To Catch A Traitor

To Catch A Traitor A Sci Regency series short story featuring Nate and Aiden __________Word Count Status Complete

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  • Title: To Catch A Traitor
  • Author: J.L. Langley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: ebook
  • A Sci Regency series short story, featuring Nate and Aiden.__________Word Count 3,590Status Complete

    One thought on “To Catch A Traitor”

    1. Why did I read this in the office???Man, I totally loved it. I think these were the things that were missing on My Fair Captain. The sex scenes, (view spoiler)[Nate bottoming (hide spoiler)], their tenderness and affection to each othergh. If I ever get married, I hope I will be as happy as them. One of my favorite shorts ever.Thanks to J.L. Langley for giving this to us!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    2. This was a lovely little interlude with Aiden & Nate visiting a BDSM club. I must admit that Nate & Aiden are my favourite couple from this series. I wish there was more written about them & their kinky duckery. Just lovely.

    3. What a hot little vignette that brings back Nate and Aiden. I enjoyed what this short piece added to the background between the time of Nate's duel to the time he arrived at Regelence. I loved the character sketch of how his love for Aiden and his marriage has changed him and he looks on his past as just that. The cute little twist at the end was fun though I think most everyone will catch on before it is revealed.Nice little installment.

    4. A short story featuring Nate and Aiden.This story was interesting because we got a little slice of Nate's life before he came to Regelence, and got a look at the man he had been before he met Aiden. Not to mention it was very very hot. ;DI love Nate and Aiden as a couple. They compliment each other so well.I also thought it was rather cleverly written, but you'll have to read the story to find out why. ;D

    5. Eeekkk! For a second there I thought. Crap. Now that I realized what was going on I wish there was more. Over look the guilt, and there is a hot little story. But it does create a placement of them 3 years down the road.

    6. I'm a little disappointed. I don't know, I expected more from this one. Even more after reading the frebbie from Steven and Cony Anyway. (view spoiler)[It was kinda hot the whole BSDM thing, but I don't think it matches this couple at all (hide spoiler)] Still a big fan of Langley :D

    7. Sci-Regency #3.2A short trip to a BDSM club on a space station makes Nate realize how much he's changed since he married Aiden.My preferred reading order for this series is as follows:Chronological Reading Order for J.L. Langley Sci-Regency Series1. My Fair Captain - Sci-Regency #1 - November 5, 4829, featuring: Aiden Townsend, Prince, fourth in line to the throne of the planet Regelence & Captain Nathaniel (Nate) Hawkins (a.k.a. Hawk) 1.1. A Regelence Christmas - Sci-Regency #1.1 (Free Shor [...]

    8. To Catch A Traitor is another short story written between My Fair Captain and The Englor Affair. This story is the events that were hinted at in A Regelence Christmas between Nate and Aiden. It assumes you are familiar with the two characters and their relationship dynamic. There is a slight twist to the story, and it is a small portion of the overall arc, so if you are a fan of the series, it is well worth reading. The love between Nate and Aiden really shines here, although there is a brief se [...]

    9. I dont like BDSM.Aiden and Nate go undercover in a BDSM club,where the prince fakes to be a sub,they're here to find a traitor.In the end they dont find it and co back to the Lady Anna.Is 3 years after they got married and Nate took his husband on the ship for the mission.{“What if someone had recognized you?” “They didn’t. And I don’t care if they did, as long as I was with you.” Nate tightened his arms around his consort. “You better not be in a place like that without me.” “ [...]

    10. 3.75 starsNate and Aiden are on a mission to discover a felon. But Nate is unable to recognise the traitor and the mission threatens to be a complete failure Until a bit of role play sweetens an otherwise sour defeatSexy. Oh, so sexy. I love Aiden. He's the sweetest sub on earth.

    11. Fun & sexy short. Though I'm not a huge fan of when author's try to mislead you. (view spoiler)[I thought it was pretty obvious that Nate was with Aiden the whole time, and the way the author seemed to try and purposefully make it seem like Nate was cheating just rubbed me the wrong way. (hide spoiler)]

    12. This was just okay for me. The BDSM part of their relationship didn't pull me in to begin with, so this didn't do much for me. It wasn't hot, it wasn't meaningful, and it didn't add anything for me.

    13. Sweet little light BDSM scene. There was some strange identity confusion that was perhaps oddly handled, but it worked pretty well overall.

    14. I heart Nate and Aiden! :) I had a feeling it was going to be what it was, lol. I want to read more of this world!

    15. OMG!! My heart goes bom bom bom when I read the first part I really thought of the worst!! And I haven't even read the first book!!

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