One thought on “The Aesthetic Adventure”

  1. An excellent, funny, fascinating book! I rather unfairly thought it might be a bit of an awkward read because of when it was written (1945) but not at all. I've always been fascinated with Wilde, Beardsley, Verlaine and Rimbaud, but I never knew much about the movement that inspired their work - aside from a vague idea of decadence - until now. The aesthetic movement of "art for art's sake", grew up as rebellion against and a rejection of the Victorian sensibilities of the time. Obviously I hate [...]

  2. A wonderful introduction to artistic ideologies of the late nineteenth century. Emphasis is on English developments, although the French background to these ideas is sketched in. A number of representative individuals are singled out for closer examination, but this is a history of ideas, not personalities; similarly, there is little here about individual works of art, the focus being on what artists thought. Although the visual arts are central to the discussion, Gaunt does not slight literatur [...]

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