Latin for Americans: First Book

Latin for Americans First Book Latin for Americans First Book

  • Title: Latin for Americans: First Book
  • Author: B.L. Ullman
  • ISBN: 9780026409124
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Latin for Americans First Book

    One thought on “Latin for Americans: First Book”

    1. This review is for the 1968 edition, so perhaps the future editions were better. This edition, however, is serviceable but not very good. It has a nice little introduction, but grammatical concepts are introduced in a haphazard fashion that makes mastery of concepts difficult. The stories are put at the beginning of the chapters instead of at the end--perhaps this is so the student can try to "figure out the story" first but it isn't realistic or helpful since the stories aren't written with the [...]

    2. Amazing text book. The only thing that actually challenges me now a days. "Latin for Americans" provides Latin paragraphs to translate (of course), historical images, information on the Romans, and great quizzes at the end of each unit to do.

    3. This book is used for the level 3 Latin course at Saint Mary's Academy (Bay View). It is certainly not the best text or selection of readings I have ever used!

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