A Song for Mary: An Irish-American Memory

A Song for Mary An Irish American Memory A moving memoir of growing up Irish Catholic poor in New York City Told in the first person this lyrical remembrance is a powerful odyssey of one young man coming of age in a confusing sometimes host

  • Title: A Song for Mary: An Irish-American Memory
  • Author: DennisSmith
  • ISBN: 9780446524476
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A moving memoir of growing up Irish Catholic poor in New York City Told in the first person, this lyrical remembrance is a powerful odyssey of one young man coming of age in a confusing sometimes hostile world.

    One thought on “A Song for Mary: An Irish-American Memory”

    1. Glad I didn't pay full price for this. It could have been so much more than it was. It could have been like the classic "In America", "West Side Story" or "Angela's Ashes"; well actually any of the McCourt brothers books, or "Angels with Dirty Faces", yep, Mickey Rooney I can see as Dennis. I kept waiting for the spark, for something to make me cry, to make me laugh, something to take a hold of my beating heart and rip it from my chest. But no. It was lukewarm, tepid and mostly predictable, exce [...]

    2. I had a hard time figuring our a rating for this book. I found the main character VERY annoying. I could understand why his mother hit him. I felt like hitting him. I gave it 5 stars because if the writing had not been so good, I would not have felt so much like hitting him.As the author tells us in the beginning, this is written for his mother, Mary. It begins at her funeral. Then he chronicles their rough life as poor Irish in New York. His mother is doing her best raising her children alone w [...]

    3. He had a good mother, and I learned lessons from her reading his book. I could empathize with her, but she has far more grace than I ever shall rouse.

    4. So much to relate toHaving been raised Catholic and having gone to parochial grade school and high school, there was so much I could relate to in Dennis' story. I had a lot of the same type of nuns in the grades, and for most the discipline was tough. I also spent a few days standing in the corner facing the wall. My family is Sicilian. My grandparents immigrated around 1914. Though my grandpa on my father's side raised eleven children on a market produce stand, my own immediate family wasn't qu [...]

    5. it was hard for me to read. not because it was boring but rather because there was so much info I would have to chew in it awhile. very well written, very detailed and yet so specific.

    6. These characters were likeable--a little raw at times. I found the writing quite engaging. That being said, it lacked the artistry of an Angela's Ashes.

    7. Sharon Murphy introduced me to this book and I loved it. It is an autobiography and I love to read about other people's lives. I especially like to read about experiences that are different from my own. Dennis Smith is a New York firefighter and has written many good books about that experience, the most notable being Ground Zero about Sept 11.In this book he writes about his Irish-Catholic and poverty stricken upbringing in New York City. It is a tribute to his hard working and no-nonsense moth [...]

    8. Well told story of Irish, poor, Catholic Americans, and a boy growing up under these conditions. Felt empathy for the families, enjoyed the author's humor and "growing up"-on-the-wrong-side-of-town-stories. However, the book was a bit on the l-o-n-g side. Repetition interfered with story progress.

    9. Dennis Smith tells of his life growing up in New York City and the secret that is kept from him by his mother. It is a book that I would read again. His mother has such great wisdom and she tries to raise her sons with that attitude.

    10. The story of a young Irish American boy growing up poor on the streets of New York and of the mother who did her best to raise him to be a solid contibuting citizen. Told from the heart.

    11. It took most of the day to read it. A coming of age book for an Irish-Catholic boy in New York City with only a mother and brother.

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