The Spare

The Spare She s missing a day from her life He thinks she may have killed his brother Seriously wounded in his last naval encounter Captain Sebastian Alexander returns home to recuperate and inherit the earldo

  • Title: The Spare
  • Author: Carolyn Jewel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s missing a day from her life He thinks she may have killed his brother Seriously wounded in his last naval encounter, Captain Sebastian Alexander returns home to recuperate and inherit the earldom vacated by his deceased brother As a party of relatives and friends visits the Pennhyll Castle to celebrate the year s end, red haired Olivia Willow is invited to even ouShe s missing a day from her life He thinks she may have killed his brother Seriously wounded in his last naval encounter, Captain Sebastian Alexander returns home to recuperate and inherit the earldom vacated by his deceased brother As a party of relatives and friends visits the Pennhyll Castle to celebrate the year s end, red haired Olivia Willow is invited to even out the numbers But the new Earl of Teirn Cope has a hidden agenda for Olivia s invitation The forthright and resilient Olivia witnessed the murderous attack on the earl s brother, an incident she s blocked from her memory Is it possible she had something to do with his brother s death As the truth slowly comes to light, Sebastian and Olivia s lives are changed forever.

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    1. A page-turner of a whodunnitAnother solid read from Ms Jewel. While it doesn't have the gut wrench that the Scandal did, it's still a good one. Kept me going until I found out what had happened and who had done it. Ending a wee bit rushed and anticlimactic but the story was so good, and the writing executed so well I excused it. Read for the URR New Years 2018 Reading Challenge, 17. Gothic Romance - I reviewed elements of a gothic romance novel and this one hits them all. For example:Gloomy, dec [...]

    2. Oh, Carolyn Jewel: how you confound me. Every time I read one of her books, to a lesser or (as in this case) greater extent I am left with the same basic feelings:1. I like this more than I should. 2. Her books always feel like more than the sum of their parts [see also: Lord Ruin and One Starlit Night].3. Frustration. If she'd just stepped back, taken out some of the crazy and made the characterisation and the plotting tighter and clearer, this could have been really good. On any reasonable met [...]

    3. I like Carolyn Jewel's books. I thought LORD RUIN was great,but this book ,well it was a struggle to finish from beginning to end.My son wondered why it took me of all people to finish this book in 4 days when I usu whip a book out in less than a day.

    4. I searched out this book because I loved Jewel's recent release, Scandal, but wow. Let's just say her plotting has much improved since she wrote The Spare. I really wanted to love it, but it was so. damn. boring. I ended up skimming much of the book.Here are my problems with it:1. Too realistic, and by that I mean the author spent way too much time on events that were dull, as I'm sure they might have been in real life. When one of the servants mentioned he would take Pennhyll's guests on a tour [...]

    5. 4 Stars: The Spare is a haunting, erotic, and darkly foreboding classic Gothic Historical Romance. 4 Star Heat: Bravo to Carolyn Jewel who manages the impossible by keeping hero and heroine true to their nature and morals all while generating tremendous eroticism and sexual tension.(view spoiler)[ Tremendous sexual tensions eventually build to a satisfying climax but only after having been fueled by inner thoughts, physical and emotional contact, and erotic dreams and visions which at times meld [...]

    6. One man, one woman, each putting on pretenses to satisfy society find themselves completely swept up in each other. This book is dark - there are dark secrets, a past we don't quite know but is hinted at, and paranormal elements that guide Sebastian and Olivia into each others arms none-too-gently.Sebastian Alexander is a marvelously dark character. He is Captain Wentworth-like with a different angst. His past haunts him, but Olivia Willow is merely an object of interest due to her involvement w [...]

    7. I have Recommendations to thank for introducing me to Ms Jewel's work, and myself to thank for starting with what I believe to be her debut novel.Outstanding. Original. Refreshing. Intriguing. Addictive. Articulate. Joyful.Praise be for a historical romance set in the depths of Cumbria and not in the tedious London hothouse of degenerate rakes and simpering debutantes. Praise be for a hero who is a real hero, a decorated veteran of countless naval battles. Hallelujah for a heroine whose only af [...]

    8. Captain Sebastian Alexander was The Spare, but as the younger son he inherited more than a title after his brother's murder. He acquired a family estate with dark secrets that threatened his life. He took on a quest to avenge his brother. But most troublesome of all, he found a red-haired beauty who was either a guileless witness or a ruthless seductress.Olivia Willow was missing three days from her life. She'd been a guest at Pennhyll the night of the murder, but now she could recall nothing. T [...]

    9. I've read quite a few of the author's historical romances prior to this one and have enjoyed them immensely. The Spare has quite a paranormal slant to the storyline and didn't gel for me. I thought that the dream sequences were heavy handed, stereotyped and downright confusing at times.I didn't really have a problem with the characters per se or the setting and I did enjoy the gothic feel to the story. I also liked that the title "The Spare" applied to both Olivia and Sebastian. I do enjoy the s [...]

    10. This was basically a mystery story with a ghost story in the background. I would not call it a romance story.The entire plot was the hero telling the heroine to marry other guys. First he tells her to marry his best friend (who at first wanted her for a mistress, not a wife) then he tells her to marry her cousin so she'll have security. So after he's shoved her at two other guys, then he proposes. And the big reveal of who killed the hero's brother and sister in law was obvious. I didn't feel an [...]

    11. It pains me to give a Carolyn Jewel book only one star but The Spare is a hot mess. The plot is all over the place and difficult to follow. The characters are unlikeable. The dreams and the ghost and the side plots and characters all jumbled together and left me bored. Really bored. This is clearly an earlier work by Jewel and was either edited too much or not enough. Either way, skip it and read some of her more recent books which are fabulous. I'm going to pretend this book never happened.

    12. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThis book was really different. I loved the story and the atmosphere, the gothic feel all over it with the paranormal. I had to think a lot because the narrative of the story is as such; it takes time to get into it. I liked Carolyn Jewel’s writing style in the most part; there were lines and scenes I found beautiful. The POV change felt too sudden most of the times though. As I said, you have to get used to with [...]

    13. This was marketed, electronically, with the subtitle "A Sexy Regency Romance" which made me think it would be much like the same author's book Lord Ruin (also marketed the same way)--a romance/mystery with some good plotting between the sex scenes. However, this is a mystery/gothic/ghost/love story without much sexytime at all. Our hero is recovering from war wounds and attempting to solve the mystery of his brother's murder. He becomes sexually and romantically interested in our heroine, who wa [...]

    14. The story was interesting to a certain point and then it became very confusing, I had a hard time figuring out what was real and what wasn't. I didn't feel like the female character had any feelings towards the male character and in the end we won't ever know what will happen to his intended and her brother. It's like the writer was out of ideas and truncated the story in order to finish it.

    15. I thought that the title was clever as the book divulged an additional meaning behind "The Spare." The story was atmospheric. I had a powerful curiosity for the mystery and I was pleased with its unraveling and denouement.

    16. As with most of Ms Jewel's works this one has a slow pace. A little odd and disorienting with the dream sequences (and the question of are they or aren't they), and you have to ve willing to accept a bit of the paranormal with a ghost being an active main character of sorts. There were also some plot points that were just odd and overly dramatic. Despite all that, I liked it though. Sebastian's coldness heats up quite nicely and you want to keep reading and get to their happy ending.

    17. I liked this book, but some of it was confusing and I didn't understand why it was included in the story.Sebastian was an interesting but frustrating character. I didn't understand why he was wounded in the story. It added nothing to the storyline except to make him wait to investigate until he was better, which (shockingly) aligns precisely with Olivia's visit. He was a rather cold, arrogant fellow. It took me a while to warm up to him. I also thought his turn around from standoffish to thinkin [...]

    18. An entertaining enough read, but much more Gothic than I was expecting. The frequency of visions of ghosts, shared dreams, and ominous portents was a little much, as well. Half the time there'd be a scene where something important happens, and then it would turn out it was imagined, or a dream. But wait, later there's otherwise unexplainable physical evidence that it happened? OK, I'm confused. Not to mention, how much can I believe in a relationship half-built in non-reality? Add to that the fa [...]

    19. I really liked some parts of it, but I got tired of Olivia bitching about her red hair, and I honestly don't understand why she thought she had to act like an idiot; given that she DID act that way, I don't really understand how certain characters were able to instantly see through her charade while others never figured it out. And I wasn't crazy about the hero - he's just kind of an asshole for most of the book, and I could understand why Olivia might lust after him but I really couldn't unders [...]

    20. I'm not sure what this book wanted to be: regency, pnr, suspence? It has element of everything in it and this makes quite a confusing read at times.It's the strength of Ms Jewels' writing that compelled me to give The Spare 3 stars. Otherwise the plot is a complicated mess, more so due to the "ghost of love past" (or whatever the hell he was). I could have killed the hero and his best friend in the first half of the book for their callousness. (I say this as a positive: it means Ms Jewel was rea [...]

    21. Pretty good regency with a ghost story and mystery added in. While convalescing, Sebastaian, a captain in His Majesty's navy, tries to solve the mystery of who murdered his brother and his brother's wife. One young woman is the key to the mystery, but she has lost all memory of the event. How does this impoverished, red haired beauty fit into his life and what is the meaning of the ancestral ghost that roams his castle have to do with it? Quick read, I read it in one day. 4/5ktleyed/2011/04/s

    22. okay so apparently i read this a while ago but thought that I hadn't finished it because of the shaky beginning we had. I remember feeling oddly disjointed at the beginning of the book and skipping one or two chapters. It does get better after, and I soon got into the story. But the unsatisfactory beginning still lingers so I can't give it four stars. And lust not romance predominates the story, which combined with the dark, damp atmosphere makes it a little suffocating read.

    23. My, Carolyn Jewel writes great dialogue and creates terrific conflict. The interactions between Sebastian and Olivia are a delight. Olivia's straightened circumstances and her efforts to deal strike a chord that is SOOO much more satisfying than the too-often empty-headed females in stories about that time.I read straight to the end, ignoring other tasks to do so.

    24. An engaging gothic. The gothic mystery kept my interest. I liked the heroine and wanted to know her back story. The hero was suitable dark and brooding. My only negative was that I thought some events were unclear. I found myself rereading a page or two to figure out what I missed or even, who was speaking. That being said, I am certainly going to start reading the author's back list.

    25. Enjoyed it for about 2/3 of the way through, then felt it could have used a good editor. But then, I don't have much patience with supernatural claptrap. And without it the story would have read more linearly and perhaps have been more satisfying.

    26. High, high angst, but it wasn't my favorite. The heroine had no power in a way that was kind of gross instead of sexy.

    27. I'm trying to read all of Carolyn Jewel's backlist, but I can definitely see that she's made HUGE improvements over the years. A hit The Spare is not. She doesn't write poorly per se, but the plot isn't compelling, nor are her characters.

    28. Good mystery but really uneven pace. The romance was not satisfying because the passion was in the H&h's dreams and imagination. And touching of the face or the waist in public?2.5, really

    29. I'm still holding out hopes for Scandal, which comes highly recommended, but this was just not a book I could finish!

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