The Bridge at Dong Ha

The Bridge at Dong Ha In Marine Captain John Ripley braved intense enemy fire to blow up a bridge and stop a major invasion from the north This is his dramatic story

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  • Title: The Bridge at Dong Ha
  • Author: John Grider Miller
  • ISBN: 9781557500977
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Audio
  • In 1972 Marine Captain John Ripley braved intense enemy fire to blow up a bridge and stop a major invasion from the north This is his dramatic story.

    One thought on “The Bridge at Dong Ha”

    1. Payton EstesA-2 English The Bridge at Dong Ha was written by John Grider Miller. This talks about a marine who took on a huge mission in nineteen-seventy two. The book informs you on the mission that the marine took on in his trip overseas. The written in nineteen-eighty nine but this event is still being talked about today. John Grider Miller wrote this book to tell you about what this marine did and how heroic he was for doing such a thing. He wrote this book, because it shows that the people [...]

    2. War is terrible, but if there is any redeeming quality to war it is its capacity for bringing out the truly exceptional. One of the last Americans left in Vietnam in 1972, USMC Captain John Ripley blocked one of the armored spearheads of the Easter Offensive almost singlehandedly. The bridge at Dong Ha was a massive US-constructed steel and iron span, and under heavy fire Ripley crawled out again and again to wire the bridge for demolition, buying precious days for the collapsing South Vietnames [...]

    3. This book tells the story of the Marine legend John W. Ripley. I have heard the name “Ripley” before as a Marine, and some vague summary of him blowing up a bridge to stop invading North Vietnamese communist forces during the last years of the Vietnam War. Recently I saw something on facebook about Ripley that sparked my interests to read more about Ripley and this book was what I picked up to learn more about Ripley and the famous incident with the bridge at Dong Ha. It was a treat for me t [...]

    4. InThe Bridge at Dong Ha , John Ripley is a co-van during the Vietnam War. Near the end of the fierce battles, Ripley has to destroy the enemy's access forward, Dong Ha Bridge. The enemy is advancing swiftly and Ripley must go out, exposed to gunfire, and blow up the Dong Ha Bridge along with barely anyone by his side. The author wanted readers to notice the noble and heroic deeds our soldiers do to keep our country safe. While hauling explosives across the bridge, Smock yelled,"Halfway there, Ma [...]

    5. I honestly cant find the words to describe this book because as ugly and hateful as war is and having come from military family, it shows the loyalty, trust that people of different cultures can have, even through the smoke and dust of a man made hell. This book is an emotional roller coaster, one minute your crying, next your smiling out of happiness, you will find yourself cheering on men in this book almost as if you were there,God bless the men and women that proudly wear our military and fi [...]

    6. The book i read was The Bridge At Dong Ha. i thought this book was really good. This book is a real story of a Marine corps hero, John Walter Ripley, who on easter sunday 1972, almost single handedly took on a massive concrete and steel bridge to derail the carefully prepared spearhead attack of the north vietnamese army at the Cua Viet river near Dong Ha. Riplely was an experienced warrior alone with the courage of his convictions. All the physical and mental and spiritual strength he had built [...]

    7. Capt. John Ripley earned the Medal of Honor for what he did here. Was awarded the Navy Cross. But the Marines don't pass out MOH's easily like the Army.Near the time of Col. Ripley's death the Commandant of the Marine Corps sent a chopper to the hospital--to the college football field nearby because the hospital didn't have large enough space to land--with a new liver for transplant. He also sent the official Marine Corps Flag--there are only two--the one from his office to Col. Ripley's room in [...]

    8. Above average read of a way above average human feat. Then Captain Miller's exploits, and the back story in Vietnam at the time, serve as a cautionary tale of personal preparation, dedication and physical courage that few in history can match.

    9. Captain (now Colonel) John Ripley and Major James Stock should both have been awarded the Medal Of Honor for their actions in destroying this bridge, and halting a major North Vietnamese offensive! Very well written, and a must read for all Americans!!

    10. This is a great book for those interested in military history and strategy. The story of a Marine who almost single-handedly destroyed a bridge and ensured a safe retreat for thousands of people.

    11. Colonel John Ripley saved many lives during that battle, and almost lost his. If you want to know, read it.

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