One thought on “About Habitats: Grasslands”

  1. Another great book from Cathryn Sill. Here we explore grasslands - lots of them. I had no idea there were so many different types, and enjoyed learning the little facts in the back of the book that made this topic deeper and more interesting. I also liked that there were plenty of animals included in the pages, to share more about the kinds of creatures that live in these places.This is a great series of books, and one I've enjoyed tossing at my kids. I look forward to finding the rest in the se [...]

  2. About Habitats: Grasslands is a picture book for 5 to 9 year olds. It is nonfiction. I loved it because it was easy to read, and I learned so much. I also like the extra information at the end. I also like the pictures that have grassland animals in them. I liked learning about all of the kinds of grasslands. I think this book would be great for writing a report, for homeschool, or for people who like to learn about the earth. I liked it so much that I cannot wait to read the next book in the se [...]

  3. Relating basic information about grasslands, one of the important habitats in the world, the author identifies their characteristics, describes different types of grasslands, and then discusses some of the species that make grasslands their home. Readers will marvel at the 17 watercolor plates that have been painted in watercolors by John Sill and take note of the various species that are depicted in the plates, thus being reminded of the interrelated nature of life. Once again, this talented te [...]

  4. This book had some interesting facts that I was never aware of. I thought it was cool that fire is important to grasslands because it burns away old plants so new ones could grow. I also liked how it said that most of the animals run fast because there is no where to hide. This is something I would've never thought about.

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