Fatherhood The Truth by Berkmann, Marcus ( Author ) ON Oct-30-2004, Paperback

Fatherhood The Truth by Berkmann Marcus Author ON Oct Paperback There are lots of books about parenthood But if you look closely most of them are about motherhood Fathers get brief paragraphs about needing the odd cuddle themselves and being helpful for carrying t

  • Title: Fatherhood The Truth by Berkmann, Marcus ( Author ) ON Oct-30-2004, Paperback
  • Author: Marcus Berkmann
  • ISBN: 9780091900632
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are lots of books about parenthood But if you look closely most of them are about motherhood Fathers get brief paragraphs about needing the odd cuddle themselves and being helpful for carrying the heavier elements of baby kit, but that s it.

    One thought on “Fatherhood The Truth by Berkmann, Marcus ( Author ) ON Oct-30-2004, Paperback”

    1. This book may be peppered with jokes, some of them over the top, but it does contain useful information on being a dad. I wouldn't swear by it but it does ease you into the role. I could tell you more but my 2-month old is crying in the other room

    2. This book was great. I read it a few months before our daughter was born and really enjoyed it. I was surprised at how few baby books were aimed at dads and was thankful that this one was fairly light hearted. Although Berkmann comes across as a bit of a lad (he's usually a sports writer) he allows ten very diffrent friends to have their opinion too. In fact, my wiferead it and enjoyed it more than the pregnancy books she was reading. I felt much more prepared and a lot less apprehensive thanks [...]

    3. This is a funny (the humor is very British) insight in to pregnancy and fatherhood. The author tells it like it is in a no holds barred approach and writes what men are thinking but aren't supposed to say out loud. He also provides facts and helpful tips for men and is ultimately very encouraging of women and the journey they have to travel to becoming mothers.

    4. A hilarious guide to the first few years after the birth of the first baby. Actually had me laughing out loud on the train. While simultaneously giving me a little bit of dread at how unprepared I was for the biggest life-changing event of all.

    5. Sometimes it's hard to know what is a fact and what is author's attempt to be funny. He often mixes those two in one sentence.

    6. Written in a ladish tone with snippets of humour which rely on a somewhat outdated understanding of masculinity and sarcasm. Some insights which may or may not prove useful in time.

    7. I bought this book for my husband as we were about to be first time parents and thought a humerus 'instruction manual' might be just what he needed. I really wish I hadn't bothered because this book is dreadful and often times quite offensive. He paints a portrait that men aren't particularly happy deep down about impending fatherhood and that everyone subsequently is an irritation, a disaster or strain. My husband read it coming off worse and thankfully didn't take on board anything the author [...]

    8. With Fatherhood looming a good friend lent me this to read to leave me prepared. What a strange book! The opening few chapters are almost universally awful, it's almost as if he's trying to portray himself as some macho bloke who never wanted to have a baby and resented his wife for becoming pregnant, and as a result the humour falls very very flat. Then suddenly about halfway through the book he has a complete change of heart (or more believably finally portrays himself correctly and honestly) [...]

    9. This book was given to me by my partner five months away from having our twin babies. I found the book really useful, with very good insights at times and specially very funny. It was like a stand up comedy about parenthood. There were some bits that didn't resonate with me at all (what's up with reiteratively wondering if you are the father of junior?) but overall I think this is an awesome book for people (specially guys) that are on the way (or in the middle) of having babies and/or toddlers. [...]

    10. This book, distinct from other pregnancy/labour/parenting books gives the impression that it was written by a functioning human being. It starts off a bit 'new lad' - making the assumption that most men's first impulse is to run to the hills when faced with the prospect of being a father. I think this is just for laughs and as it rolls on, it loses this, and turns out to be really informative and brutal and funny and un-put-downable. From how many sandwiches you need to pack to get through the a [...]

    11. I read the first part of this book leading up to the birth of my son and then shit got busy (sometimes literally)! He's now nearly 9 months and I managed to finish it today. What an awesome read. It doesn't pretend to be a definitive guide, it is simply a book written by a bloke for other blokes and in blokey language. Full of humour, peppered with gems of experience but most of all, gives a good sense of the whole experience of fatherhood from the father's perspective - warts and all! Recommend [...]

    12. Very funny writer, actually dares to have opinions on things without covering himself in disclaimers. Very honest and useful for men in the modern world who perhaps aren't the touchy-feely, new-dad types and are worried that, for instance, they won't bond with the baby, or may want to punch an uncaring doctor in the face! My wife bought it for me and I read it in the weeks before the birth of my first daughter and I am certainly glad I did. (Note: all of our doctors at Pembury Hospital were mega [...]

    13. After two books I didn't care a bit about, I needed something I knew would be entertaining but forgettable. This was a perfect book for it! It was like a baby book written by a dude for dudes. It was sort of funny but it was written more of a how-to book then an actual humour book, which I thought was a little disappointing, but I am sure that was the point of it. It just wasn't really for me. I didn't really care. But I read this book in like a day, so it was over quick enough.Grade: C-

    14. a godsend. not pompous. based on experience and reflection, well written and very funny. thank you to the person [Robin] who lent me this. it made me more aware. at the beginning it seems a little laddish but gets over that. i really am not going to read any other books on this issue.

    15. I loved this. 6 weeks away from the arrival of my first son/daughter, this engaging but informative book has helped me feel much more at ease with the imminent change in my life. I'd definitely recommend this to prospective dads who want a more informal account of having a baby.

    16. A practical yet hilarious guide to pregnancy and the first few months of fatherhood. Whether any of it will be of any use remains to be seen but I feel all the more confident for having read it!

    17. Proving to be quite funny from paragraph to paragraph. Enjoying reading quite a one-sided view of the pitfalls and wonders of fatherhood. Will review further when complete.

    18. Great book, well worth a read if you expecting, recently had or not so recently. Some good tips you probably would not have picked up because up blokes don't talk about this stuff.

    19. A sports writer's take on fatherhood, family and survival - satirical, honest, enjoyed the twists of a sports enthusiast's advice in a parenting memoir.

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