There's a Bat in Bunk Five

There s a Bat in Bunk Five Now you can find Paula Danziger s funny and compassionate testaments to the ups and downs of growing up The Cat Ate My Gymsuit and There s A Bat In Bunk Five available in a brand new format sure to

  • Title: There's a Bat in Bunk Five
  • Author: Paula Danziger
  • ISBN: 9780698116894
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now you can find Paula Danziger s funny and compassionate testaments to the ups and downs of growing up, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit and There s A Bat In Bunk Five, available in a brand new format sure to elicit lots of laughs and maybe even a few tears from teens everywhere Danziger skillfully balances her insight into the daily trauma of the young adult years with libNow you can find Paula Danziger s funny and compassionate testaments to the ups and downs of growing up, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit and There s A Bat In Bunk Five, available in a brand new format sure to elicit lots of laughs and maybe even a few tears from teens everywhere Danziger skillfully balances her insight into the daily trauma of the young adult years with liberal doses of humor.

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    1. The new covers for adolescent books are so ridiculous. When I read the Danziger books, they looked like they had been painted by someone who held a brush in one hand and a joint in the other.

    2. i think that this book is really good and a little inappropriate and i would rate it a five my favorite part about this book is when she learns to take things a little less serious

    3. I have been looking for this book ever since I read in it the 7th grade. I couldn't remember the name of it for the longest time and TODAY I thought what the heck I will google it once again (I just had a feeling I should) and not 5min into my search I found it!! This is a great story to read! I remember I could not stop smiling for most of the book. It just so damn sweet!

    4. Marcy is slimmed down and back for another round of love, life and laughter. hahah. what a cheesy review.

    5. So this was a major disappointment because I so loved camp books as a child! But this didn't really seem to be about camp that much, and I just didn't really enjoy it.

    6. In this book I think the author wants us to know that Marcy is a girl who doesn't really fit in with most people because of how she looks. Also Marcy and her father don't have a good connection.But when she goes to this special writing camp to be a counselor, her life just turns so much better. I think the author also wants us to fell happy for Marcy because she finally found someone who respects how she looks, after all those years of thinking that no one will ever like her. If I put myself in [...]

    7. This is a book that talks about a girl named Marcy that is 14 years old. She goes to camp and the drama begins! Girls from all over go to camp and all get along except Ginger a girl that always have been a trouoble maker makes. But when Marcy finds a guy named Ted they fall in love and start going out everything gets better!! But when camp is starting to finish their relationship might finsh also.

    8. When I moved into my classroom, there were all manner of paperbacks left on the bookcase in the back of the room- this was one of them. I never would have read Theres a Bat In Bunk Five when I was of the age that this book is aimed at, but reading it now, I really appreciate Dazinger's characterization and

    9. I have found it a real enjoyment and I hope to read more of Paula Danziger books. I strongly suggest this book to anyone!

    10. This sequal to The Cat Ate My Gymsuit was one of my favorite books as a teenager. I remember there was enough romance in it to keep it interesting, but not enough sex to be scandalizing.

    11. The other Marcy Lewis book, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit, was one of my favorite favorite books when I was a kid. I didn't even know this one existed until about last month--and to be honest, I'm kind of glad about that. This is a book I needed to come to as an adult, not because the themes were overly adult-y but because I wouldn't have been able to relate to Marcy and her life. In this book, Marcy has slimmed down (which I still haven't, but whatever, that's fine) and been invited to help as a couns [...]

    12. Jaime WaldronDue 1/13/12D blockThere’s a bat in bunk five by Paula Danziger is a summer romance. Marcy a high spirted creative writer. A c.i.t.(counselor in training) at a camp run by Ms. Finney and old teacher. Creative arts camp music,drama,and writing. There are many other c.i.t. there and counselors to including the boys she is now crushing on. They leave to go on romantic dates with each other during there breaks and after everyone of there campers have go to bed. There is a thrill when y [...]

    13. Tolerable, but meandering sequel toCat Ate My Gymsuit. The character isn't one of my favorites but she does 'grow up' a bit more, which makes her slightly less grating but no more interesting. Sadly, the writing is still pretty sporadic, and the themes are heavy handed but not especially moralizing. My middle school boys appreciated this one more than CAMG, largely because of less emphasis on her self perception but they also appreciated the camp setting and increased activity. (I really think I [...]

    14. This was as good and sassy as I remember from my pre-teens, but in both this and Remember Me to Harold Square a lot of stuff happens without spending much time with it; the story races through things without you really experiencing the development of feelings etc. Both books are short reads but I don't know if that's an excuse for it Nowadays I think I would want to feel more personality. But I did love this when I was young. I think because I needed to read books where STUFF happened to teenage [...]

    15. This was my favorite book in fourth or fifth grade. I read it at least six times. I came across this new edition recently and read it for nostalgia. It was just as good as it was back then. And I was surprised at how much of it I remembered, word for word, after 20-some years. Danziger does a great job of developing thoughtful characters in short books. I think books for older children and young adults from the 70s and early 80s are so much better than ones written today. Possibly because I spen [...]

    16. A tween chapter book about a young teen who gets to experience camp. Marcy is a CIT (counselor in training) for a favorite teacher. She deals with new friends, a first boyfriend, and bats, learning how not to be so scared of what life throws at her. She will grow up some and learn not that everything is good or bad and she doesn't have to be perfect. But dealing with Ginger might be the biggest lesson she learns.

    17. Another fun book by Danziger, with good character development. One thing that does bother me, though, is that she tends to take a similar view of intimacy that I've seen in other young teen books - the characters aren't too intimate because they "don't think they're ready yet," as opposed to having any religious values or realizing that virginity is a virtue. It's always refreshing to find books with a more definite moral stand, especially in today's world.

    18. 4 STARS"Marcy Lewis is thrilled when Ms. Finney asks her to be a junior counselor at a creative arts camp. Finally, she's on her own for the first time, away from family and school. It's her big chance to reinvent herself in a place where no one knows how insecure she used to be. This could be the perfect summer, but will nosy, noisy campers ruin it all?" (From ) A great fun read for preteens.

    19. I read this book over and over in my youth, along with several other Paula Danziger books that were published around the same time. This one seemed to have the biggest influence on me, because around five or six years after reading it, I decided to apply for jobs as a sleepaway camp counselor (a job I loved and did for four summers).

    20. This is a coming of age story, main character Marcy turns from immaturity, to maturity. The feeling of growing up is when your parents let you go to summer camp alone. this is also independence, because its showing how she can get work as a junior counselor. Paula Danzinger shows how perfect this book is for teens or pre-teens

    21. this is one i loved in junior high and recently found at a used book sale for 10 cents. even though it's ludicrously dated at this point, i still love danziger's honest way of writing. this is the sequel to "the cat ate my gym suit" and features marcy working as a CIT at an artistic summer camp and falling in love for the first time.

    22. The Cat Ate My Gym Suit, to which this is the sequel, had major themes about gender roles, educational practices, etc. There's a Bat in Bunk Five was more just a coming of age story for the main character. It's probably more relatable for its primary audience, but it doesn't hold as much interest for those of us who aren't young girls as the first book does.

    23. Recommended to me by my 8-year-old daughter, which made me awfully surprised when they started swearing and talking about sex. But hey, it's a pretty innocent and sweet quasi-coming-of-age-at-summer-camp story.

    24. I read this as a kid and loved it. For book club we chose a book from our childhood and read it again. Boring as an adult, but interesting to think about what made me love it as a kid. I loved this author.

    25. Pure nostalgia read. Bought a copy at the used book store and read it for old times sake. Enjoyed it as a revisit but don't know how much it would resonate with kids today. Does make me want to go back and read a bunch of her other stuff like the Divorce Express.

    26. I read this book back when I was 12, and it is the perfect book for that awkward tween stage. The book tackles on the topics of first 'real' love, the 'noveltical' lure of sex and the misconception of self-image most girls are troubled with today.

    27. Re-read of an old childhood standby. I think I liked it way back because the main character's life was so utterly different from my own. Doesn't really hold up over time, though. The writing style is too sparse in some places and overly detailed in others.

    28. marcy lewis and her family are back. She is a little older and ready to challenge herself in new adventures. She discovers working, dating, love and nurturing all the while growing up a little more and coming into her own as a person.Danziger is an author every child should read

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