River of the Brokenhearted

River of the Brokenhearted In the s Janie McLeary and George King run one of the first movie theatres in the Maritimes The marriage of the young Irish Catholic woman to an older English man is thought scandalous but they

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  • Title: River of the Brokenhearted
  • Author: David Adams Richards
  • ISBN: 9780385658881
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the 1920s, Janie McLeary and George King run one of the first movie theatres in the Maritimes The marriage of the young Irish Catholic woman to an older English man is thought scandalous, but they work happily together, playing music to accompany the films When George succumbs to illness and dies, leaving Janie with one young child and another on the way, the unscrupuIn the 1920s, Janie McLeary and George King run one of the first movie theatres in the Maritimes The marriage of the young Irish Catholic woman to an older English man is thought scandalous, but they work happily together, playing music to accompany the films When George succumbs to illness and dies, leaving Janie with one young child and another on the way, the unscrupulous Joey Elias tries to take over the business But Janie guards the theatre with a shotgun, and still in mourning, re opens it herself If there was no real bliss in Janie s life, recounts her grandson, there were moments of triumph One night, deceived by the bank manager and Elias into believing she will lose her mortgage, Janie resolves to go and ask for money from the Catholic houses Elias has sent out men to stop her, so she leaps out the back window and with a broken rib she swims in the dark across the icy Miramichi River, doubting her own sanity Yet, seeing these people swayed into immoral actions because of their desire to please others and their fear of being outcast, she thinks to herself that all her life she had been forced to act in a way uncommon with others Was sanity doing what they did And if it was, was it moral or justified to be sane Astonishingly, she finds herself face to face that night with influential Lord Beaverbrook, who sees in her tremendous character and saves her business Not only does she survive, she prospers she becomes wealthy, but ostracized Even her own father helps Elias plot against her Yet Janie McLeary King thwarts them and brings first run talking pictures to the town Meanwhile, she employs Rebecca from the rival Druken family to look after her children Jealous, and a prot g of Elias, Rebecca mistreats her young charges The boy Miles longs to be a performer, but Rebecca convinces him he is hated, and he inherits his mother s enemies The only person who truly loves her, he is kept under his mother s influence until, eventually, he takes a job as the theatre s projectionist He drinks heavily all his life, tends his flowers, and talks of things no one believes, until the mystery at the heart of the novel finally unravels At six I began to realize that my father was somewhat different, says Miles King s son Wendell, who narrates the saga in an attempt to find answers in the past and understand how I was damned It is a many layered epic of rivalries, misunderstandings, rumours the abuse of power, what weak people will do for love, and the true power of doing right of a pioneer and her legacy in the lives of her son and grandchildren David Adams Richards is perhaps the greatest Canadian writer alive, wrote Lynn Coady in the Vancouver Sun From this winner of the Giller Prize and the Governor General s Award comes a story of a woman s determined struggle against small town prejudice, and her son s long battle against deceit Richards own family ran Newcastle s Uptown Theatre from 1911 to 1980, and Janie is based on his grandmother Cast upon this history is a drama that explores morality and the question of how one should live, as The Atlantic Monthly said of Mercy Among the Children, his previous novel.Reviewers agree that Richards fiction sits firmly in the tradition of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky by concerning itself explicitly with good and evil and the human freedom to choose between them Once again, in River of the Brokenhearted, his twelfth novel, Richards has created a work of compassion and assured, poetic sophistication which finds in the hearts of its characters venality and goodwill, cruelty and love.From the Hardcover edition.

    One thought on “River of the Brokenhearted”

    1. I'm thinking that the far East Coast of Canada is kind of like our version of Appalachia or the South. Dark twisted stories seem to brew out of these region of our friends from the North who have graced us with Tim Hortons, Propagahndi, and Alex Trebek (yes, those are the big three cultural exports from Canada, you can take it from me I got a B plus in my Introduction to Canada class in college). The book is a sweeping family drama set in a small New Brunswick river town. The central actors in t [...]

    2. 3.5 STARS"In the 1920s, Janie McLeary and George King run one of the first movie theatres in the Maritimes. The marriage of the young Irish Catholic woman to an older English man is thought scandalous, but they work happily together, playing music to accompany the films. When George succumbs to illness and dies, leaving Janie with one young child and another on the way, the unscrupulous Joey Elias tries to take over the business. But Janie guards the theatre with a shotgun, and still in mourning [...]

    3. David Adams Richards uses the life of his grandmother as inspiration for the character Hanna Jane (Janie) McLeary King in River of the Brokenhearted, a multigenerational family saga set in a small New Brunswick village. The novel is narrated by her grandson, Wendell King, and covers four generations of the McLeary/King family. Joey Elias is the family's nemesis, as well as the Druken family. Where Janie's tenacity helps her overcome great persecution and brings her financial success, her family [...]

    4. Four stars might be a tad generous, but something about this book really appealed to me. It definitely fits the description on the cover of my edition of being a tragicomic story. The protagonist, Miles King, is a deeply flawed man who is unable to escape the influence of his powerful mother and roundly disliked by everyone around him (except his son Wendell) his whole life. And yet, it seems to be his mother's success and his bad fortune as a young boy of choosing to see some trained monkeys at [...]

    5. David Adams Richard is an excellent writer. This is perhaps the 4th book of his I've read. All his stories take place somewhere in the Maritimes. And all his stories are heart wrenching; about people living hard and dying hard. This book is no different from his usual prose. The narrator tells the story of his grandparents starting a new life in Canada, coming from Ireland. When grandfather George dies in 1920, Grandmother Janie takes over the running of their movie theatre - one of the first in [...]

    6. I was one of the brokenhearted while reading this. It is true that DAR has quite the sense of humour, but there is nothing funny about the stories the characters have to tell, even when they are at their funniest, which is to say, drunk. I am not shocked by the depravity one can find in a small town, but in this small town, every day things, like going to school or the barber shop are tinged with nastiness. The writing is incredibly good, saving me from putting the book down. The only problem I [...]

    7. Janie MacLeary and George King run one of the first movie theaters in the Maritimes. When George dies, Jane continues to run the business which flourishes despite her rival Joey Ellis who also has a theater and who tries several devious tricks and plots to undermine her. Janie has two children: Miles and Georgina. Georgina, the favored child of her mother, mysteriously disappears while under the care of Miles. Their nanny Rebecca from a rival family haunts them and everyone in town it seems hate [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book as much as Mercy Among The Children. David Adams Richards writes a good story that gets you involved from the beginning and keeps you involved all along the way. It is similar in theme to Mercy in that it takes place along the Miramichi River in New Brunswick and is narrated by someone whose father was bullied in childhood and relates the effect that has had on the family. It spans two generations which brings the story all together. Some may find the story relentlessly dishe [...]

    9. I don't really know how I feel about this book. It was well written, but the characters are umsympathetic and tragedy piles upon tragedy. It is a miracle that any of them actually end up married - I am still unclear why anynoe would actually want them. The story itself is incredibly sad and depressing. You are compelled to keep reading to the end but I wouldn't say it was an enjoyable read more of an endurance test.

    10. A multi-generational story told with beautiful prose by Richards. The setting is the Miramichi River area of New Brunswick, with two families recently immigrated from Ireland maintaining a feud begun in 1790. One of the families are the owners of a movie theater and drive-in from the silent era until the 1980s. Old Hollywood films and stars litter the novel, and the business becomes central to much of the action of the plot. Thoroughly enjoyed this book!

    11. Aces. As always. I dig his stuff.This one is about a family. The Kings. Based on his family - or at least some events in the life of his grandmother. In the dedication:“Toins who know that though this is based on incidents in the life of our grandmother Janie - it is a work of fiction.”Nice one.

    12. WOW! David Adams Richards is the author of the century. Characters that are transfixing, each contributing to the others, all entwined in the story of life,good and bad for what its worth. No fairies, no space ships, just what life is all about and how one human contributes to the next, to the next, to the nextch more drawing and fulfilling than make believe.

    13. It's been a while since I read any of his books so I can't remember if every character is always so completely unsympathetic. Still, I was sucked in from page 1 and never wanted to look away from the tragedy of their lives. This booked seemed less Miramichi than I remember in others, like it could have been written about any small town of the time.

    14. The book spans over sixty years (1920's to 1990's) in the McLeary/King family history. My main question is with how the narrator knew what was happening in scenes in which he was not involved. It was not a bad read, but I found it hard at times to believe that what was being described would actually happen. The narrator and his father are alcoholics, so maybe that explains it.

    15. Not quite the "happiest" of David Adams Richards' novels. Better to label it as the most emotionally satisfyingough the emotions tend to be on the dark end of the revenge, retribution & come-uppance scale.

    16. This is not a horribly written book, but the parade of characters are continuously and unrelentingly depressing and I justn'treymore. I didn't make it past page 240, and I had to bribe myself to get that far.

    17. It was a sad story that spanned generations and there was a twist of a mystery that you didn't find out till the end of the 300 some page book. I will read something else by him because he is a good storyteller, but he's kind of wordy and not real easy to read.

    18. I liked this book at the beginning. I just . . . never got any better I guess. Too many people with sad little lives and no redeeming qualities. It was O.K but I got to where I just couldn't wait to be finished.

    19. gosh I hate it when I forget I've read somethingen I buy it and start reading all comes back to meI'm a big fan of David Adams Richards

    20. �historical sweep from a great storyteller�. He used 5 words when one would do. This book was a slow read. I stopped at 3/4 of the way through because I really didn�t care how it ended.

    21. A sad, bittersweet story. I loved it. This is the second book I've read from this author, and although I have enjoyed both, I'm not looking forward to feeling sadness on a third.

    22. Book one down. This has been on my shelf unread for the better part of a decade. I'm glad I finally read it.

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