made me giggle. Yeah, they have sizable pitchers, but I immediately wanted to go look for melted butter! it ends with a cliff hanger; I probably won't take that plunge o [...]

    15. I thought this book was great. Yes there are some parts that aren't polished but this is a first novel from a young author. Personally, i think James writing shows promise and the story grabbed me and swept me along. I can't wait to read the next book and pick up the characters where they left off. I'm also intrigued to see how the writing develops with experience. I think there is lots of potential here!

    16. Honestly, from the beginning I was hooked into the book. The characters, the complexity, the fictional science, all seemed real. It felt like I was one of them. I actually fell out of my chair once, because i was at the edge, literally. So if you want to have a really good, complex, and exciting book to read, i can recommend this book to you.

    17. Don't lose faith in the book!!! Yes the author is young and there are a few analogies that some people don't understand but everyone's reading experience is different, at least try it out. I like The White Fox so far. (the cover is pretty cool too)

    18. I'm tempted to read this because apparently the author is my age and, well, I'm always hoping that there will be some teenage author out there who will give teenage authors a better name. Although, judging by the reviews so far, my expectations aren't very high.

    19. The plot is boring, but I like the setting. It is pretty interesting, except for the excessive use of descriptives.

    20. Jack lives an average life in southern enghlish town, his world is about to out of control, when he meets the white fox.This was a great little read, I enjoyed this book.

    21. Oh my. This book is proof you can **Never judge a book by it's cover**.It gets 2 stars as it was readable and I liked the Fox character.

    22. Somewhat confusing in the beginning, but it ends up making sense. I really loved Bal, the dwarf, and Lucy's kinda funny (human).

    23. Got only about 50 pages in and I wasn't sure which aspect of the story bored me more: the "everyday life" of regular orphan boy Jack or the fantasy darkly plotting a nefarious plot side

    24. oh my lord WTF worst thing ever i was so confused i even got a freaking headache i mean the concept is good but i think he was trying to hard i needed to be next to a dictionary.

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