Cartas do meu moinho

Cartas do meu moinho According to Alphonse Daudet May December was a French novelist In Daudet s Lettres de mon moulin written in Clamart near Paris and alluding to a windmill in Fontvieille P

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  • Title: Cartas do meu moinho
  • Author: Alphonse Daudet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • According to 58 Alphonse Daudet 13 May 1840 16 December 1897 was a French novelist In 1866, Daudet s Lettres de mon moulin, written in Clamart, near Paris, and alluding to a windmill in Fontvieille, Provence, won the attention of many readers The first of his longer books, Le petit chose 1868 , did not, however, produce popular sensation It is, in theAccording to 58 Alphonse Daudet 13 May 1840 16 December 1897 was a French novelist In 1866, Daudet s Lettres de mon moulin, written in Clamart, near Paris, and alluding to a windmill in Fontvieille, Provence, won the attention of many readers The first of his longer books, Le petit chose 1868 , did not, however, produce popular sensation It is, in the main, the story of his own earlier years told with much grace and pathos The year 1872 brought the famous Aventures prodigieuses de Tartarin de Tarascon, and the three act play L Arleacute sienne But Fromont jeune et Risler aicirc neacute 1874 at once took the world by storm It struck a note, not new certainly in English literature, but comparatively new in French His creativeness resulted in characters that were real and also typical Jack, a novel about an illegitimate child, a martyr to his mother s selfishness, which followed in 1876, served only to deepen the same impression Henceforward his career was that of a very successful man of letters, publishing novel on novel, Le Nabab 1877 , Les Rois en exil 1879 , Numa Roumestan 1881 , Sapho 1884 , L Immortel 1888 , and writing for the stage at frequent intervals, giving the world his reminiscences in Trente ans de Paris 1887 and Souvenirs d un homme de lettres 1888 These, with the three Tartarins, Tartarin de Tarascon, Tartarin sur les Alpes, Port Tarascon, and the admirable short stories, written for the most part before he had acquired fame and fortune, constitute his life work.

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    1. There are places I like to revisit. There are books I like to revisit also, rich with the memory of past places. I first read the wholly delightful Letters from my Windmill by Alphonse Daudet when I was on holiday with my parents in Provence, in Avignon, to be exact. It was from there, the city of the popes, that we explored the surrounding countryside; from there we discovered the charm and magic of this special part of La France profonde – deep France.I’ve also managed to recapture the tim [...]

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    3. I am given to understand that Alphonse Daudet's novels established him as the most successful writer in France by the end of the 19th century, and yet I must confess that I hadn't heard of him until a few weeks ago, when I spotted this book.I loved the title, and the premise intrigued me.The book began with an extract from a bill of sale:"To Mr Alphonse Daudet, poet, living in Paris, here present and accepting it:A windmill and flourmill, located in the Rhône valley, in the heart of Provence, o [...]

    4. Letters from My Windmill is a bit of a misnomer, as letters are not involved. What Daudet gives us, instead, is a series of short sketches mostly set in Provence around Arles, though there are a couple set in Algeria. Some of the sketches are obviously contemporary, while others are set in the Middle Ages or the 17th century. It is interesting to see Daudet refer to characters from novels by his contemporaries. One essay addresses Pierre Gringoire, the poet from Victor Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris [...]

    5. Reading this book is like taking a little vacation in southern France in the mid 1800's. Not a bad place or time to be. Daudet had the ability to make the countryside come alive in his pages. His descriptions of the environment and his surroundings were beautifully rendered. This is a book of observations, folk tales, daily comings and goings as told from his windmill.If you have ever passed the night in the open under the stars, you will know that while we are sleeping a mysterious world awaken [...]

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    10. Whimsical stories and legends set in Provence, supposedly related by the denizen of a windmill no longer used to grind wheat; in fact one of the stories is about how the coming of the steam-driven mill drove the windmills out of business and left the village in a pitiful state. The French and English are en-face, in fact it is one of a series intended for long-ago students of French to brush up their skills, which is perfect as I am Paris-bound next month.So I read it in French, with the transla [...]

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    12. As the time just before the industrial revolution and how it affected the flour-milling workers. A bit slow at first but once you're into the story, you come to understand much about their way of life. Not a book I'm going to bother putting up on my blog, but still a decent read.

    13. Once among France's leading literary lights, Daudet is largely forgotten today. This collection of stories and sketches, almost all set in Provence or neighbouring territories, contains nothing very earth-shattering, but it is an easy read, big on charm and local colour, and the illustrations by Edward Ardizzone in this edition make a nice bonus. The distinctive culture of Languedoc (as opposed to France) was still just alive at the time Daudet was writing, as we can glimpse from time in stories [...]

    14. Ces nouvelles hautes en couleurs, sont toutes plus divertissantes les unes que les autres. Drôles, touchantes, aux couleurs de ma Provence natale. La plus connue est bien sur la Chèvre de Mr Seguin, mais les autres méritent tout autant l'attention du lecteur.

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    16. Goodness may be extremely irritating in a book. In this book the effect is somehow minimized. Read it in Russian.

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    18. Daudet, known as "the Dickens of France," was on par with Flaubert in his time, but has since fallen off the radar outside France. My interest in his writing stems from Zola and James, both of whom claimed him as a favorite writer. This collection of melancholy, pastoral tales of the Provence region of France has a promising concept: our narrator takes up residence in a small, dilapidated windmill, from which he writes tales, responds to letters, and relates local legends, always making a stark [...]

    19. I read this as a download from prusing Gutenberg, not sure why exactly. The letters as it seems are pretty much letters to the reader of memorable happenings,mostly short musings of bits of daily life in Provence, no major drama or such, but so refreshing to pick up for a quick de-stressor and be transported to another time and another mentality. The descriptions of the countryside completely place you there without a lot of wordy fluff - no bejeweled carpet, or such. "Come January, thousands of [...]

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    21. De tous les jolis dictons, proverbes ou adages, dont nos paysans de Provence passementent leurs discours, je n'en sais pas un plus pittoresque ni plus singulier que celui-ci. A quinze lieues autour de mon moulin, quand on parle d'un homme rancunier, vindicatif, on dit "Cet homme-là! méfiez-vous! il est comme la mule du Pape, qui garde sept ans son coup de pied."

    22. J'ai lu la version arabe (simplifiée) depuis longtemps, et je ne sais pas pourquoi je la trouve meilleure que cette version originale. Certes, il y a plus de nouvelles, plus de goût provençal, mais moins drôle.

    23. ყველას გვდევს ჩვენი პარიზი თან.დაე, ვიოცნებოთ, თამამად ვურტყათ დოლს,ვურტყათ,რაც ძალი და ღონე გვაქვს.

    24. I'm ambivalent when it comes to reading volumes of short stories, but this one, I will always be coming back to it

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